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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by AimMan.EXE
Awkward Date: Chapter 1 - The Most Wise and Understanding Brother In the World

Author Clarification:
-The current time in the story is about a year after Megaman returned to Earth from Elysium, which places it a little over twelve months past MML2’s ending. At the time of the writing, there was no MML3 in development that I knew of (the original writing took place in 2006).
-Some story canon: soon after Megaman‘s return, a new Gesselshaft was produced to provide a new base of operations for the Bonne pirates. It has yet to sustain any considerable damage worth repair, and is almost an exact replica of the old one, yet is entitled “Gesselshaft Mk.II” all the same.

Tron was having one of her fits again. It had been a boring week; funds were coming in slow. There were no big plans, no big events, nothing. A few small raids, a couple of few encounters with the Loathes, and the measly attempts at capture by disorganized police were all the she’d been blessed with recently. Ever since Megaman had returned and the Bonnes and Casketts parted ways, she’d gone without seeing him. It bugged her; she especially thought of that girl. “Sitting there in her ridiculous red shorts with Megaman all to herself,” Tron thought. “She probably isn’t actually even piloting that puny tin can; I’ll bet it’s on an autopilot.” She didn’t know what was causing these fits: jealousy, passion, insanity, the savage desire for a challenge, or maybe just boredom. She just knew that whatever was happening, she was going to drive herself crazy thinking about Megaman sometime soon. She frequented her diary (which neither her cylinder- headed servants nor her two brothers would ever dream of breeching), filling the pages with the useless streams of babble produced from her head each moment. Nobody would think of looking in it. “Why, only a jerk would look in somebody else’s diary!” she thought to herself. Perhaps she was obsessed, although she liked to think she was still in control.

At any rate, the situation had gotten dangerous. She became aware that the Servbots were beginning to become conscious of her obsession. Occasionally, Tron found she betrayed herself with small actions, and at times, even talked in her sleep about her battles with him. She had no pictures she could look at; a few weeks after his return, his trip was no longer considered news worth airing. She had no previous photographs, which she at first believed was amazing considering how long they’d known each other. However, when she thought about it logically, she began to realize it was only sensible; after all, who in the world would fall in love with their worst enemy? It was completely ridiculous. Her only refuge was to consult the few memory files lying dormant on some of her scrap machinery. It was little but precious. It was the only source she could use to feel like she was with him.

Contemplating over this, she became aware of a Servbot watching her, that irksome #40. “Why was he always in here when I don’t want him to be?” she thought angrily. Suddenly, Tron became worried. The Servbot’s eyes looked as though its busy near-human mechanical AI was attempting to sort out a past conflict, or maybe an order it had received. She realized she had been blushing; she may have even sighed a few times. The Servbot’s hand went to its head as it racked its memory in innocent intent, trying to recall the order. “Oh, that’s right!” he chimed out, “I was supposed to inform Master Tiesel ‘when Tron starts to express strange emotions about boys.’” It was purely a slip-up; she’d gotten careless, and if Tiesel found out about her secret emotion, there’s no doubt he would be irate and dumbfounded. Megaman, or Blue Boy, as he still called him, was still Tiesel’s archrival; he couldn’t let the old grudge die. Whenever a robot had a malfunction or took the slightest damage during a mission, it was ‘that blasted blue boy’s fault.’ Whenever other pirates were captured on the news, Tiesel would grumble ‘it was probably that kid again.’ Whenever a blueprint, a small sum of money, or even a teriyaki pizza went missing, it was attributable to that most heinous of villains, Megaman Trigger. It was a pretty illogical grudge, or so Tron thought. Not only had Megaman saved the entire world of Terra, but also, Tiesel had even helped Megaman out himself. It would be so much easier if she could find a way to make Tiesel get along with the Casketts.

Tron knew what the Servbot intended to do; he’d run back and deliver the new to Tiesel with blinding haste. She had to stop him here and nip it in the bud. She leaned in close to the tiny Servbot as the little robot shook in fear, feeling closed in by her huge, demonic slopes of dark hair. “Tiesel doesn’t need to know any of this, you hear me? “If Tiesel gets any word on what you’ve seen here, I might have to transfer you to the Torture Room. Each day you’ll clean yourself off the floor!” she yelled into the shaking timid Servbot’s face. “Yes Miss Tron! He won’t know a thing!” he whimpered, scurrying out the door with remarkable speed. Tron only hoped that this would be the last time she encountered something like this. Too many close shaves and her life as an infamous and brilliant Bonne pirate would be ruined! “You can be sure Miss Tron, I won’t say one peep!” he yelled back.

