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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter 6 - Finally To The Moon!

Scene 1 Act 6: Roll, Tron, Data, and two searvebots, 10 and 25 launch themselves up into space. As they launch Roll looks to Elysium and She and Tron see the various objects in orbit. Data tells how to dock. Tron:" Launch of the Genshaft mrk 12 will occur in thirty seconds. Prepare for seperation from pad and launch! "

Roll:" All systems check, operational status is go! Were finnally ready!"

Servebot 10:" Ms Tron, no malfunctions and all systems still report green."

Servebot 25:" Yes, and seperation has commenced. Engine temperature rising!"

Tron:" Good, the engine seems to be running in peak condition! Ten seconds to launch!"

Roll:" Launch will commence at 12:00 noon and expected arrival at our destination will be in half an hour!"

Data:" Here I go again! Why is it me who gets chosen for all the risky missions?"

Servebot 10:" This is nothing compared to a few years ago! Ms Tron sent us into some ruins alone and we had to fight some reverbots!"

Data quivers as the engine roars and starts thrusting.

Tron:" Lift off!"

Tron, Roll, Servebots 10 and 25, and Data all feal the emense burst of power from below as the rocket starts up at a blinding pace. The pod is on top as the four thruster 2 stage rocket flys to its destination. Data Crys out as they all soar farther than anyone of their species has ever gone before. The rockets pod is shaped exactly as the Ancient shuttle and flys into orbit as its first phase cuts out falling into Terra's atmoshpere and disintigrates.

Tron:" Wow, The force is more increadable than I had calculated... Everyone all right?"

Roll:" Yes, I'm fine, and all systems seem still a go for orbit. Initiating sequence now..."

Servebots:" Were fine Ms Tron!"

Data:" Wow, we actually made it... I half expected this brick to fall apart..."

Tron:" Ignoring that comment, i'll start a secondary check..."
Tron looks alittle ticked at Data's statement but starts her work.

Roll:" It took us 5 minutes to clear Terra's atmosphere, It will be about 25 minutes untill we get into the shuttle bay. Elysium is now in visible sight. Lets take a look."

Everyone unbuckles to their surprise they float out of their seats.

Servebots:"Ms Tron! Were floating! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKK!"

Tron:" Data? Whats going on?"

Data:" OOOPS, forgot to mention that when you leave a planetary body, that planets Gravety no longer weighs you down, It still effects the ship though..."

Tron:" Oh, well... At least its not a too big inconvienance!! Lets take a closer look at this, Ancient space station..."

Roll:" This is kind of fun actually."
Roll flys to the end of the capsule and stops at the wall, she's smiling as she goes. And as they all gather around the door to look out, Tron, Roll, and the servebots all see for the first time, Elysium, in all its glory...

Tron:" Amasing! The technology needed to design such a thing would me at least a hundred years away from where we are now!"

Roll:" Yeh, The ancients must have built this over that much time or more if its still there. It had to of lasted this long because of how well built it is."

Data:" Yep, We knew how to make them, and thats why our technology is still around. If we make it safely we can go to the library and i'll show you two the specs of Elysium."

Tron:" Wow!"

Roll:" I'm just worryed about Megaman, but once weve saved him, then I say we bring back as much as possible."

Tron:" Yeh, But we shouldnt waste this trip, look at how much we can learn, but we have to get their first."

Data:" When we get close enough we can call on the radio to be out of the way, But other than that, the systems i instructed you guys to build should work."

Servebots:" The bay is ready and all oxygen distribution systems seem operational."

Tron:" Good, now lets go over the docking procedure one more time. I dont want any mistakes."
Tron goes to her seat and looks at Roll who is staring out the window at Elysium.

Tron:" Roll?"

Roll:" Just a minute. I want to look for another minute."

Roll stares on at Elysium, the last Evidance of the Ancients works and wonders. And she ponders one thing...

Where do they go from here, now, and with the knowledge that only ruins and an abandoned space station remain of the first Civilization of Terra.

Roll:" What will become of us when we reach the end of our lives, like they did...."

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