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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter 1 - Preperation

[this is the scene before the one in the last part of the credits where they are planning what to do.]
Scene 1,act 1: scene is at Elysium in orbit. Mega man lies asleep with Data, Sarah, and matilda, Una in her body, sit next to a fire built near the central building in Elysiums residential area.

Data" So the plan is set. I'll send myself out the airlock and fall to Terra where I'll tell Roll how to build the rocket they can use to get to save you guys. Is that Right?" He cockes an eyebrow and looks to them.

Sera" Dont ask me, ask Una, she thought it up, I'm not even sure it will work. You might land in the ocean." she laughs lightly and smiles.

Una looks from the hologram of terra to look at a flabergausted Data. " Its perfectly safe, youll easily survive the re entry."

Data" Re entry,,, An ocean??? But I cant swim, and I burn easily! Theres gotta be another way!"

Una" Sorry about that, but i'm afraid that its the only idea i've had for days. Our supplys wont last forever, the systems are in disrepair and neither of us is still a mother unit, technicly saying at least."

Sera" Its my fault, not seeing it earlier. And now that my original form is gone we cant reactivate the system. If it were not for your status as a unit in the system Data, we woudn't have what we do have."

Data" Aw shucks, but That still doesn't help me! ... What about the shuttle?"

Una" Gatz is dead, and Megaman in his current form cant fuse with it. Niether can you my little monkey freind. But I guess if it comes down to it I could leave Roll's mom and try to get us all home. But I cant say whether or not I could pilot the shuttle safely."

[Una and the others all daydream of her attempting to fly the shuttle home to terra. The ship leaves Elysium shaking as it flys in a weaving pattern and as it finnally ends up crashing and burning up.]

Sera" Now that that thought is shakingly disturbed my hopes of our ever getting to terra alive and mostly intact, may I suggest we wake trigger?"

Data" No, Not even my powers of restoration could keep him on his feet very long after your tiring battle, besides it's fun to draw on his face when hes asleep." Data hoppes over to Megaman whose snoring lightly. He then pulls out a marker and draws a curly mustach on his face. He then hoppes over back to join Sera and Una.

Sera" Well i'm sure the humer that will come out of Trigger sending you out the airlock himself will at least lighten the mood."

Una" Yes it might be interesting but it still comes back to the matter of you trajectery. Ive calculated it out but we will have to do it at the right time so that you dont miss. your anti gravity propulsion unit will save you from a hard enough landing and hopefully help you get to Roll quicker."

Data" I suppose your right,but I still dont like it much. Especially the fact that Roll might not be there waiting for me!" Data looks down into the fire and he goes to sleep slowly as Sera and Una tend the fire and prepare for the task ahead. " Theres no place like home"

[End scene 1]

[Skip to the next day but now back on Terra.] scene2,Act 1: Roll, abu, and Dah are all near the flutter examining the wreckage of the destroyed base.

Roll" Wow, they must have had a really powerful explosive to do this much damage to the base."

Abu" Yah, Big boom, me saw it!"

Dah" heh, good thing sis wasn't in dar when it went off!" He walks to the door which is stubbernly stuck.

Roll" I bet theres a bunch of parts in there, if we could just get in..." She then smiles hapily. "I bet I could modify one of the weopons Megaman left behind to be just enough to knock this door open..." She turns to Abu and Dah who are struck dumb when she tells them she plans to knock the doors down.

Abu and Dah" Um, you sure? Really big doors..."

Roll" Yes, and It wont take me long, wait here.." Roll runs off to the flutter. But as she deos a small shape is seen on the horizon.

[skip to the Dredge] the dredge on aproach is very dammaged and is hardly flying. voices can be heard as it gets nearer.

Teisel" I dont think we're gunna make it!"

Tron" Oh sure we will, I just cant say in how many peices!" shouting the last line.

Servebot1" The ships not gunna last much longer miss Tron!"

Bomb Bonne" Baaabuuu?"

