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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter 2 - The prelude to the ending...

Scene 1 Act 2: In elysium, now at shuttlebay. A day later than before.

Sera, sitting next to the shuttle looks to Megaman"Trigger,,,, Megaman, You must still be wondering about your function and the Reverbots right?"

Megaman now awake and without a drawn mustach on his face looks to Sera." Yes, but Its not that I dont remember most of it, its just I think I never knew of the old system and why it was shut down..."

Sera sits up and looks depressed." The old system was the Elysium prototype." Megaman reacts shocked." The old system was mainly testing of the maintanence drones and security systems. eventually they became faulty and they refused to obey the commands of the elders. the reverbots, as you know them, became active in defence mode and would not be stopped by command. Eventually the system was shut down but reminants remained and thats why the system had to be checked over by a mother unit. So it would not reactivate totally and cause harm to the carbons."

Megaman sitting." So you were to watch it and ensure its systems would not start up again?"

Sera" Yes, and when I was destracted by your aberant behavior it was left unchecked. I expect many systems have failed by now. Its my fault for not realizing the truth earlier.

Una" You cant blame yourself for everything Sera, it's counter productive..."

Sera" I hadn't noticed you there Una. Still... I cant let the old system awaken... If it did, all life on terra would be lost. Carbons and all other species too."

Una sitting by Sera." Thats why we have to get back to terra and stop that from hapening! You see, its the only thing to do! And after that I can let Roll's mom have her body back." She smiles at megaman.

Megaman smiles." Ok... But how do we stop the old system?"

Data" Thats where things get difficult!" Data has a chart drawn of a circle, rough shape of terra, and many dots on it." There are many systems currently awakening in the old system that go deap into terra!"

Una" We dont know about every single Ruin that has activated, since much of the data was currupted before copys could be made."

Megaman" Why wasn't the system destroyed before?"

Sera" Because we were nolonger concerned once we thought the system was deactivated, and when the chances of its reactivation surfaced we had little power to try the Ruins that spanned Terra... So you see that even we could not destroy the old system."

Una" But it doesnt mean you wont be able to Megaman... Nothing is impossible it will however be very difficult to destroy the main ruins... There are ruins that govern others as they all work tarward the same goal."

Data" Defence of a people who nolonger Exist!"

Sera" All I know for certain is that the old system was dammaged and that hindered its repair from the inside so we still have time before it activates totally..."

Una" The sooner were back on Terra the sooner we can acces the information I left behind in Terra's central station at Forbidden Island."

Megaman" I just hope Roll can get here soon. We didn't exactly have much money when I left... and its allot of work all by herself..."

Data" In any case I should start off. I may not like the plan, but It must be done..."

Una" Ive already set the bays system to depreasurise when we have gone. Then the sheild device should do the rest.." She points to a sphere looking device just bigger than Data. All start for the elevator while data goes to the object, climbes inside and activates its console.

Sera." Its up to you Data, Dont let us down."

Megaman" Have a nice trip."

Una" Remember, only activate when in contact with the atmosphere, otherwise your energy will run out too fast. then once through the decent activate the anti gravity engine and ittle do the rest. You dont have anything to worry about..."

Data" Easy for you to say, your not going to fall through the atmosphere and most likly burn up! Fur burns really quick!" The hatch closes and he cant be heard anymore...

The three go up the elevator and and as they do they hear the equipment working.

Megaman" Good luck Data..."

[End scene 1]

Scene 2 Act 2: Just outside of Elysium and falling fast tarwards Terra.

Data is in the pod and is cramped tightly." Oh I hate this plan, everyone wins accept me! Ohh Roll Please be there!"

Data's pod decends at an alarming rate and soon has bridged the gap between the station and the halfway point.

Data" Oh why meee?"He keeps decending tarwards Terra and eventually enters Terra's Atmoshpere with alot of force. Heat starts to rise.

Eventually Data turns on the sheild and as the pod decends he see's out the window that Terra is getting bigger and bigger.

After a brisk ten minute fall Data activates the antigravity unit and prepares for landing.

He looks below to see Calabania and a small dot which he recognises as the Flutter! Data" Yay, I'm Back! And safe!" Just then the anti gravity device sputtters.." Oh Noooo!"

He crashes in Calabania plains just a small distance from the Flutter.

