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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Bug Jenkins
Megaman Legends Trilogy: Chapter 1 - Desperate Alliance

(Megaman, Roll, the Bonnes, etc., are all property of Capcom. They aren't my characters. Don't sue me. I probably made any people you've never heard of before. Enjoy.)

"Do you have any idea why you are here, my dear...?" Glyde's voice echoed throughout the chamber, "Ah... wait. I forgot! You're gagged... shut up like you should be... meddlesome brat!" he spat out as he slapped Tron across the face. Unfortunately, she was not able to fight back. She had been chained to the wall, a gag in her mouth and tear-streaks down her beautiful face.

Tron winced as Glyde struck her not once, not twice but a total of six times. A normal looting of a town turned out to be more than she expected as Glyde had come in, quick and brutal, totaling her new Gustaff and kidnapping her. His Birdbots had dealt with the Servbots quickly before any of them could report back to Teisel Bonne what had happened. Now she was locked up somewhere but she could tell it was Glyde's base. She knew that his base on Carlbina had been destroyed but she wasn't aware of any of his other bases.

"Keh-keh-keh!" a Birdbot ran in, screaming, "Incoming transmission! It's from the Gesselchaft II!"

Glyde smiled. So, her big brother had come, at last. He lowered the screen down and turned it on. The image of Teisel Bonne, with Bon Bonne standing in the back, appeared slowly... and he didn't look too happy. Glyde folded his arms, "Teisel, Teisel, Teisel... how nice you could call."

"Shut up, Glyde!" Teisel retorted, angrily, "Why have you taken Tron!?"

Glyde sneered at Teisel, "Please... did you honestly think what I said in Yosyonke was an empty threat? I told you I'd get you for nearly having me killed! I think killing your dear sister would suffice."

Teisel suddenly went wide-eyed, "You wouldn't DARE! Do you know what I would do if you did!?"

Glyde laughed, "What are you going to do, Teisel? Call the police and tell them that infamous air pirate Teisel Bonne's sister has been kidnapped? Half the known police forces in the world are on the Loath family payrolls, anyway. Besides, you bring your Gesselchaft anywhere near Kazakh Island and your sister is history!"

Now Teisel was angry... REALLY angry, "What the hell do you want from me, Glyde!?"

"Somehow, you managed to scrape up enough parts... and money... to make yourselves another Gesselchaft." Glyde grinned a tad sadistically, "Everything you have... the money... the possessions... and the Gesselchaft II. You give me all this, and I let your sister go."

By this time, Teisel was going completely nuts. EVERYTHING they owned? He clenched his fist, "Glyde, have you lost your MIND???"

"No." Glyde merely chuckled, "I am testing you to see how much family loyalty you have." With that he backed away from the screen, turned to Tron and slapped her again... HARD. The gag in her mouth muffled her loud cry but any idiot could tell she was in pain. Glyde laughed again and drew a pistol of sorts, aiming it at Tron's temple. Glancing over at the screen, he grinned at Teisel who was in shock, "Guess your loyalty to family isn't as powerful as I thought." He jammed the gun into her temple and she cried aloud.

"WAIT!" Teisel screamed. Glyde stopped, looking down, the smile still on his lips. He knew he'd crack. Looking up to the screen, he spoke, "Made a decision, have you?"

Teisel sighed, looking down, "All right, Glyde... it's all yours."

"Excellent... in four days, rendezvous with me on Kazakh Island. We'll make the transfer there."

"How do I know you'll keep your word?"

"Only that if you bring anything other than your possessions, I'll kill your sister myself." Glyde sneered, "Kazakh Island in four days! Not a day more!" With that he turned off the screen.


Teisel sighed as the screen turned blank. One of the Servbots slowly walked up to him, "Wh-what are we going to do about Miss Tron, Mister Teisel?"

"We don't really have a choice." Teisel sat down, "We're going to have to-"

"Babu! Babu-Babu Babu!" Bon spoke... sorta.

Teisel turned to look at him, "You have an idea? Well, don't just stand there, boy! Speak up!" "Babu-babu-babu-babu Babu! Babubu!" Bon was almost jumping up and down in what seemed to be excitement.

A smile slowly crept across Teisel's face, "You mean... she LIKES him???" He laughed, "You're a genius, Bon! #15! Get a hold of the Flutter! I think it's about time we asked the blue boy for a little favor."


