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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter 4

Meanwhile, over in Saul Kada Joe and his new wife and daughter settle into their home which has recently had the walls reconstructed. They are enjoying the summer day and all is well.

and likewise in Elysium nothing of major importance is here to through plot twists in(Never too sure though...) Matilda is starting to awaken inside Una as she tries to talk to her. filling her in on the details of the last few years of her life and of whats currently happening. Lets just sa she's not taking it too well.

Scene 1 Act 4: In Elysium, Inside Matilda's sub concsience mind as Una is starting the process of freeing her mind from its prison.

Una:" Wake up. Mrs Caskett, wake up.. Please at least acknowlege i'm getting through and your still there."

The vision around them is similar to what megaman experienced earlier when Una went inside his mind.

Matilda:" Where am I?"

Una:" Were in your mind. Please take this slowly, you've been asleep a very long time. But its time I showed you what has happened since that day."

Matilda:" That day? Wait, your that Girl..." Matilda gets a flash back, a sort of movie played from her perspective.

Una:" Yes, my name is Una. There is much I have to tell you. Much I will have to explain."

Matilda:" I was on Forbidden Island... Joe and I, We had crashed there. Our pod dammaged. I....I... Oh, My goodness, Joe collapsed as he got me out of the pod. He had flown from the pod and... And he..."

Una:" You were Dieing there and I saved you. Him too."

Matilda:" Joe, Where is he? Joe?! Joe can you hear me!?!"

Una:" I told you this might be hard... But were in your mind, not on forbidden island or anywhere tangable. Please bear with me. I know it will be hard but we must awaken your mind before more dammage is done."

Matilda:" Whats going on?"

Una:" Thats what i'm about to tel you. We are in an ancient space station. And its years after forbidden island."

Matilda:" What, Years? And where? Yoyur not making sense. At least tell me who you are."

Una:" The ruins you diggers hunt in for Refractors, I am part of that system. An android mother unit that looks over the system and takes care of it."

Matilda:" Your a reverbot?"

Una:" close enough, but i'm not here to harm anyone, I'm on your side."

Matilda:" you said years later? What have I been doing in that time, I dont remember anything except forbidden island and here."

Una:" When you were hurt on forbiiden island I tried to heal you. But as I did, I lost controll of my own body and had to Borrow yours."

Matilda:" You used my body? Then what is happening now? Where is Joe?"

Una:" He's not here. As far as I know hes still alive and on Terra..."

Matilda:" So youve Borrowed my body? And its been years and years? But why? Couldnt you have gotten another body? Where is this? And whats to become of me?"

Una:" So many questions, I dont think I can answer them all right now. But i can give you my memorys to watch as i deal with pressing buisness."
Una dissapears and a screen appears in front of Matilda who is standing.

Matilda:" Wait! Come back!"

The screen starts showing memories of before the switch of bodies and of a younger Matilda and Joe outside of the pod. they are feint and weak.

Matilda:" Joe? Where are you... And, And...Roll?" Matilda sits and as she is crying she watches Una's memories as a window into her past is opened and she wishes she and Joe had never Gone to Forbidden Island
[End scene 1 Act 4]
Roll and Tron start their tests on the new system devised to launch a pod ship into orbit and then on its propulsion to Elysium. Data finnaly gets to help as he is the only one with the knowledge they need to build this craft.
Megaman goes to talk with Una who has been silent the last few hours and he sees her wake from what seems a bad dream.

Scene 2 Act 4: Time for confessions and true nature of things.

Megaman moves to talk to Una as she sits up from her dream.
Megaman:" Good morning, or night depending on where we are in orbit."

Una:" So your finnally remembering all of the data that Your monkey installed into you?"

Megaman:" Yes, and its starting to make more sense. So, where you having a bad dream? You look very frustrated."

Una:" No. Not exactly."

Megaman:" Then what? You've been very quiet lately. Is something bothering you?"

