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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter 8 - Reconsiliation...

Scene 1 Act 8: As Yuna tells Tron and Roll of the past, Matilda looks at Roll and wishes she could hold her daughter.
Okay okay... Now ive decided to change format and do the story like this so please dont complain...
Scene 2 Act 8: Roll and Tron have heard a little about the old system and the origins of Terra from Yuna, as Megaman listens Data is talking to Sera.

"The old system was supposed to be a better life for all of humanity. But the ancients forgot that when they integrated the old systems they lost their perfect peace." Yuna looks at the ceiling. " Besides the fact that most of the systems were not cooperating with each other they had a few other problems to deal with. For one the weather couldnt be controlled so the what the ancients decided apaun was to build another world."

Roll looks up and sees the ceiling has a pattern projected on it." They made this spacestation?" Tron sees it to and looks to its source." Yuna? How did they ever get this Station up here? Its something that I've been wondering for a while. Even with those shuttles it wouldnt be easy. Tha mass is just to great isnt it?"

Yuna looks at tron and smiles." Yes, the station wasn't constructed on terra though parts of it were." Yuna points to the holograph and elysium is shown in peices. "They constructed Elysum to merge together as all peices were in orbit. That way they didn't have to build it and bring it up in one peice."

Roll looks back to Yuna," Back to the old system, Are the ruins we explore part of it? or even older?"

Yuna smiles and noddes," Why yes Roll, they are. But some were addapted like that island Megaman told me about, Kattalox wasn't it?"

Tron looks down," Yeh, that explains why some of the ruins seemed older and out of care than the main gate. They all were attatched but still seperate."

Megaman looks over at Tron," Tron? I thought you never got into the ruins. Except in the main gate when you helped me stop Juno?"

Tron looks to megaman and looks frustrated," How do you think we built a ship to get away from there?! We had to scrounge parts from everywhere we could and then sell the Striped Burger to pay for a refractor to get away from there!"

Megaman remembers the Striped Burger and eating there once. Good food at a good Price..." Uh... well I didn't know.."

Tron Looks away from him and looks sad." It was hard enough to lose the gesselschaft, but it was harder seeing you leave without a care in the world."

Roll" If you remember right it was you that forced us to destroy that ship by attacking us. And we even felt for you as you flew under the cloud line, We searched for you but we found nothing so we went home."

Tron looks back to Roll whos a little frustrated and looking at her." You should have felt bad! We almoast died escaping from the Gesselschaft but when you shot us down again I felt for sure we would die crashing into the ocean. But thats when Teisel pulled me out and we parachuted to land in the forest. After that we had to lay low! And again after Bruno was trashed we walked away! You didn't even talk to us again, come to think of it, I've only seen megaman every now and then but never seen you at his side to back him up!"

Roll" Hey! I do all I can to help him! I make his weopons and upgrades and spot for him as any other spotter can! How dare you say I dont help him?!!"

Megaman trys to seperate them," Hey, Roll, Tron, Stop fighting! Were all friends now! Theres no need for this!"

Tron looks with a grin," Defending the helpless Megaman?"

Roll" You say what!?!??"

Yuna sit back as she has never seen such a feud.

Sera watches as she thinks Carbons arnt as helpless as she thought.

Data looks and sighs.

Megaman Trys again to stop their fight." Tron! Stop it! Roll, I think you do a great Job! Really!"

Tron looks back to Roll who's steamed." And another thing, I cant help notice that everytime i've fought you megaman that your weopons always run out of ammo. I wonder if its the craftsminship?"

Roll looks at Tron with a vengence," What? At least My weopons Work all the time unlike your machines!"

Tron, surprised at the statement," What? Oh thats how it is! Well let me tell you something, Not everyone in the world has choice equipment! And I bet that any time anywhere I could out Build you anyday!"

Roll" Ready to put your tools where your mouth is?!? Or are you just Bluffing to Buy yourself time?"

Tron" Time for what? For you to get close to my skill level?"

Roll" No, For you to Finnish Mechanics for Dummies Volume 1!"

Megaman, as theyre about to fight hand to hand, Gets in the way." Stop! We cant be fighting like this while Terras Fate hangs in the balance! Its AntiClimactic! And Besides, I'm sure Yuna has More to tell us! Right Yuna?"

Sera,whispering to Data" Way to go Trigger, Break up a perfectly good fight. We could have sold tickets..."

Data" I bet Teisel would bet on Tron, how about you?"

Sera" Who? Another Carbon?"

Data explaind everyone to sera as Tron and Roll sit back down ad seperate themselves from each other. By the time Yuna has enough courage to speak their on opposite sides of the room faceing away from each other.

Yuna" Everyone situated?"

Megaman looks at Roll and then at Tron." I guess I'll go hunt some reverbots, I know it will be less stressfull than this has been..."

Yuna starts after Megaman has left and starts into Elysiums past, and Eden." [End Scene 2 Act 8]

So do you like the fight? Tell me what you think in my Guest book. That fight would also lead to a game setting where you can choose Roll or Tron to tinker with your stuff to produce different variations of weopons...

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