5 seconds later, the Servbot was in Tiesel’s room. “Master Tiesel! Master Tiesel! Code I <3 U 2!” The Servbot yelled at the top of his lungs. Jumping out of bed, Tiesel’s mouth moved furiously. “What! Where? Who! When?!” he jabbered. Collecting himself, he asked the little worker, “Are you sure that’s what this is? Last time it was just a fever.” “No sir,” #40 responded, “she even started to say his name. It didn’t sound like anyone important though.” Tiesel sat down on his antique stool, a Bonne family heirloom that had miraculously survived every various explosion he had encountered throughout his battles. He racked his brain, thinking, “Does Tron know any young men?… It seems like we haven’t socialized in ages. The only one I can remember is that blue boy, and Tron hates him just as much as I do, according to her speeches during the Bonne family “Hatred Hour.” Wait a minute! There’s one other!” His mouth fell to his feet, his eyes became two tiny dots, and even the accompanying Servbot was stricken with a sense of dumbness. The answer rebounded in Tiesel’s head many times. He couldn’t believe it. Her taste was incomprehensible; what could that guy have that could attract anyone? Tiesel knew, in his own mind, beyond the shadow of a doubt, with absolute certainty…

Tron was in love with Glyde.

It took a little while for Tiesel to sit down and accept this ‘truth.’ “Why, why, why? Why did it have to be him? She could have fallen in love with somebody nicer, or at least someone with better sense in fashion! I can’t believe it!” he exclaimed as he knocked his head from side to side with both of his tightly clenched, black-gloved fists. “Ah well, I know my duty. I’m her older brother; Mom and Dad wouldn’t have wanted to see her suffer. If it’s a birdie baby wants, it’s a birdie baby gets.” Tiesel rose from his stool, and cracked his knuckles. For the better part of 5 minutes, he prepared himself, loosening his joints, preparing him for the trying task ahead of him, and for that matter, for the misguided joviality of his naïve sister. He knew what he had to do; he would arrange a meeting between them himself. He hoped deep inside his chest that maybe, just maybe, if Tron had a date with that insidious Glyde, she would realize her poor judgment.

Tiesel knocked boldly on his sister’s door, knowing she enjoyed her privacy, an ironic truth when put next to his previous action, which was outlandishly invasive. His nostrils flare, his hair spiked, his dark eyebrows peaked harder than ever before, tension outlining the brow just above his glaring red eyes. Tron came to the door nervously, in a way bearing more shame than she had ever bourn before. She knew Tiesel would be furious; she hoped his eyes couldn’t become redder than previously. She timidly opened the door, and jumped back in fright. She could not face her brother, trembling as she was, seeing him standing erect and furious just outside her door as she had. She ran to her bed, and Tiesel creaked open the door. Both lacked certainty as to the events that would occur next.

“So, Tron, you know you can, ahem, talk to me about anything…” he started, coughing into his hand and puffing out his chest, trying to appear as mature and understanding as their deceased father.
“Yes, Tiesel, I know…” she whimpered pitifully from below her pink pillows into which she had burrowed.
“And, you know, I’ve heard reports from that mischievous little #40 that you’ve, er, taken a liking to a certain enemy of mine. You know, that b-
“Blue armored..?” she asked sheepishly.
“Well… armored…” He replied with a little perplexity. “Anyways, I know he means a lot to you.”
“Yes, I just can’t stop thinking about him Tiesel, even though he’s annoying and is constantly in our way, even despite everything he’s done to you and all of us!” she cried.
“Er, yes, but we’ve taken him before, haven’t we?” Tiesel murmured, his rage beginning to peak thinking back to his previous battles with Glyde.
“Well, technically…” she muttered under her breath.
“As I was saying, if you really want to meet with him, you can sister. I won’t try to stop you. Just… just be careful, ok?” he pleaded compassionately.
“Oh, thank you so much, big brother! I knew you’d understand! I’m sure he’s a nice guy inside! You‘ll love him to, you‘ll see!” she exclaimed with unbridled joy, embracing her brother and beaming from ear to ear.
“Hehe, yes, I’m… I’m sure he is… Yeah right…” he said to himself doubtfully, as he soothingly comforted his delirious sister.

Tron was ecstatic. Just a few days before her life was complete. She’d see Megaman again for the first time in nearly a year! They’d share a romantic evening, and maybe Tiesel would even get to know him too. They could stop fighting and finally live in harmony. They might even be able to start spending time together! She’d never doubted her brother. He was so wise, so understanding, so completely aware of her true feelings; he really was a great man, just like his father. She thanked her lucky stars for blessing her with such a compassionate and intellectual brother. And a giant metal one to boot!


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