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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by The Dark Chronicler
Megaman Legends: Chapter 1 - It Starts All Over Again

Megaman slowly opened his eyes; another normal day. Megaman was a young boy of fourteen with green eyes and brown hair. Megaman looked over at Data asleep on the edge of the bed, all curled up in a ball, and smiled. He headed towards the bathroom and took a quick shower, then went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Megaman was putting plates on the table when Roll walked in wearing her PJ’s. “Morning”, “Morning” replied Roll in the middle of a yawn. “When is Gramps going to call us to go get him at Kataloxs Island?” said Megaman, “Duno.” said Roll. It had been a week since Barrel had been asked to help excavate the Main Gate, and Megaman and Roll where becoming worried. “You know what, we should go visit just to make sure he is ok.” said Roll, in the middle of a mouthful of toast. “Yeah, let’s do it!” said Megaman, getting up from the table. Through this enthusiastic response, Data still half asleep hops on to the table and starts drinking a cup of orange juice before he realizes anything, “What?” he asks tiredly when Megaman and Roll look at him for ruining the moment.


Near Kataloxs Island a dark figure goes rushing along the ocean. It was dark out but it didn’t care it could see perfectly in the inky blackness of the dense foggy night. It hoped that it wasn’t late; it had felt an immense energy surge when the Main Gate had opened even though it was over five hundred miles away. As it raced across the water it had one thing on its mind, “I can not be late.”


“Main engines online!” said Roll as the engines came alive and energy flew through the Flutter. The Flutter began to take off and Roll started to towards Kataloxs Island. “How long before we get there?” asked Megaman. “Hopefully in about in a half-hour” replied Roll, “That is if we don’t run into any trouble or storms.” Roll put the Flutter in Auto pilot; a big crowbar. The boy and the girl where on the roof. Megaman was helping Roll with gun training. Roll shot at small targets on the railing of the roof. BLAM! Another target was blasted away. “Very good, just try to aim a little faster.” Megaman said applauding Roll’s shot. As they flew over the vast seas the air seemed to thick in their throats. “What is going on?” said Roll, “This feels weird.” “I don’t know,” Megaman said, “But I got a bad feeling about this.” After a short time Megaman and Roll where able to see Kataloxs Island on the horizon. As they flew closer to Kataloxs they noticed bright lights flashing above the city. “What is that?” said Roll, “Fireworks, I guess.” answered Megaman. The Flutter flew on in a lazy pace and the teens watched the horizon of the small island to see the fireworks better. The two watched and they could see small things flying around in the lights. Suddenly two broke off from the rest and headed right towards them. As they flew closer it became apparent that the lights where not fireworks, “It’s a battle!” Megaman and Roll said at the same time. The skies where lit with small ships exploding in the air. “Oh, No!!” shouted Megaman running to room to suit-up. When he came back the small ships began to take battle precautions as they approached Flutter. “What are we going to do?” asked Roll in a worried voice. At that very moment the two small ships began their attack run. The Flutter shook as the plasma shots of the firing ships hit the hull. “Roll, get me as close to the ground as you can!” Megaman shouted against the roar of the wind as he had climbed up on the roof unloading every round of his Machine Buster at the two renegade attacking ships. Roll brought the Flutter in low nearly touching the tips of the trees. Megaman landed a few good hits on one of the ships. Both ships blew up as one ship crashed into the other because of a broken wing. Megaman went down to the main door and grabbed a small parachute. “When I jump, get the Flutter out of here!” Megaman jumped out of the door, and used the parachute to land safely. When he landed he heard a lot of explosions and fighting going on’ “I better hurry.” he thought to himself. As Megaman charged his buster gun and turned on his helmets computer, he headed towards the hill that he heard most of the fighting coming from. As he got to the top of the hill and looked over the field he didn’t see a battle, he saw war.

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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