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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter 3 - More prelude and secret listining devices

Scene 1 Act 3: The sulpher bottoms ready room, Von Bultchers office. Roll, Data, Gramps, Von Bultcher, and a set of security guards stand in the room except Data who sits on Bultchers desk. It is ten minutes after Data's crashlanding in Calabina Plains. Data has just ended his story on what the heck has happened over the last few days or so.

Data: " Well, thats it. Megaman, Una, And Sarah all wait on Elysium for you guys to mount a rescue mission! And I'm here to help you build the ship to get there!"

Roll sits in a chair near a table that has been put off to the side. Bultcher leans back against the wall and looks up at the ceiling while gramps sits.

Roll:" So Megaman needs us? then theirs no question, we have to help..."

Bultcher" But how? Its not like we're heading somewhere on Terra, this is farther than we as a species have ever gone before."

Data, a little ticked by the question stands on the desk and looks to everyone.

Data:" Hello, I just said it. I can help you build it! I have knowledge of ancient technology in my brain, that allows me to access whatever we'll need to get up their."

Gramps:" Data, its not that we doubt you or the knowledge you hold my little friend, its just we doubt we'll be able to construct it with what we have. But if anyone can do this it would have to be Roll here. Right?"

Roll:" I dont know."

Gramps and everybody a little shocked by her statement.

Roll:" I dont think without the manpower I could do it myself. Even the design would be difficult as it is. I just dont think I can do it.", She looks up" Sorry Megaman. I doubt i can do this..."

Back in the room reserved for the Bonnes... Teisle and Tron listen in on the conversation.

Tron:" Teisel, hear that? Its the perfect oppertunity!"

Teisel:" Yeh, but what makes you think they'll let us help with this project? Considerng our past with them...?"

Bomb Bonne:" Babuuuuuu!..."

Tron:" Easy! We have something to bring to the table!"

Teisel looks at Tron who is grinning. Teisel:" And that would be what exactly?"

Tron straitens up and points to #1 and 16 who are in the corner bouncing on the bed. Tron:" We have the manpower and I also have the mechanical skill to make something like this work!"

Teisel:" I see, but what do we get out of this, just saving Megaman isnt good enough for our time and effort. They'll suspect something!"

Tron:" Unless..."

Teisel:" Unless we demand exaclty what were after right away to lull them into a sense of security! Brilliant Tron, We might just end up winning this time if we can play our cards right..."

Tron:" See teisel, things are bound to work out this time! especially cause we will have full controll of whats happening!"

Tron listens back in on the conversation in the other room. Tron:" I think its time we made our offer big brother, they seem to be stumped at the moment."

Tron puts down the head set and stands up. Teisel:" Yes, lets make them the offer we know they cant refuse!"

Tron, Teisel and Bomb Bonne all leave the room and as they open the door to the main chamber, a surprised Roll, Data, Gramps, Bulcher and set of guards stand to see whats going on.

The two servebots shortly appear after Tron and Teisel as they stand in the room silently.

Roll:" You said you were out of the pirate game, so whats this?"

Tron walks forward and smiles innocently. Tron:" The little monkey said Megaman needed all of our help, so i'm here to help. But our help is at a cost of coarse."

Teisel looks to Gramps who has a look of mistrust on his face. Teisel:" We want to help save Megaman, is that so wrong?!"

Gramps straitens up. Gramps:" What guarantee do you give that you wont double cross us? You already plant bugs on us and have been air pirates for many years! I'ts unlikely you'd actually want to do the right thing."

Teisel puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head. Teisel:" I understand how you feel. And all I can say is that Megaman changed us. Remember Cattalox?"

Gramps:" Roll said she'd tell me later but you might as well say it now."

Teisel:" when Megaman went inside the main gate we followed him, Tron and I. Megaman met an ancient guy who didn't seem to be good. We found out that that Guy was an overseer for Cattalox Island. When he trapped Megaman we saw it and got him out. Megaman defeated Juno, that was his name, and thats all we were part of. But he changed us for the better, Megaman... The monkey should be able to tell you the rest."

Data:" Its true, They helped Megaman escap the trap when Juno told him he was going to re initialize everyone on the island. In other words, kill off every carbon on Cattalox. Tron and Teisel helped megaman before Juno could finnish the job and Megaman got their just in time to stop Juno. So I say we give them a chance!"

Bultcher:" I have no Idea what thats about but I can say this, You did help Megaman by chearing him on while he fought that Ancient reverbot... But it doesn't get you a pardon for your past crimes."

Roll stands up. Roll:" No, but it does show their not totally currupt people."

Gramps contemplates this new information.

Tron, a little unsure about how to take that last comment. Tron:" Thanks Roll. But your all forgetting the best we have to offer this expedition."

Teisel:" #1,#16, file in!"

#'s 1 and 16 get in line and sound off.

Tron:" We have the manpower to support this! Plus I am one of the best mechanics around! I can design that Rocket for this Project!"

Roll:" No, I'm not letting you work on it alone. If even I cant do this alone, neither can you, alone..."

