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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Alex
Megaman Legends 3: Chapter 3 - Answers

"m-megaman?!" juno exclaimed. Grinnig, he turned to look at her, and said;"yup!" juno to would have grinned if she wasn't gasping for air. "bravo!bravo!" came a familiar mocking voice, and some mock-clapping. "serra?!" megaman exclaimed. "im impressed that you beat those weak clones, so easily!" shouted serra ending with her trade mark;MWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!! "fools! Do you really think I would ever be so pathetic?!" serra questioned rhetoricly. And despite the fact that, that was a rhetorical question megaman answered; "yes." Grinning he started off the battle with a couple punches, and kicks, all wich were blocked by serras, hands and knees. And trading blows all of wich were blocked the sheer force of there fighting began to tear the tower apart, starting with the roof. Eventually they were fighting in a open-air battle field, and the mere fact that humans, and robots, remain without gravity for several seconds when jumping, and fighting, allowed them to fly! Everyone was amazed, but juno herself was amazed by there fighting. They were fighting with so much force, that it was almost impossible to figure out were they were, much less the level of there fighting, as it was off any man-made chart! Eventually everyone realized that megaman was losing, and serra didn't even have so much as a tear in her full-body armor. Serra disided to end the fight, by kicking megaman's groin, and in seconds he found himself in torn armor, clutching his groin, and screeming in pain. Serra, in one quick move knocked roll to the floor, and grabbed a.l.e.x.. then with one look she FLEW away! "um…I don't remember her being able to do that!" roll said. "remember! This isn't serra! This is a CLONE of serra!" juno reminded them. "the real serra's dead." Then megaman spoke throwing the place into absolute chaos. "oh shi-"he started. "MEGAMAN!" evreyone shouted at him. "what are we sponsored by kqed?!" he exclaimed.

Somewhere else…

Serra is using a growth-control machine to allow a.l.e.x. to become a teenager. "now who do you want to kill?" she asked sweetly. A.l.e.x. stepped out of the machine with bloodshot eyes, and said; "megaman." "good." They both let out evil laughs. MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

"I believe serra would have taken a.l.e.x. to Elysium ruins." Juno tells megaman and crew. "Elysium ruins is under elysium…in the sea!" "then how do we get there?!" roll questiones hystericly. "I have a submarine you can all take." Juno replies. "perhaps you should come juno." Says megaman thoughtfully. "yes that would be nice!" agrees data. "I cant disagree!" says barell also agreeing. "if that is your disire, then so be it!" agrees juno. "HOLD IT!!!" comes a all-to familiar voice of a all-to familiar annoying person. HO GOD NO!!! shouts megaman.

"that's right mm! you didn't think the bonnes would show did you?! Ha! Think again! Cause were here! Now you'll finally be mine!" announces tron. personally I think you just heard the fighting.says roll ."no its because…"starts teasel bonne "we are…"begins tron bonne "the…" starts the servbot bonne "BABU…:begins bon bonne


"ok first of all its "MEGAMAN!!!" not "mm" k?" says megaman. "second of all why do you want to come?" "TO BE WITH YOU MM!!" shouts tron. "ITS MEGAMAN!!!" shouts megaman. "sis you can be such an air head!" says teisel bonne to megaman. BABU! Agrees bon bonne. "you see megadork we're here so that we may make lets say…erm…a truce, and travel with you to the ruins to get treasure!" explains teisel. "of course the only real treasure is you megaman!" says tron bonne. "hey teisel what makes you think I'll go with you after you called me megadork?!" says megadork…er…megaman. "because ive got her!" says teisel pointing to tron. "nope! Mm's got me!" says tron.(tron and megaman go chibi, and tron hugges megaman till he turns blue.)

