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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Crazy Nutso
Love Is More Dangerous Than Reaverbots: Chapter 6 - I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Roll, Megaman and Yuna stealthily made their way out of the woods. Megaman led them into the ruins just outside the gate. Then he leaped up on a high ledge. He then assisted Yuna up, and Roll, also equipped with spring boots, jumped up after. He led them down a hall and through a hole.

"Ewww! The sewers? This is your secret way into town!? Through the sewers?" Roll said in disgust, her nose crinkled up.

"SHHH!" Megaman cautioned. "Part of sneaking in is being quiet."

"It's so nice to have a shell with odor cut-off. I can't smell a thing!" Yuna put in.

"Must be nice." Roll said, putting her hand over her nose.

They finally came to a ladder. Megaman climbed up and pushed the manhole aside. He then climbed back down and gestured to Yuna to go up first. She did so, looked around, then called down to them.

"All clear, come on out."

Megaman let Roll climb up first, then followed her. He put the manhole back in place. It was night, and they were in the middle of the road. They quickly made their way across town, heading toward old town. Fortunately, no one was about, so they made it to old town unseen. Then Megaman led them through a secret door into the old power plant.

"Luckily, Tron told me about this before we came here the last time." Megaman said. "It was the Bonne's base of operations when they were here last, and it should have everything we need to sneak around undetected. Ah here it is!"

Megaman opened a door to reveal a room filled with different clothes, wigs, a professional looking makeup set, complete with sink and hair dyes, and a shelf with dozens of blank citizen ID cards.

"Visiting hours are at 10 AM, let's get busy!" Megaman announced, as he began to search through the men's clothing for something to wear.

It wasn't long before both Roll and Megaman were disguised. Roll had dyed her hair red, and had it done up elaborately. She was dressed in a green dress, and was wearing fake glasses. Megaman had slicked down his normally spikey hair (it came as no surprise that the Bonnes stocked lots of hair gel) and put on a fake goatee. Then he put on a suit. The two of them looked at each other, then at Yuna.

"Well, what do you think?" Megaman said.

"Well, you both look ridiculous, but at least you don't look like yourselves." Yuna said, while struggling to keep from laughing. "Anyhow, it's almost 10, so why don't we start walking to the hospital?"

They made their way to the hospital, trying to walk casually.

"Say, Yuna." Megaman said. "What does Sera's new shell look like, anyway?"

"Well, it looks exactly like mine." Yuna said, then continued a bit reluctantly. "Except for one, urm, well two little uh well there is something different, but try not to comment on it. Remember, she designed her shell when she was still a little crazy. I imagine she'd be embarrassed if we mention it."

"But what is it?" Roll asked. "How will we know what it is?"

"Oh trust me, you can't miss them." Yuna said, sounding embarrassed. "Oh look, we're here."

They entered the hospital and headed for the waiting room, where they found what could only be Sera. As Yuna had said, she looked exactly like Yuna. . . except for her chest, which was quite a bit bigger. Megaman found himself starring at them, and looked suddenly away, embarrassed. Roll was trying valiantly not to laugh, but when she caught the look on Megaman's face, she began to chuckle, then tried to make it look like a coughing fit. Sera looked at her in concern.

"Is she alright?" Sera asked.

"She's fine, Sera. How are they?" Yuna asked.

"They're both fine, the doctors have examined them and say they're both just suffering from exhaustion. They should be ready to leave in a day or two."

"Have their been any police around?" Megaman asked quietly.

"Nope. I registered them as Matilda and Sarah Volumnt. So far I think we're in the clear." Sera replied. "Do you want to see them?"

"We'll go see my mom, Megaman." Roll said quickly. "You go see Tron."

Megaman slipped into Tron's room. She was sleeping, so he simply sat in the visitor's chair and looked at her. She looked at peace, which is a way he'd never seen her before. Suddenly, a nurse came in. She glanced at him, smiled, then suddenly glanced at him again.

"Megaman!?" She said. Megaman realized she was the same nurse who had told him about Ira, and helped him make the donation to the hospital. "What are you doing here? Why does everyone think you've gone bad?" She suddenly looked at the Tron. "Oh my, this is Tron Bonne, the air-pirate!"

"Shh!" Megaman shushed her. "Please, just let me explain." He glanced outside the room, but no one appeared to have overheard. "Look, I know Tron did some bad things in the past, but she's trying to reform. She's done a lot to help me, in fact, if it wasn't for her this island would have been wiped out after our last visit."

"Well," The nurse said, after seeming to think about it for several moments. "I believe you, but . . . don't you think you should tell the mayor, rather then doing all this sneaking about? She can issue a pardon for Tron, if you can convince her. After all, if I recognized her, it is a safe bet someone else will, too."

