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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Bureaucratic Model 1-3
The Diabolical Glyde: Chapter 4 - Why Starcraft Went Down In Flames

"What do you mean we're too large to board?" Teasel's voice boomed over the static prone radio.

"The Sulfur Bottom can only hold so much in the first place and we're already boarding the Flutter and the Meiji," a worker responded. "Besides your ship is too awkward; you wouldn't fit in the bay doors."

"ALL RIGHT WISEGUY! What do you think we should do?"

"No idea."

"Arrrggghhh!" Teasel said, giving up. "Were going to have to compromise," Von Bleucher's fine, upstanding and knowing voice flowed over the speaker, "We'll both travel to the Bilkani desert, you'll have to hide your ship in the sand then board. I guess we'll just plan from there."

"The Bilkani desert! I'd rather pay my debts at Kattalox and land there! At least I wouldn't have to dig out when I got back."

"Fine, but do you have the money for something like that."

"Well I thought-"

"No! Even if I had the money to burn! I didn't get where I am today by random acts of charity!"

"Oh, come on! Would you park in the Bilkani desert if you had you're port holes covered with wax paper!"

"WAX PAPER? Are you flying a kite or an airship over there! ? !"

"Sorry, but not all of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouth!"

"WHAT! That's it, now if you don't abandon ship in the Bilkani, you can go find Tron yourself!"



"Fine! Head for the Bilkani desert and step on it!"

"Teasel Bonne!" came a woman's voice.

"Oh-no," he muttered to himself.

"Teasel Bonne, can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear."

"Pardon my infirmities, but last time you called I didn't quite catch how much Megaman owed you."

"Mock all you want but~! I mean you can tell him to forget about it. I'm in a generous mood today, so if he agrees to help get Tron back, I'll consider us square."

"A likely answer!"

"Hey! And WHAT exactly is that suppose to mean?"

"Oh, come on! I hint that Megaman is going out with Roll and you have to go into a hissy fit about it!"

"A hissy fit! Do I have to come over there!"

"Oooh! BIG MAN! Gonna' slap me around a but, huh?"

"Listen you, the only girl I know who's getting slapped around, even as we speak, is Tron!"

"Prove it!"

"Why you!"

"Mom," Roll whispered over the sounds of Teasel cursing their very souls via the radio, "don't you think we should trust the servbot for now?"

"I guess you're right sweety, but I'm just looking out for you."

"That's fine but I don't think insulting Tron is the way to Megaman's heart."

"Hello!" Megaman shouted, "I'm right here! Will you people stop acting like I'm invisible?"

Matilda cut in to Teasel's ramblings. "You're just jealous because Roll's better for Megaman and you know it."

"Jealous! I think you have a few things mixed up-"

An explosion rocked both ships.

"Mr. Teasel! We're sorry!"

"Whaaat happened here!"

"#13 and #9 were gun-slinging!"

"Gun-slinging! Where! ? !"

"In the storage room. #9 was reading his comics and suddenly he jumped up and told #13 that this ship wasn't big enough for the both of them."

"I guess I got a little carried away."

"The storage room! You mean the Rocket fuel?"

The servbots suddenly went wide-eyed.

"Did anybody put out the fire?" The answer came but nobody heard it. A moment's hesitation said more than enough, and before you could say dodge-your-uncle alarms were going off, and everybody was making for the deck.

"What's going on over there?" Von Bleucher hailed over the radio.

Teasel heard the shouting from the deck (he had easily gotten there first) and grabbed #9. "You started this! Now go back down there and tell Von Bleucher that the ship is going to explode, so we're going to have to Jump!"

"Jump," the thirty or so servbots gathered on the deck exclaimed.

"Yes JUMP! Now go do some good!" he finished throwing #9 back into the burning airship.

"But Mr. Teasel!" said #21.

"No buts! Unless you'd rather take your chances in the sea!"

"But what about the Starcraft, and the drachs?"

"There's nothing we can do! This is going to cost us a lot of money! What am I a glutton for punishment! ? !"

"Mr. Teasel," #9 said running back, "they're going to try something!"


"I think they're sending over the blueboy!"

"Megaman? What can he do?"

"Teasel Bonne!" came Von Bleucher's voice over a loud speaker. "The flutter will be launching any minute. Try to jump on it!"

"Brother! Here come the heroics!"

The Flutter appeared floating under the Sulfur Bottom and soon they were right along side the Starcraft. Megaman who had been spotting Roll from the roof was the first to jump over, his waterpack firmly attached and ready for war!

"You toss the servbots over, I'll see if I can stop the fire."

"Be careful Megaman, we have some rocket fuel down there that at the very mention of it~"

Another explosion was heard, and two long cylinders labeled: 'fuel tanks,' blasted out of the side of the Starcraft; soon disappearing over the sea.


"Megaman," Roll said in his earpiece, "that looks like the missing rocket fuel."

"Missing Rocket fuel?" Megaman asked himself.

Teasel suddenly went very quiet. He realized he had better play this, of all his worries, down, lest it turn on him. He stood there with his mouth open for half a second, before coming to a second realization, and epiphany in fact. With the heavy explosives off the ship there was the smallest chance of saving it! "Okay everybody, we're going to try and save the ship! Everybody who can't operate a fire extinguisher grab what you can and make for the flutter. Everyone else is now an honorary fire fighter. Now Break!"

"Break?" said everybody (including Megaman).

"Grrr, Get GOING!"

The forty yellow heads started running around like busy ants, most of them cluttered the door, and the rest, seeing the pressure at the door tied emergency ropes to various railing and started repelling down the side of the ship, forcing their way through the wax paper. It looked like a crazy scene from some Muppet Movie, but Megaman marched to a different drum. He crawled over the twenty-five (or so) servbots at the door and made like the Dickens for the storage room. Unfortunately he wasn't exactly accustomed to the ship and after going down some stairs and three rights, he ended up in a neatly kept, pink bedroom with a large mirror and piano. After glancing around for half a second (and deciding this wasn't the time to star t going through the drawers :P) he ran back down a hall and eventually, after following a herd of random servebots, came to the source of the fire.

The room wasn't extra large in essence, but it was filled to the brim with burning wood, and there was no stopping it with the meager means they had. That is to say it was starting to melt the metal, and that's never a good sign. One of stranger things was that most of the servebots where more concerned with carrying out what goods they could rather than trying to put the fire out. The two or three that had grabbed fire extinquisheres only put out fires on top of thing that look valuable, and only long enough for another servbot to lug it out of there and down the hall. Whenever Megaman stopped they just begged him for another minute, but after five he was out of water.

"Run away!" cried one when the roof finally started to sag, and to spite his valiant efforts running was the only half chance of survival. About five Servbots nearly carried him to the dock and threw him in the last drache that took off just as the ship hit the waves. He looked out the window long enough to see Teasel shaking on the top of the Flutter with the piano at hand. He couldn't tell whether he was laughing or crying. It had been a long day, and it was only 2 in the afternoon. Exhausted and coughing out a little smoke every now and then he reclined as much as one could in a drache (he was much bigger than a servbot, and still a lot taller than Tron) and fell asleep.

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