"You have lost your mind, Teisel Bonne, you have lost your mind." Megaman rubbed his face as he listened to Teisel on the comm, "Glyde kidnapped Tron and now you want me to help you get her back?"

"Yes!" Teisel's panicked voice swept through the Flutter's cockpit, "I wouldn't be calling YOU if I wasn't desperate! I can't call the police and you're the only other one I know who can get the job done!"

"Give me a very good reason why I should help you and I'll be the judge." Megaman said, his voice cold. "I've been told that she likes you and-"

Megaman sighed, "That doesn't matter."

Teisel was getting angry, "Oh, it doesn't, Megaman? Don't try and play the innocent fool. I saw your face in that warehouse on Kattelox. I know that somewhere beneath your squeaky-clean blue armor... you like her too. If she is killed, you won't be able to forgive yourself. So please... help my sister!"

Megaman was silent as Roll looked on. She didn't like dealing with the Bonnes... especially Tron. But this would be Megaman's idea. She knew he was going to say yes and wasn't the least bit surprised when he did.

Teisel smiled, "Thank you, Megaman! Listen carefully, now. Glyde told me that he didn't want the Gesselchaft II anywhere near Kazakh Island. It's more than likely that's where his base is."

Roll checked up on Kazakh Island as Teisel was talking and was surprised at what she found, "Kazakh Island is practically a floating city! It'd be pretty hard to hide a base on the island." "Unless." Teisel was musing,

"Unless he's holed up in one of the buildings."

Megaman rubbed his chin and nodded, "That's a good assumption."

Teisel smiled, "Thank you. I have a contact on Tannic Island, which is near Kazakh. He can help you get inside Kazakh Island without suspicion."

"Can we trust him?" Megaman asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"As much as you can trust me." Teisel said, simply.

Megaman and Roll both blinked for a few moments. Roll shook her head, "That doesn't give us much confidence."

"Sue me."

Megaman rubbed at his face, "Roll, set course for Tannic Island. Don't worry, Teisel. We'll get your sister back."

"Thanks again, Megaman! Good luck!" With that, the comm was silent.

Roll stared ahead as she piloted the Flutter. She wasn't exactly thrilled with the fact that Megaman was getting himself involved with the Bonnes again. But, she couldn't say that to him. She merely stayed silent as she continued onward towards Tannic. Megaman headed out of the cockpit, probably to his room, to prepare.

As Megaman entered his room, his faithful dancing monkey, Data, was following, doing his dance as he went. Megaman sat down on his bed, staring at the floor. Data bounced up to him and spoke, "Ki-ki! Megaman! Why so down?"

Megaman shook his head, "It's this upcoming mission. I think... I think Teisel is right."

"About Glyde's location?"

"No." Megaman sighed, "I think I like Tron."

Data jumped up so far, it was as if he was going to go through the ceiling. Megaman caught him quickly but Data stopped his dance, "You LIKE her?"

"Shhhh." Megaman set him down and put a finger to his mouth, "Keep it down, will ya? Yeah, I do. So what?"

Data started doing his dance again but wasn't too happy. It was a rapid dance, a dance of anger, "She tried to kill you numerous times, and she lied to you!"

"...She helped me on more than one occasion, too." Megaman retorted, "Getting me home, for example?"

Data was silent but shook his little head, sighing, "I hope you know what you're getting into, Megaman."

With that, he danced his way out of the room. Megaman watched him and sat back down on the bed, "So do I."


Glyde grinned to himself. Teisel would come through and give him everything the Bonne family owned. Once that was done, he could finish them off easily. Without the Servbots to aid them and without Tron's machines to fight with, all they had was their little brother, that annoying Bon.

He slowly walked up to Tron and removed her gag. Taking a rose and gliding it down her cheek, he smiled, "My dear... your brother has opted to lose everything in exchange for you. How brave is that?"

Tron glared at him, "You'll get yours for this, Glyde!"

Glyde laughed. He had heard this all before from Tron and her brother. The only problem was that she had gone through on her word. Ross Loath was imprisoned, he was now on the run from the other half of the police forces that WEREN'T on his payroll, and his Birdbot forces were at an all-time low. However, he thought that the fact that Kazakh Island was under his control was good enough and even better that a quarter of its population were willingly helping him. The majority was hoping that Glyde would kill Tron, so to have one less member of the Bonne family on their cases.

"Tron, do you have any idea how painful it was back on Yosyonke?" he asked rhetorically, turning his back to her while two other men stood by watching, with machine guns in their arms, standing guard over the air pirate.