Sometime later in a submarine piloted by roll, and tron…

juno and megaman are talking. "juno what do you want to do with your life?" asks megaman. "hm? I do not exactly know…I suppose if I have no purpose I shall just have to shut myself down." Replies juno. "YOU CANT DO THAT!" megaman shouts at her. "hm? Why? Megaman what are you saying?" juno says looking at him as if he said something awkward. "well juno theres so much more you can do! You can help the sick, poor, and dieing, and you can show the world how to help itself!" megaman explains."or…" he starts to add. "what?" juno asks. "um…ill tell you if you tell me any plans you have!" he says quickly. "well I think we can connect all the islands by using a earthquake generator, but the side effects would be catastrophic! There would be almost no ruins! And the entire world could end!" juno explains. "hm…that is a problem…"megaman says thoughtfully. "now what were you think I could do?" juno questions. "well…"megaman starts shyly. "you could become a digger like me, and help find refractors…I-if you know…you w-want to…" "why, that's a wonderful idea!" juno exclaims. "it would be dilightfull! I would love to!" "great!" agrees megaman. "you can start today with the Elysium ruins!" they both smile at each other.(like juno has any other expressions.)but roll, and tron overhear, and expect foul play. "R DEY IN FREAKING LUV?!" tron, and roll both exclaim when they were in there room. "I think megaman is cheating on us!" barked tron. "why that no-good-dirty-rotten-yellow-bellied-son-of-a-one-eyed-prairi-dog!!!"exclaimed roll."WAIT!" yelled tron. "I think megaman isn't cheating on us! Its that stupid tron! She tricked him!" "that explains why she smiles all the time!" concluded roll. "lets get rid of her!" yelled tron. "yeah!" agreed roll. And so the naïve girls stayed up till 12;55 a.m. making plans to rid the world of juno.

They looked up at the ruins through the submarine window. "wow." Megaman exclaimed. "those ruins look to be a challenge." "yes, I believe they shall be very complex." Agreed juno. "HEY YOU TWO! LETS GET MOVING!" came a voice from the intercom. "yes sir!" they both said in unison. As they trudged out into the ruins megaman noticed juno was holding his hand.

The ruins were dark, and spooky. Evrey time they turned a corner reaverbots attacked them. But juno seemed to know were to go, and the reaverbots seemed to be all to easy to deal with. Eventually they found the main chamber, and a GIGANTUAOS REFRACTOR! But what really surprised them was the fact that a person was there and the person was……………..

"THE MASTER?!" megaman shouted. He was shocked to see this person alive. Espicialy since the master had been dead for 3,000 year! "yes megaman. I am alive." Said the master." Megaman, I have to ask you a favor. Stop fighting serra." "what!?" megaman exclaimed. " why?!" "because serra is on the right side. She wants to give all beings another chance. While you do what? Kill. That is all you have been doing megaman. Killing. You killed the orginal juno. You killed the orignal serra. You killed the new serra. You kill megaman. That's all you do. So stop. Stop killing." This put a major impact in megaman. "b-but m-m-mast-master…"he stammered. "STOP IT, AND JOIN SERRA!!!" the master shouted at him. Megaman fell to his knees. 'megaman don't listen to him!" juno said. "you killed because you had to! Not because you wanted to! If you listen to him he will gain control over you! That's his power! Fear! Megaman he's using his power to control you through your fear of yourself!" "shut up juno!" the master shouted, and instantly she was falling into a pool. A pool of blood. because her fear was of killing all carbon based life forms. And yet juno struggled out of the pool of blood. "megaman stop killing." The master said to megaman. Juno looked around. Everyone but her, and the master was stuck in there fears. He'll move on to scarier fears next. She thought. "megaman you are to weak to protect them anymore." Said the master. "your so weak. Now step aside. You cant protect them forever. Your weak." She then noticed that the master was in the same sort of trance as everyone else. So it works in reverse she thought. Then she had an idea. She dove back into her fears. She falled into that pool of blood. But this time she was prepared. "YOUR DEAD MASTER!" she called. And then she was pulled out of the pool. The master was on his knees. perfect! she thought. "master your dead!" she said. Then everyone else started saying it. And the master's unearthly cries rang in there ears."NO!NOOOO! IM NOT DEAD! AAAGH!" then before there very eyes he started bleading. But the blood that came out of his wounds, and mouth, and nose, and even ears, was not blood! It was fear. His blood was made of fear. How apropritate. She thought. "BRAVO!BRAVO! you defeated my fear clone!" came the mocking voice of serra. "and now you shall meat a warrior so fearsome not even I can control him!mwaahahahahhahahaaaaaaaaa!" they were prepared for everything. But not this. This was to much. Even for megaman. It was a.l.e.x. and he was wearing the new buster suit. "oh god…"exclaimed juno. "dang…how?…?" wondered roll. "I don't…it cant…no…god…no…"was all barell could manage. "this…is bad…"was what data said. "grrr…dirty trick serra!" yelled megaman. "fools."came the cool, calm, and collected voice of alex. "in war there is no dirty tricks. Just advantages." "alex…don't do this…"came the voice of roll. "I have to. But don't worry. He'll be with you in spirit. I would say soul, but he doesn't have one." Said alex. "look who's talking!" barked megaman. "souls? Pfft! I'm not entirely sure myself that they exist. But I don't care." Said alex. "now are you ready to fight?" alex asked. And megaman said; "yes."

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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