"She's right, Megaman." They both turned to see Tron has woken up. She sounded extremely tired. "I'm tired of hiding out and sneaking around. In fact, I'm tired of being an air-pirate. If they want to lock me up, let them."

"Are you. . ." Megaman asked, sounding worried. "Are you sure that's what you want to do?"

"I'm sure, Megaman." Tron said. Then she smiled at him. "If I go to prison, will you wait for me?"

"As long as it takes, Tron." Megaman said. Then he kissed her gently and left.

"That is the most romantic thing I've ever seen." The nurse said, with a tear in her eye.

Tron sighed and sank back onto her pillow, then fell asleep, with a grin on her face.


Megaman forced himself to sit calmly and patiently. He had been sitting in the police headquarters for almost an hour now, waiting to see the inspector. He had never had to wait before, and he suspected that, had he not been in disguise, he would not have had to wait this time. A large poster of himself, with the words 'Wanted for questioning' hang opposite of where he sat. He sighed and hoped he would get in to see the inspector before someone recognized him. As if in answer to his thoughts, the inspector's door opened and he was told to enter.

"I haven't got any time for foolishness, young man," The Inspector began. "So state your business and be quick about it."

"I've come," Megaman began, while removing his disguise. "To turn myself in."

"M. . .Megaman!" The Inspector looked at him in shock. "It's you!"

"Yes, and according to the poster outside, you want me for questioning. Well, here I am, ask away."

"Yes, well..." The Inspector continued, obviously flustered by this surprising turn of events, "We simply wanted to ask you a few questions. For example, where is Tron Bonne, and what was she doing on a dig with you at the new ruins?"

"She was helping me with a dig. She's trying to go straight, and I'd prefer not to tell you where she is until I know what you intend to do with her. Do you intent to jail her?"

"She, and her brothers are wanted for a number of crimes against this island, as you know. However, the mayor has recently issued a pardon, so all Ms Bonne has to do is come forward and she will be pardoned from all crimes committed against this island."

"Really?" Megaman stammered. "That's great! But why?"

"I believe she was convinced by a letter she received from Barrell Casket. In any case, are you ready to reveal Tron's whereabouts now? That way, the papers can publish her pardon."

"Oh, of course. She's at the hospital."


"Do you have to pace like that, Megaman?" Tron said, sounding both tired and mildly annoyed. "I'm going to get dizzy."

"Sorry Tron, but I'm just worried." Megaman replied, then adjusted something on his buster cannon. "If I had known the papers were going to publish the fact that you're in the hospital, I'd never have agreed to it."

"Look, I appreciate your concern, Megaman, but with the Gesellschaft above, with Teisel and Bon in command overhead, and the police on alert, I don't think you have anything to worry about."

"I'll just feel safer when we can get you out of here."

"I'll feel better when I can get out of here too. I think my physical therapist could run the torture room."

The hospital room's door opens and Roll enters. She looks serenely happy.

"Mom was actually jogging today! Her physical therapist says she's the fastest recuperator he's ever worked with!"

Tron frowned at this news, and Megaman looked away from her, so she wouldn't see his struggle to keep from laughing. Suddenly the door opened and Adriana walked in, holding something behind her back. Megaman immediatly threw himself between her and Tron, while Roll also moved to confront her.

"Adriana, don't even think about. . ." Roll began, then stopped, seeing the sad look on Adriana's face.

"I didn't come here to fight." Adriana said quietly. "I need to see her. . . Please."

"Let her past, Megaman." Tron said quietly. Megaman moved silently aside, but kept his buster gun trained on Adriana as she approached Tron's bed. She brought her hand from behind her back to reveal her teddy bear.

"I talked to my parents," Adriana began, her voice cracking with emotion. "The told me about the raid on the city where you grew up. About how they accidentally set off some explosions. It was an accident, but it was their fault. I want you to have this." She said the last suddenly, thrusting the teddy bear at Tron. "It isn't much, but if it weren't for us, maybe your own parents would have given you. . ." She broke off, crying.

"I remember when I got this." Tron said, holding up the stuffed bear. "I put it in my closet, as a trophy. I never really thought of it as anything but that." Tron handed the bear back to Adriana. "But it was nothing to me but a pirate trophy, and I don't want to be a pirate any more. I've probably hurt people indirectly just like your family did. . . I hope not, but maybe I'll never know. Anyhow, I forgive your family, for what it's worth." Then Tron put out her hand and shook Adriana's.

Adriana stood still for a moment, stunned. Then she gently shook Tron's hand. "Thanks. Maybe I'll get out of the pirate business too. It's more trouble then it's worth." She turned and smiled at Megaman. "Nice to meet you, Megaman." Then she turned to Roll, and pulled her into a hug. As she was breaking the hug off she kissed Roll square on the lips. The kiss lasted long enough for Tron and Megaman to exchange a shocked look. "See ya around, girlie!" Adriana said softly, before exiting.