Una:" Yes... Megaman, I havent been telling you the truth about something. Something I havent wanted anyone to know."

Megaman:" Huh? Una... What are you saying?"

Una:" Megaman, Roll's mom hasn't been in a coma. I made her mind stay dormant. And now I dont think anything I say to her will be enough."

Megaman:" But you did that for her safty as well a yours right? Shouldn't she understand?"

Una:" Thanks Megaman, for not being angry with me for lieing to you and Everybody else. But I'm afraid She's too confused and I dont know haw long I will have to explain to her my actions and reasons before she will accept them and ,,,Me..."

Megaman:" Well, I dont know what to say."

Sera, coming out of the corner, over hearing everything.
Sera:" Well, never ask a purifier to do what a Mother unit cant by herself. You need to just suppress her thoughts untill we can find you another body Una. Seriously, The Carbon will only get in the way."

Una:" Sera, Dont say that. And you know I cant do that. Once a mind is freed its dangerous to subdue it again, dangerous for the host and me!"

Sera:" I dont mean we should do it without Her consent, just tell the Carbon that you will need all of your consentratin to keep yourselves safe from harm."

Megaman:" Sera, thats not very kind. Arnt you worried in the least that Roll's mom may be hurt?"

Sera:" Trigger, Megaman... I still need time before I can start to care for these, People, But I dont want to seem as if I'm cold hearted. But we need Una at her best level of concentration to help us stop the old system!"

Una:" She's right."

Megaman:" But Una!"

Una:" I do need to be at full concentration to stop the old system. But Sera, what you dont know is that since I have released Matilda's mind I have been better that any time before!"

Sera:" True, less strain on your mind, but still, if we cant reason with her than this will mean that,"

Una:" Roll's moms mind will eventually over power mine and take controll."
Una sulks.

Megaman:" So omatter what, eventually she will get her body back and what will happen to you?"
Megaman looks into her eyes.

Sera:" Una will cease to exist."

Everyone pauses. Megaman sits by Una. Sera leans against a wall.

Sera:" So we have to find a spare unit's shell before that happens."

Una:" Yes. Luckely I know where one of my back ups is..."

Sera, surprised by Una's statement.
Sera:" What? You knew all along and never got it? But why?"

Una:" When I was outside the system I could ignore its protocalls and do as I pleased."

Megaman:" Which included Ignoring the order from Sera to give her the keys to the library!"

Sera:" If I had known that I would have been more careful before then"

Una:" It bought me time to find a way to save the Carbons. But when you went to Elysium, Sera, I didnt have time to restore my status as a mother unit at the time."

Sera:" So you came only prepared enough to help Megaman get through to the library?"

Una:" Yes. I thought he could persuade you to stop and take a look at what you were doing. I never thought you would ?Delete Gatz and Let you own systems fail. Thats when I rushed to get to you to save you at the last moment before you could shut down and you'd be lost forever."
Una looks at her Sister unit Sera.
Una:" Were the last of a Dying race. We are all thats left of The ancients. We have to now save the next race so they can be our masters and life can go on."

Megaman:" Yeh, Theres a whole world of good people down there that need our help and we cant let the mistakes that weve made hurt them. Certanly not when we have the power to stop them and save Terra!"

Sera:" I understand. Thank you Una, and Megaman, I now understand exactly how the master felt. And why he gave you his genetic code. I understand now how much the Carbons really ment to him, and now to me."

Una:" Yes. As I remember one memory that I saw when I was in your mind megaman. The master pointed out the life the Carbons lived. And how they shined brighter than the system itself. They have true happynes."

Sera:" Yes. And we have to save it. Una, Keep trying. If needed I can help you explain to Roll's mom what is happening."

Una:" Thank you Sera. Thank you very much."

Megaman:" Now all we need is Roll to rescue us! And then we can save Terra!" Megaman rises with Una as they go back to the heater and to eat as they prepare for the long and difficult task ahead of them. [End Scene 2 Act 4] { End Act 4}

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