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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by avianbeauty98
King Glydon Engage: Prologue

Location: Loath mansion, unknown island somewhere near ryship.

Mr. Loathe looked at his henchman. This henchman was a young feminine man with brown-yellow armor. He had a girly face with a blonde cut that covered his right eye.. The cybernetic glass eye. loath tough. This blonde henchman was glyde k. loathe, his own nephew. little people knew that in fact. And glyde was the only family member he had left...
"so glyde what is your plan now?" lex asked calmly.
The young nephew looked up as if he had sleept somehow and answered with a clear voice
"well uncle.... i have plans on finding the mother lode... And push the loath family to the top again" glyde took a rose from the wase at loath's desk and looked directly at his uncle. Lex pressed a button on his laptop and opened up glyde's own personalia. there where lot of info here, most of it he allready knew. "so that is....? And exactly how are you planning on this?" lex looked up from the laptop. "i considering tracking down teisel bonne." glyde said.
Lex nodded and returned to his laptop. "you think he will be alllies with you after what happened?" he asked.
Glyde looked at the wase and looked directly at his uncle again. "there are others remember... I belive that i can get in touch whit the infamous pirate lords in the east.. Im talking about bola and klaymoor." lex opened a new file on his laptop, picturing a pair of diggers around the age of lex himself probably, both with red hair and digger suits. the one of them where much taller than the other one. You talking about these. he turned the laptop around so glyde could see the picture. "yes its them.... You met them before uncle? Glyde asked. Lex leaned back in his chair. "one time.... When i was at your age " the loanshark said. Glyde tooked the personalia papers that lex had printed out for him and headed for the door.... On the way he stopped and looked at his uncle again. Lex knew what he where going to ask about. Therefore he said "you're curious about my future arent't you?" Glyde nodded and lex continued "im going to take cover here... The world is not ready for me yet.. So Therefore i give my role to you... My dear glyde. You are now a pirate on your own. You have your own destiny. Im not your boss anymore."
Glyde looked spurised.
"what... Uncle?"
Lex twinned his fingers around.
"now as you got your own goal, you should create an army for yourself, start a new life, meet new people... You understand?." he said. Glyde looked shocked. "do you mean to say that.... I can take the birdbots and start for my own?" he asked. lex smiled.
"exactly, my dear glyde... And i'll give you some of the money we hided here for starters. It should be enough to develop some aircrafts for traveling. Make them your own, own logo, own style. As for the army, i recomand you to select commanders. I mean your favorite birdbots." glyde took a deep breath and nodded. "i will Make my own army and motive. The world shall now know the name. GLYDE LOATH'!!!!" and with that he bowed to his uncle and walked out of the room. "i trust you my dear glyde." lex tought. right after glyde had leaved, lex took up a phone and turned up the microphone. "have an eye on my nephew would you. and find as much as you can about bola and klaymoor. got it?"
"roger boss!" a bird like voice answered from the microphone.
lex smiled even more now.


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