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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by avianbeauty98
King Glydon Engage: Chapter 3

Location dennox island, Somewhere in town:

The three men where standing at the point where bola told them to stay. Lord klaymoor had been wery angry when he heard that a new digger had been spotted  dennox island. From what he knew this was one of a kind. He wanted to find out who this new one really was. Therefore he sendt his top three bounty hunters over to the island too check on things. Bola where also instructed to come see them. where the hunters stood now they could see out on the pier of the island. "nothing to report yet..... Sight This is stupid all the same." one of the hunters said. Kyle was his name. As the leader of them. He where also the most skilled of'em. But unfortunately the laziest of them all. They where all suited in armours and helms, helms that covered their faces. Kyle had red armour, jock had blue while toby had green. Those where their colours. Suddenly a trio of birds jumped over the wall on the other side of the road and runned down too the beach. "*click* jock lay down his camera. "another meaningless photo today" the blue hunter sighted. "Wait!" kyle came over to him. He Took jocks camera and looked at it. "there's something funny about those birds, we should send the picture too master bola." he said. "no need for that fellas. I saw them too." kyle turned around and looked right at his master bola. 
"M-master!!" kyle shivered. "why those faces....? Sigh... You guys are suposed to follow those little guys!!." bola said. "we shall try master!" Kyle nodded to his brothers and started to run down too the beach. When he looked back bola was gone. 
They walked down to the lifesaver hut. And stopped. The beach where empty.... Or was it? "there" toby pointed. Not so far from them the three birds sat on a sunbed and talked whit someone. "who is that?" jock whispered. "i don't kno-someone appeard. That someone was a girl." you!! Where you spying on us?" she asked. Kyle took a step closer to her. "your name is mina kasune? Isn't it? He asked her. "how do you know who i am?" the girl said. "hah ha ha we know many things." toby pointed her on her forehead. "what we are doing here is not your business kiddo! Or do you wish to get in trouble whit the darkox brothers, also known as the fett clan!!?" jock looked at her. Do you kid? Kyle finally asked. "i, i think..-they heard some squawcking and a man voice said behind them" anything we can do for you my dear gentlemen?" kyle spinned around and stood face to face whit a young blonde man. He looked like he was around the twentys and weared an yellow and brown armour. "wait.... You... Are?!!" kyle said. The man looked at the girl for a moment then he looked at kyle again. "so if you know who i am..  Then i suggest you know who bola and klaymoor is? Hmm... Don't you my dear?" the blonde asked. Toby suddently answered "my dear?.... Um... HEY YO...." the rest never came out because kyle stomped toby on the foot and gave him a don't-get-angry look. He looked at the blonde and continued.  "im sorry but we have nothing whit them to do, we're working on our own!" he lied. The blonde nodded. "well then if you don't have anything else to say.... My friend and i have some errands. I'll see you around...." he said. Then he and the girl walked away.

"that girl is the daughter of the mayor.... I KNOW IT!!!!" toby shouted. . "and i have a feeling that blonde was a air pirate." Jock nodded. Kyle didn't say anything. He turned on the built-in walkie-talkie in his speaker and told it to switch to lord klaymoor. After some buzzing he heard the gruff voice of the pirate lord. "commander kyle!! Whath a pleasure.... Now give me some information, i suggest that's what you called me for gHMM??"" klaymoor said. Kyle looked at his Brothers then answered. "H-hello lord klaymoor!! I got information yup. The first thing you should know is that we got a picture of this man.... He nodded towards toby who took up a notepad and began tapping on it. Kyle continued the conversation whit klaymoor." you should have a picture of him now soon"
"hmm...... I..... See... DON'T SAYY.... IT CAN'T BE.... NOOO....!!!" Klaymoor sounded desperate. "do you know who it is. Lord klaymoor?" kyle asked nervously. "i belive i do kyle.... I belive i do....  And he's a hard one thats for sure" klaymoor said. "do you know his name my lord?" kyle asked. The moonlight shined at the sea. A long pause and after a moment kyle heard klaymoor's voice over the speaker again. "the young blonde you showed me is none other than the nephew of a man i haven't heard about on a long time.... This man is the nephew of LEX LOATH. You guys heard that name before? Well all i can say is. Be on guard. I have had the loaths after me before and they're hard to get rid of by the first" kyle didn't belive it. Lex loath? The loanshark and businesslord lex loath? Kyle knew about the loath empire. Loath inc was the biggest Company on terra. Or had been. "and the nephew?" kyle asked at last. "that is... GLYDE LOATH." klaymoor said. "but why is he here? He asked me if knew you and bola, witch i lied to him that i didn't have anything whit them to do. off course." kyle said to his master. "smart off you kyle, and i have the same question as you..... But we shall find out. I'll have bola to do a little research around the town. While you three... Keep an eye on him." 
"yes my lord! But there is one thing more...." 
"glyde was hanging around whit the daughter of the mayor... Mina kasune. Does that make problems?" kyle asked. 
"as long as you keep a low profile and stay on guard it'll be no problem... Haven't i told you that the mayor fears me...." klaymoor answered whit a ruff laugh . "now... Good luck boys.." the conversation ended. Kyle looked at his Brothers, who nodded. Then he looked out over the sea. The moon shined bright and none of them noticed a dark seagull like figure that stood on the roof of the lifesaver hut looking down on them. It was like it had been there long. But the brothers didn't know anything. When jock suddently stood up from where they sat the dark figure was gone.


<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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