Tron:" Fair enough."

Gramps:" What are we getting ourselves into?"

Von Bultcher:" I'd say it seems to be another adventure Barrel, you up to it?"

Gramps:" I've waited on the sidelines too long. Roll, if you need parts I'll dig for them!"

Teisel smiles and moves to Gramps.

Teisel:" No, We'll dig for them, as a group. We arn't just good at playing pirates yo'know. Before that became our lifestyle, We were diggers!"

Data:" Well then, its all settled. Lets get started!"

[end scene 1 Act 3]

Imbetween scene 1 and 2 Tron radios all servebots available to get to Calabania for preperation for the construction of the rocket. This also goeas past the first attemps and starts on the 4th try, this is the ending of ML2 and the true start of ML3 the reverbot war. Tron and Roll are at the desk deciding on how to improve the rocket to get it to work. Data stands by watching as Tron and Roll argue over plans for the next rocket.

Scene 2 Act 3: Roll disputes with Tron on the plans as Teisel comes over to check on their progress.

Teisel is seen walking over the hill to Tron and Roll as they talk of the ships design and whether or not to make the storage bay larger or smaller.

Data, getting a little frustrated,

Data:" Here! its so easy just let me show you! see you put this here and this..."

Tron and Roll:" STAY OUTTA THIS DATA!"

Data falls back and walkes away to look at Elysium, but Teisel doesnt listen to him.

Tron:" It doesnt matter! My engine has plenty of power! We cant make the bay any smaller."

Roll:" Your engine, Has to be repaired every five minutes for it to even work!"

Tron:" well excuse me little miss perfect, not everybody has the best equipment you know! We have to make do with what we have!"

Teisel:" So how are things going? The last one went higher than the rest right?"

Tron:" Yes much, but we keep running into the same problems!"

Roll:" Theres either a default in the feul lines system or the ship is too heavy... But at this rate we might never get up there."

Tron:" Hey, lets not give up yet. we still have a while and sense we still have lots of parts lets just get back to it."

Teisel:" Trons right Roll, Weve been in worse spots before and theyve come out allright! There was this time we went up against Loath, a Gambler, And a thief."

Roll:" A thief? How so?"

Teisel:" Well it ended up that he had me working digging up the remains of an ancient base or so we figure it. There was a giant refractor there and even worse, a giant reverbot! But this was more than just a normal reverbot. This was what he piloted against us. In the gesselshaft"

Roll:" That big?"

Teisel:" Yes that big, about four sizes bigger than the ship! We ended up winning and that happened only after it disabled the ship!"
Tron:" We were lucky that day, a small strike team took the whole colossos down! That was a while before Cattalox though."

Roll:" I had never heard of something like that before, you say it was huge?"

Teisel:" Yep, and because we had hope we ended up winning. So thats why we have to continue trying, that is you two have to continue... Because The Bonnes have Never given up before, and niether did Megaman"

Roll:" Well, We still have some new supplies and some funding."

Tron:"Thats the spirit! Now lets get back to work. You'know, your not that bad at this. I count you as an equal Roll"

Roll:" Is that because of the skill i have or the fact Megaman defeated you with weopons i designed?" Jokeingly.

Tron:" Well, aside from your last comment i'd say that its because even i couldn't have gotten us this far by now. Now all we have to do is..."

Teisel, with a fealing of accomplishment, leaves the two alone and heads tarwards Bomb Bonne who is helping load some of the equipment. Teisel:" Bomb, how are you holding up?"

Bomb Bonne:" Babbuuu, babu, babu babu! Babuuu..."-Translation into our words-" Fine, heavy, very heavy. but fine." Bomb sets the equipment down and sits to look up. Bomb:" Baaabuuuuu....."

Teisel, looking to Elysium, sits by Bomb Bonne. Teisel:" Yes i'm kind of worryed too. They've been up there almoast a week. I'm afraid we might never get their in time..."

Bomb:" Babu, babu babu babuuu..."-Translation-"I, I'm worryed too.." Bomb tooks over to Roll and Tron who have started to run over to them.

Teisel gets up to see whats up. Teisel:" Hey you two, whats the fuss?"

Tron:" We figured out why we havent been getting any farther!"

Roll:" We need to reach a certain Velocity before we can escape the Atmosphere and head into space!"

Teisel:" So?"

Tron:" We now can get to Megaman! We figured out all we needed was one strait burst! And then a capsule to carry the rest of the way!"

Roll:" Ittle take a while but well be able to rebuild a rocket by the end of the week with everybody working 24 hours a day and with few stops for rest! It may cost more, but we can finnaly get up there! and Save Megaman!"

Tron:" See Big brother! We can finnaly get to elysium!"

Bomb:"Babuu! Babu!"-Translation-"Yay! Finnally!"

Teisel:" Well what are we waiting for?! Lets Do this! Tron, Roll, Great job! Bomb Bonne, Lets get to it!" Teisel once again looks to elysium... Teisel:" Were coming... Megaman!" [end scene 2, act 3] { End Act 3}

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