"Oh, please." she rolled her eyes, "I went through the same thing." Glyde shook his head, "You haven't been betrayed before." He turned to face her again, "Or maybe you have. Either way, we had a deal and you didn't come through."

"So, you're taking everything we have. There's your payment!"

"Oh, no, no, no." Glyde shook his head and sauntering back over to Tron, slowly, "You didn't come through on your part of the bargain so... I won't come through with mine."

Tron's eyes widened, "You don't mean.?"

"Once I have everything from your brothers." Glyde moved in for the coup de grace, "You will die."

Tron was angry and scared at the same time, spitting on Glyde's face. Glyde simply smiled at her, that sick and demented smile. As Tron stared into his eyes, her own began to well up with tears.

"You're scared, aren't you.?" Glyde whispered, "You should be. I'm not sure how your parents died, Tron but... you can be sure you'll be seeing them soon in Hell."

<Oh, God.> Tron's mind screamed,

<HELP ME! Teisel! Bon! Anybody... please... help me...>


"Megaman, we're approaching Tannic Island." Roll's voice rang through the ship. Megaman opened one eye sleepily, still in the sitting position from when Data had left him.

"Guess I was more tired than I thought." he yawned as he stood up, albeit he was a bit shaky. Exiting his room, he entered the cockpit and leaned against the wall.

Roll glanced back at him, "Hey, Megaman... are you all right? You look exhausted."

"Yeah, I'm all right." Megaman nodded, "Any contact?"

"No, not-" Roll began.

"Unidentified ship! Halt now!" a voice suddenly came on the comm.

"Wha...?" Megaman quirked an eyebrow, "Who is this?"

"Prepare to be boarded! If you don't surrender, you'll be fired upon!" the voice snapped.

"No, you dolt!" Teisel's voice rang on the other line, "THESE are the ones that are going to help us!"

Megaman and Roll slowly turned to look at each other.

"They are?" the first voice asked, "Oh... whoops... boy, is my face red."

"It WILL be red in a minute!" Teisel snapped. Upon clearing his throat, Teisel addressed the Flutter, "Sorry about this, Megaman, he's a bit too energetic about his job."

"That's all right." Megaman replied, "Do we have clearance to land?"

"Yes. Just pull up to that big crane there." Teisel instructed.

Roll did as she was instructed, maneuvering the Flutter towards the crane that looked to pull down into a large warehouse. As the airship passed by the crane, the crane jumped to life, grabbed the Flutter quickly, and brought it into the warehouse. Megaman and Roll were both tumbled about by the suddenness of it all. Megaman landed on his back and Roll right on top of him. Cozy, hm?

"Oh, and by the way." Teisel's voice came back, "I hope you have seatbelts. It'll be a tad bumpy."

"THANK you, Teisel." Megaman retorted through clenched teeth. Roll blushed and stood, "Sorry." Megaman shook his head and slowly got to his feet, "Have we stopped?"

Looking out the window, Roll nodded, "Yes. It's looks like we're in that warehouse."

Megaman cracked his metallic knuckles, "All right, then. Looks like we're in business. I'll go out and try to find Teisel and get this overwith. I'll be back."

Without another word, Megaman dashed out of the cockpit and to the door, opening it and taking his first few steps out of the Flutter... and crashing down to the ground.


"THIS is Megaman Volnutt???" a voice asked, sounding like the one from the comm who had threatened to fire on the Flutter.

"Megaman, can you hear me?" Teisel's voice sounded with a sigh, "Next time, you might wanna wait AFTER we've put the stairs up to reach your ship's door."

"Ugh." Megaman slowly opened his eyes, "That hurt."

"Get up from there and let's get to work." Teisel grumbled. Megaman got to his feet and shook the cobwebs from his head. He glanced at the person standing next to Teisel. He looked about 16, unshaven, brown hair.

Teisel put a hand on the kid's shoulder, "Megaman, I would like you to meet Aurin Esling. He's my contact that'll get us into Kazakh Island."

Aurin nodded and bowed slightly in respect, "Megaman Volnutt... a true pleasure." A grin formed on his face as he glanced up to Teisel, "THIS is the guy who beat the living hell out of you???" A huge chorus of laughs by the kid and some of the others around followed this comment.

Teisel's response was to grab Aurin by the scruff of his shirt and hoisting him up to eye level. "You bring that up again." Teisel growled in a threatening voice, "...and I'll rip out your vocal chords."