Roll looked shook up. She turned to find Megaman staring at her with his mouth open. Tron, on the other hand, looked as if she'd just received the best present ever. Roll closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead, bracing for what was about to come.

"Boy, you think you know a person." Tron said, her voice filled with glee.

"Shut up, Tron."

"So are you going to give us the juicy details, or are we going to have to read your diary to find out?"

"Shut up, Tron!"

"I wonder how this will factor into your harem plans, Megaman?" Tron said, turning to Megaman.

"Harem? What harem?" Roll asked, glad to have the subject changed.

"Megaman wants to build up his own personal harem, don't you, Megaman?" Tron said.

"It's not a harem, Tron!" Megaman said. "It's a team of diggers. . ."

"A team of diggers that is made up entirely of females, except for him." Tron announced, looking at Roll. "Tell me, how did you put up with him for so long without a torture room?"

"It wasn't easy." Roll said. "Torture room, eh? That's not a bad idea."

"For the last time, it's not a harem. I can't help it if I happen to know a lot of highly skilled women who would be an asset to a digging team." Megaman said. As he spoke, a nurse entered, checked on Tron then began to leave. She stopped next to Megaman.

"That sounds interesting, actually. Let me know if you need any medical personnel." The nurse said, then added in a slightly more sultry voice. "Or if you're recruiting for a harem, that sounds interesting too." She ran a hand along Megaman's shoulders as she exited.

"You know, a medical team wouldn't be a bad idea." Megaman began.

NO!! Both Roll and Tron said at once.


Sometime later, a large group of people were gathered in a restaurant. Matilda, looking a bit pale, but fully healthy sat next to her father, Barrell.

"I can't believe you're still using that old 'gone fishing' routine." She said, looking at her father. She then turns to Roll. "Every time he wanted to avoid something, or just get away and hit the clubs in Gold City, he'd claim he was going fishing."

"Well, it seemed the safest route out, until Roll and Tron sorted things out between the two of them. Err. . . you two have worked it out, haven't you?"

"Yeah, I've decided to let Tron put up with him for a while." Roll said with a grin. "Sure, it's a bit mean, but she deserves it."

"Hey!" Megaman said.

"And I'd like to say," Teisel said. "That I fully approve of your relationship with Tron, Megaman." He clapped Megaman on the shoulders. "Welcome to the family!"

"Baboo!!" Bon added.

"He approves, all right." Tron stage whispered to Roll. "After I told him what would happen to him if I didn't."

"Well, now that I have my daughter back." Barrell said. "I think I may finally retire for good. Which reminds me, Megaman, when are you going to start going on digs again?"

"Well, Sera and Yuna have detected a few spots where reaverbot activity is increasing. I figure that, with the help of a few skilled diggers. . ."

"His harem." Roll stage whispered to Tron, who giggled.

"And operating out of the Gesellschaft II," Megaman continued on, ignoring them. "We should be ready to take on the more challenging digs to come."

"Maybe you're thinking too small, Megaman." Von Bluecher said. "Why not operate out of the Sulphur Bottom?"

"Are you serious?" Megaman asked.

"Certainly." Von Bluecher responded. "I had it built for a purpose that is no longer valid. I can think of no greater task for it to be used for. However, you'll have to put a crew together, as I believe that I'll retire along with my old friend Barrell. That way, we'll have lots of time for fishing."

"Thanks!" Megaman said. "Gee, now I can put together an even bigger crew. . ."

"Harem!" Both Roll and Tron said together, before bursting into giggles again.

"Well, I hope you'll have room for a more experienced digger." Matilda said. "I'm really looking forward to getting back into the old business again. Oh, and if you want to have a medical staff, that nice nurse from Kattelox Island said she'd be more then happy to come along."

"What a great idea." Megaman said quickly, smiling at Roll and Tron. "Plus we can audition more diggers, and put together a really strong team."

"How nice." Matilda said. Then she turned to her daughter. "Maybe you'll meet a nice young man amongst the diggers, Roll dear. After all, that is how I met your father."

"What makes you think she's interested in a man?" Tron said.

"Shut up, Tron!"

"All I'm saying is, Adriana would probably be interested in a spot, and you two did seem to have a good chemistry together."

"Why you..."

Data jumped up on the table next to Megaman. "Well, it looks like things are finally getting back to normal." He said to Megaman.

"I guess so." Megaman said, as he watched Roll and Tron begin their verbal sparring match. "Whatever happens next, it won't be dull, that's for sure!"

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