Teisel" In case we dont make it, I'm sorry for dragging us into this. I should have stopped long ago, but piracy got the best of me..." He says the last lines with less dignity as the rest.

Tron,,jokingly" Dont apoligize teisel, its been fun while it lasted" She shoots a smile to her brothers.

Servebot16" Thats right, thats right!!!" Enters into the conversation.

Bomb B" Babuu babuu!" Bomb Bonne pionts ahead at the ground.

Teisel" I couldnt be more proud of you guys.. thanks... but it seems this is it!! Were Going in!!!" all scream

The Dredge flys in barly missing the flutter and ends up striking the door of the ruined base and smashing it open as it continues down. It lands deap inside of the base and Roll looks that direction.

Back to Roll and both of the brothers standing awe struck.

Roll" Well that solves that... We better see if thay made it ok. They might need help!" she remembers the things they did to help megaman when he was in need. she, determined, secretly forgives them for their past mistakes.

Abu" Yeh, but We gatta be carful, they still pirates!"

Dah" I'm still bringin my club, you should too!" Looking to Roll.

Roll" Dont worry, I always keep something handy" Pointing out her bolt shooter as a sidearm." Lets go." She runs in past the now wide open doors and continues as they see the fallen walls.

They all slow to a walk and see that the base is leveled eccept a few areas of interest.

Abu" No one home cept us..."

Dah" And dem..." he runs ahead to see the crashed Dredge lying halveway into a fallen apart house.

Roll runs to see if Tron and the others are ok.

Tron emerges shaky and covered in dust." See I told you we would make it! Now hows that for my piloting skills!?"

Teisel emerges from indoors with an old picture frame around his neck." Well, we made it after all, thanks to you Tron... But where are we?" He and the others dont notice Roll as he takes the frame off from around his neck.

Roll" Your on Calabania Island, and In Glyde's old base." She doesn't pull out her gun but lets it be known its there.

Bomb B." Babuuuu...?"

Tron" You? Your Roll, Megamans girlfreind!" Shocked to see her. "So that was your ship we saw?" Curious about the Flutter.

Roll. reserved but willing to answer." Yes that was the Flutter. Do you mind me asking if everyone is alright?"

Abu" Look well to me.."

Dah" Yeh, De all here and standing."

A servebot comes up the Tron and tuggs at her skirt. Servebot16" # 1 is ok and checking the ship, but it dont look good miss Tron.."

Tron" Were all right, but our ship isnt going anywhere fast. Or slow I might add. She inspects the ruins.

Roll" Well at least your not hurt." she smiles al little.

Teisel" Hey Tron, see what you can do with the dredge, I'm going to find a place to stay." He then turns to Roll." You know, I dont ever remember meeting you before, Whats your name?"

Roll" My name is Roll Casket, I know your names, your Teisel. I remember you from Kattalox and when we met you at Soul Kada. I remember how hard megeman fought to save that statue while you used it as a shield..." She is offended as she says it.

Teisel" Yes, I'm sorry for that now,I believe our pirating days are over...Thanks to megaman and you..." Not as a complement. " Hey, where is megaman anyway, after we got shot down we tried to find you guys and ended up landing here just now.. You two are always together so wheres he, he did win right? He's still alive right?"

Tron" Yeh, he's ok right!?" Caring heard in her voice.

Roll" He's fine, but he had to leave... Hes now probably in orbit..." She points up at the moon -Elysium-

Abu" Uh hu! Uh hu! He gone, went way up!"

Teisel" You want to run that by me again?" Dumbfounded by what she has said. Even Tron turns to hear.

Roll" Well its a long story... Here, if you promise a truce then we can all go to the Flutter to talk about it."

Abu and Dah" We go home now, can you handle dem?"

Roll" Yes, i'll be fine, thats presuming youll agree?"

Tron" If it has to do with Megaman than i'll promise myself that we wont fight you while our truce lasts." She seems anxious to hear what Roll has to say.

Roll" Ok, follow me. This is going to take a while."

[End Scene 2]

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