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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter 5 - Talks with Una, Megaman, And Matilda...

Scene1 Act 5:The rocket nears completion as Megaman and Una discuss their first move.

Una and Megaman are sitting in the masters house as Sera sleeps in the corner. They are talking quietly and are speaking of the old system.

Megaman:" So the old system was also known as Eden?"

Una:" Yes, but some of the old systems were used untill lately and units such as you met on the Island Kattalox were still needed. Some reverted to their old programing with the old system so thats why what you did was so allowed."

Megaman:" I see, But it was Data's quick thinking that saved the Island. Without him I wouldnt be here today, for many other reasons than that."

Una:" Hm, He has proven very usefull in the past and hopefully now as were waiting."

Megaman:" I'm sure Roll's on her way. She never lets me down."

Una:" That reminds me..."

Megaman:" Hmm?"

Una:" I'll need to explain that to Roll's mom too..."

Megaman laughs.

Megaman:" I'm sure you'll find a way."

Una:" Yeh, easy for you to say, She's really tough, Even now she's screaming in my ear!"

Megaman:" Then talk to her.."

Una:" I am... See i have a very big amount of consiousness and its split right now."

Megaman:" I'll just leave you to that then, I mean, that way you dont have to be torn in two places. I'll just get some rest."

Una:" Ok.... Megaman,"

Megaman:" Yeh?"

Una:" Sleep well." [end Scene1 Act 5] Una goes into her mind and starts to try to calm Matilda down alittle. Scene 2 Act 5: In the subconsious mind of Matilda and Una... Matilda:" Look, I know your there! I've seen whats happened and I want you out!"

Una:" Please, just calm down. I'm trying to help you understand but your refusing and thats not helping either of us!"

Matilda:" Alright. But you owe me an explanation."

Una:" Alright. I havent gone from your body yet because I'd have nowhere to go!"

Matilda:" I've seen most of the last few years of my life go away without me being there, my husband lost, and no Idea of!"

Una:" Roll is fine."

Matilda:" What? how? How do you know that?"

Una:" I've seen her."

Matilda:"Roll, the last I saw her she was a child. I, I've lost so much because of this..."

Una:" But youve helped your race be saved from a catastrophe that else wise couldn't have been stopped."

Matilda:" What? What do you mean by that?"

Una:" Your sacrifice even as unwillingly as it was allowed me to do things to stop the catastrophe from happening. I thank you for that sacrifice. But please, you've only seen up to a certain point, look again and watch as this will tell you whats happened up to now."

Matilda:" If I trust you, Will you promise to take, Us, to Roll? Swear on your word!"

Una:" Yes, I swear apaun me word that you will see her again. Infact she will be coming here."

Matilda:" Here? When?"

Una:" I dont know, but she will be here soon. and if you'll do as I've asked i can give you an even bigger promise."


Una:" I can let you talk, walk, and be with her as much as if you hadn't had me in your body."

Matilda:" Ok, I'll cooperate. But tell me.. Will i see her in the memories?"

Una:" Yes."
[End Scene 2 Act 5]
[End Act 5]

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