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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by AimMan.EXE
Awkward Date: Chapter 4 - Not So Bad After All

Climbing slowly down the enormous ladder that adorned the wall of the ruin’s fully vertical entrance, Tron became quite uncomfortable. She was still in her full dating attire, so she thought the least she could do was kick off the shoes. Letting them drop, she heard after a little silence a distant thud. She gulped, realizing that the distance down was a lot further than she had realized. Carefully, step by step, she descended downward into the ruin. Suddenly, one of her gloves slipped, and she lost hold of the ladder. “No, I knew I shouldn’t have gotten those!” she yelled as she plummeted downward. Bracing for impact, she was surprised to eventually feel herself fall into water. She collected her thoughts, thinking first, “I suppose the ruins must have flooded after Megaman entered here last.” Her next thought was, of course, directed towards the well being of her hairdo. She gasped and quickly swam back to the surface of the water…

Amazingly, her hairdo was still in place.

“Hmm, that new expensive hair gel seems to work well!” she thought cheerily. She let out another gasp and thought, “I almost forgot about the bomb! How much time is left?” Checking her watch, she saw that there were only 7 minutes left before the time expired. Heading downward through the deep, deep water, she saw the tacky gold and brown limousine that Glyde had flaunted earlier. She looked around for the bomb, but couldn’t spot it anywhere. “Oh great,” she thought to herself, “those knuckleheads didn’t even take it out of the case. At any rate, it’s still dangerous. I’ll have to drive it further into the ruins… although this is dangerous. If I can’t get far enough fast enough, I’ll be caught in the explosion. Furthermore, the bomb might explode as soon as I break through the first wall! No time for hesitations now though.” Worried and desperate, she jumped into the limousine and managed to start it. It was good that at least Glyde’s gang hadn’t managed to flood it or anything.

Pumping the gas hard, she broke through the first and second walls. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, although Tron jarred roughly every time a wall was hit. She also soon realized, after colliding hard with a solid wall, that she would have to aim for the doors if she wanted to get through. The ship didn’t have enough power to plow through anything with no corridor behind it. She was surprised the bomb hadn’t gone off during the collision; she guessed she was just lucky on this one. With that thought, she preceded on through the ruins. 4 more minutes passed; there was only a minute left! She tried to abandon the ship, but found to her dismay that the doors had locked tight, and would not open because of the water pressure. Desperately, she searched the control console for anything at all that could help her. Luckily, there was a function to detach just the driver’s seat into a separate pod, which could be operated manually. Doing so, she finally felt safe. “Maybe this’ll come out ok after all!” she thought merrily. She pumped the gas hard to flee from the husk of the limousine.

Tron had managed to get all the way back to the base of the ruins without being caught in the destination. She assumed it would explode in about 10 seconds. She breathed a sigh of relief. “Finally, this day’s over! I’ve got to call Teasel and tell him that-” She stopped suddenly. She began to sweat as she noticed that there was a small beeping sound coming from some unknown source. 5 seconds left; she searched franticly for the source of the sound. 4 seconds left; she noticed a small box on the seat right next to her own. 3 seconds left; she picked up the box and began to analyze it, discovering that it was most definitely the bomb. 2 seconds left; she struggled franticly with it, making no progress. 1 second left; she banged it with her fists, trying to find any kind of stimuli that could make the infernal contraption stop. As the face of the bomb read 0:00, still clutching it in her lap, Tron took out her communicator. “This is Teasel Bonne, I’m not at the phone right now. Please leave a message at the ‘babu’. *BABU!*” the voice read out. “Teasel, I hate you,” she murmured quickly.

The bomb exploded, raising a huge cloud of smoke and fire which billowed powerfully from the mouth of the ruins. In their typical stupidity as of late, it would appear that the pirates had created a bomb far less powerful than intended; only the area immediately around the bomb likely obtained any real damage. Still, suffice to say that the first floor of the ruins had been set ablaze. Citizens jumped back and yelled in panic as rescue teams ran to the fire to try to quell it. In the midst of all the chaos, a single figure shot like a comet from the gaping infernal hole of the ruin entrance. Tron collided violently with a wall, flattening her out face-first against the hard surface, and then fell the ground. Covered in soot, her outfit ruined, she yelled at the top of her lungs, “THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!” The sound resounded through the tower, echoing off the walls and reverberating even into the guild master’s office. Although slightly deaf, he covered his ears to avoid the piercing wale. Dusting herself off and gasping through fits of coughing, she managed to bring herself back to her feet. Reaching her hand up to her hair band, she suddenly opened her eyes. Standing right in front of her was Megaman Volnutt.

Tron’s hair band snapped, and her hair cascaded down all the way to her hips messily.

Megaman smiled, waving his left hand, which seemed to be the less threatening of the two, since it was outfitted with the plain looking lifter arm. “Hey Tron. It- it’s been a while, hasn’t it?” he stuttered, looking her over with obvious confusion. He seemed to be feeling guilty, as he might have in the old days when he used to reduce her to this condition. “Um… I like…” he said, looking her over for something to make a redeeming comment on. “Your hair.” Tron looked up suddenly, clasping her hands together. “Thank you!” she replied, beaming warmly back at him, without even considering the irony of the comment. *RING!* *RING!* “It sounds like I’ve got to go. Heh heh, I guess Roll needs me. I hope I see you again soon Tron! May- maybe we could meet back here for a date sometime?” he said with his usual shyness. Tron nodded, lost in the bliss of the entire scene. Her dress was dripping and tattered, her hair was in complete tangle and disarray, and on top of that, she went on a date with Glyde. Ignoring all of this, as Tron reached for her communicator that had fallen out of the hole in her purse, she thought, “I guess the day wasn’t so bad after all.”

“I wonder what Tron meant by that? I guess her date went a little sour,” Teasel muttered cluelessly, laying down the communicator. “Babu…” Bon mumbled.


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