Data" I'm safe! I'm safe!" Just then a servebot apears and opens the hatch. Data" I'm doomed I'm Doomed!!!!!"

[End scene 2]

Scene 2 Act 2: Roll, Teisel, Tron and Bomb Bonne all are in the Flutter sitting in the living room before the landing of Data.

Teisel dumbstruck..." Man, Who would have guessed? Such a thing exitsted. And were all just the creation of the anciants."

Tron" So Megaman has gone to fight that Anciant girl who wants to kill all of the people on the planet... Sounds like Kattalox all over again!"

Roll, hasn't heard the whole story of kattalox yet." What? Megaman never said anything like this happened at kattalox..."

Tron" You meen he didnt tell you... Well heres what I know..." She thinks for a second and then asks teisel something.

Teisel" Oh yeh, That Megaman Juno Fellow, Yeh " He wisperes to Tron.

Roll, impatiant of the inside information." Well?"

Tron" Oh yeh. After Megaman blew up Bruno we said goodby and left, but thats when teisel told me we'd not give up yet. We followed Megaman deap inside the Main gate untill we saw Him talking to Megaman juno, some kind of mayor for the district he called himself."

Roll" So that was it? Some guy in the ruins?"

Tron" No,I'm guessing from your story that he was an anciant who watched over the Island and its inhabitants. Well anyways, he said allot of things we didn't catch untill he said he was going to reanitialize the inhabitants of the Island and then we saw that Megeman Objected Strongly as Juno started his work. Thats when Juno set a trap on Megaman and retreated through a door down a hall."

Roll" So what happened?"

Teisel" Thats when Tron and I decided we had to do something. Ton stopped the trap and we told megaman to go after him!"

Tron" Thats the last we saw you guys untill lately. Well that and you passed over us as we escaped the Island."

Roll" But what else, dont you know what happened?"

Tron" Well he must have won right? All we know is Kattalox was saved."

Roll, to herself" Megaman why didn't you tell me?" In a whisper.

Bomb Bonne" Babbuuu?"

Tron" Yeh I'll get you some water. Roll?"

Roll" Hmm?"

Tron" Wheres the kitchen? Bomb's thirsty."

Teisel" Come to think of it so am I..."

Roll" In there help yourselvs." pointing to the kitchen door.

Teisel getting up" Thanks we'll just be a minute." He and Tron go into the kitchen.

There Tron gets water while teisel starts talking." Hey Tron, I smell a Treasure..."

Tron" Yeh, but I promised we wouln't fight while were here."

Teisel" Yes and by our honer I understand we cant do anything now, But once megamans back heh heh!"

Tron" I know, But we still have a problem..."

Teisel.." Huh?"

Tron" We cant get a Dredge in orbit! Especially a half busted one. We'd just crash without any help getting there."

Teisel" Ok, then its setteled, we steal the shuttle when megaman comes back and go claim that space station!"

Tron hands him some water." Maybe, but we should at least consider the risks before we try piracy once again dont you think?"she then drinks some water and pickes up another glass for Bomb Bonne.

Teisel" That never stopped us before but I'll come up with a plan."

They both re enter the room to see Bomb Bonne watching TV and Roll Thinking hard. Just then a large noise is heard over head. Tron and everyone look up as the sound crashes out side near the ship.

Roll" Megaman!"

They all start running out the living room. And soon outside the Flutter. But no shuttle is seen. Only a smoke trail from the plains and a Servebot running to Tron who still has the glass of water with her.

Servebot #1" We heard the crash and #16 went to check it out!"

Roll" Common! We've got to see if they're all right!"

Tron" By the sound of the crash it didn't seem so big, it might not be them." Starting after Roll and the others who have run tarwards the smoke. Tron hands the glass to Bomb Bonne who drinks it and runs after them.

Roll" Megaman! Megaman!" She gets to the crash site ahead of everybody else to see through the smoke as two small figures emerge covered in dust but alright.

Its not megaman, but Data and Servebot 16.

Roll" Data?"

just then the Sulphur Bottom apears overhead as it breaks through the clouds and sets down in the plains.

Roll" Where's Megaman?" not expecting an answer from Data who usually only talks jibberish

Data" We ran into a few problems..."

Everyone, expecting to see megaman is also shocked by Data's apearance.

Roll" Data, you can talk?"

Data" EEE, EEEE! thats right and you better listen, Because Megaman needs your help, all of you!"

[End scene 3]

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