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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by AsbestosShoes
Full Circle: Chapter 2 - They're On A Trip to the Moon

As soon as he was close to the ship, three servbots rushed to him carrying bombs. They caught him off guard, and knocked him to the ground, and Data was released. The servbots were knocked unconscious in the blast, but Tron and Teisel sent more after him.
"So what? Three down and 37 left! Servbots number 1-15, surround him and pelt him with bombs until he gives in!" shouted Teisel, laughing maniacally. 15 of the small robots surrounded the man. He got to his feet and chuckled. "Foolish Carbons...Heheheheh..." He was being drenched with bombs, but shrugged it all off. He raised his arms and formed them into a single massive blade.
He leapt into the air and screamed. He spun the blade in a perfect circle, knocking the servbots to the floor. "Now if you'll excuse me...Hn?" He whipped around and faced a large maroon colored robot with an angry looking face. "What the...? What is this?!" It grabbed him with a mighty sweep of its hands. Its upper body flipped open and revealed Tron at its controls. "Alright mister, what do you think you're doing kidnapping Data like that? Who are you, and can't you see we're busy?!" She shook him up and down leaving him dizzy. He looked up and tried to move. "My designation is unimportant to you Carbons! Release me or face the consequences!"
Tron shook him again, this time upside down, making his head hit the ground. "AH!!!...Carbons, you shall pay for this! My unit designation is ProtoMan Gatling! I am a Purifier 1st class and I will not tolerate interference!" Teisel looked at him weird, then a thought hit him. "I know I've heard the word Carbons before! Back on Kattleox with that floating guy! What do you have to do with him?!" ProtoMan laughed. "MegaMan Juno was not worth mentioning. Our only connection is the System. Now girl, release me and I may let you live." Tron got angry at that moment. "You expect me to let you go?! How did you even trick Data into running into you?!"
ProtoMan laughed again. "Like this..." He cracked his neck, and turned blue. His armor changed into a rounder shape, and everybody gasped. Tron dropped him at once. She sighed, "MegaMan.... It's you, you're back..." Roll snapped at her. "Tron snap out of it! That isn't MegaMan at all!" Teisel snapped too, he looked at ProtoMan, twitched his eyebrows and laughed out loud. "ALL RIGHT, BLUE BOY! NOW I'VE GOT YOU! SERVBOTS....ATTACK!!!!" The little robots all ran at him, a few tripped, but got back up and continued running. They threw bombs at him while avoiding his attacks. A few got hit, but the rest continued fighting. Teisel ordered them like a general ordering his army.
Tron snapped out of it and grabbed him. This made it much easier for the servbots. She was furious at ProtoMan for ever mimicking her secret crush. The servbots continued throwing bombs at him. They exchanged random insults and threats, when Von Bluecher got an idea. "Barrell, Roll, listen up, since we aren't fighting right now, get into his ship at once! We can use that to get to MegaMan!" They both looked at him, Roll almost leaped with joy that they could finally go get him. Barrell wondered if the Bonnes would be okay against this red menace, but decided to go along. They all ran past the fight being sure not to get hit. ProtoMan shot them a look. "Stay away from that ship!" He at once gathered his strength and knocked Tron and her Gustaff away.
He dashed at the three running for his ship. Tron tried to get up, but her Gustaff was completely broken. She almost burst into tears of rage as she thought that this might be their last chance to get into space. ProtoMan raised his arm cannon and prepared to fire. Servbots continued following Teisel's attack orders, all except number 40 who was running towards Tron. "Miss Tron!" Tron got up out of the Gustaff, furious. "That big blowhard! Hmph!" She kicked at the ground, and without noticing, kicked number 40 as well. The servbot flew through the air. "What did I do~?!" He flew straight at ProtoMan, who was about to release his shot. "Now I've got you, Carbons! ...What?" The Servbot hit him square on the head, knocking him to the ground. He didn't move for a while.
"Now's our chance!" Barrel exclaimed. Tron, not wanting to be left behind, ordered some Servbots to go with her onto the ship. Teisel ordered the others on board, and the other Bonne, Bon, a baby in a large robotic suit, followed running towards the ship. He carried the injured Servbots on his way. They all arrived at the ship, and its doors slid open. They walked cautiously inside. Needless to say, with 40 robots, three old men, two young girls and a robotic monkey onboard the one room ship, it was very cramped. The ship beeped and whirred as they got on. Outside, ProtoMan was coming to. "Gah...Carbons! RAAAGH!" He shot to his feet and looked around. They were gone without a trace.

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