Megaman rubbed his throat, wincing slightly.

Aurin immediately stopped laughing and Teisel dropped him. Regaining his footing, he stood at attention, "Uh, right. If you two gentlemen will follow me, I will show you to the meeting room."

Aurin, turning on his heels, retreated to a nearby card table set up a few feet away, sitting in a chair and surrounded by the 40 Servbots (Kobuns) and Bon Bonne. Megaman blinked, "Nice meeting room... a chair and a card table?"

Aurin shrugged, "Best I could do on my salary." He glared at Teisel at the end of that little comment, who silenced him with a look of his own.

Wiping sweat from his brow, Aurin nodded, "S-so, anyway, you two need to get to Kazakh Island undercover, right? So, the only way you'll be able to get in without being detected by... uh... what's his name?"

"Glyde." Megaman replied.

"Yeah, whatever." Aurin shrugged, "Now, Kazakh Island held a front for the Loath Corporation's illegal operations, known as SigmaCorp. When Loath was captured, SigmaCorp disavowed any knowledge of being a part of the Loath Corporation, while they still continued doing illegal operations for the Loath Corporation. They built up enough money to get Glyde out of prison. Glyde took over the entire corporation and never released Lex Loath himself. I believe that Glyde is holding Tron hostage in the SigmaCorp Headquarters, in the Center of Kazakh Island."

Teisel rubbed his chin, "And how do you propose we get into SigmaCorp? That place is a skyscraper!"

"A water insertion is out of the question." Aurin shook his head.

"Is there any kind of airship that won't be recognized by Glyde's forces?" Megaman asked.

"Possibly." Teisel's eyebrows arched, "Aurin here is a spy. He's gotten his hands on a nice little cargo airship that he recovered after one of Loath's operations. It's got the SigmaCorp insignia and everything!"

"Hey!' Aurin yelped, "Don't volunteer my equipment. I love that thing."

"You'll pay for it in spades if you don't let us use it." Teisel glared at him.

Aurin, coward he was, rubbed the back of his neck, grumbling, "Fine, but, if it's destroyed, I want compensation, OK???"

"You owe me money anyway!" Teisel flared, "You're lucky you're not in our new and improved torture room!"

Megaman blinked at the two. He was trying hard to remind himself just why he was doing this: to help rescue Tron. To get to her, he was pretty much willing to put up with anything that came his path.

"Guys, guys, let's calm down here." He said, putting his hands up, "Let's not try and forget why we're here, all right? Tron's in big trouble if we don't get her out of there!"

Aurin turned to Megaman and nodded, "Uh, right. Let's go over the detailed plans."


Tron opened her eyes groggily. A slight nap, courtesy of one of Glyde's torture devices, also known as a cattle prod, had been what she need. However, she found herself with another problem, "Ugh... my head."

"Keh-keh-keh-keh-keh!" A Birdbot cackled, "Oh, good! You're awake! Glyde's got some great news for you... well, actually... it's NOT so good for you! Keh-keh-keh!"

"Oh, really?" Tron growled, "So, what else is new?"

"It's simply this, my dear." Glyde smiled as he strode in from another room, "I was just contacted by one of your more... disliked enemies. This one has told me that your brothers and Megaman are coming to try and save you."

Tron widened her eyes, "Megaman??" "Yes, indeed." Glyde nodded, "But rather than just kill you now, I'll just use you as a bargaining chip in the long run of things. Besides, I'd like to show you more of my devices... quite effective, aren't they?"

<He should have killed me...>
Tron thought, <That's the last mistake he'll make.>

"But... who was it? Who told you about the attack?" she asked, her brows furrowing.

Glyde smiled and bent down, putting his mouth near her ear and whispering the name of Tron's enemy. As soon as Tron heard the name, her eyes were as wide as dinner plates, a loud gasp escaping her mouth.

"It's-" she began but Glyde stuffed her gag back in.

"Yes. That's exactly who it is." Glyde shrugged, "Things are going to get interesting from here on in. Don't do anything stupid, I advise you."

He stroked her cheek with his rose again, "I wouldn't want to see you dead before the end comes, my dear Tron."

Tron shook her head. That name... it was sticking in her head. She was incredulous. First, she was ecstatic to hear that Megaman was going to be coming to get her out of this bind. However, that sweet, sweet taste of triumph turned bittersweet in her mouth upon hearing the name of the enemy.

<Megaman, please...> she thought, <Come quickly...>

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