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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter Chapter 9 - Finnaly some Action! And, Who's the bald guy?

Scene 1 Act 9: While megaman looks for parts and Refractor shards in the Defense area, Yuna talks about The original uprising of Eden.
< br> Yuna sits with her head up to the ceiling as the fight between Roll and Tron has subsided." Eden was as I said the first system constructed to serve the ancients and to give them eternal peace and prosparity. But later it proved to be flawed and not what the ancients wanted. So construction of Elysium was started. Eden had no quarrel with this at first but as Elysium became active and it became clear that it was to surpass Eden, Eden became in a way jelous of Elysium and claimed it should be the sole protector of the ancients. And so the Eden Crisis began."

Roll" So Eden was angry because it was being replaced?"

Tron" I'd be angry too. Just think, first your soo important and then your replaced without any say in the matter. But why wasn't Eden shut down before it became a problem?"

Yuna shifting her seating position," It wasn't known at the time that Eden would be so powerfull and I guess it was ignored and told to just keep doing its duty, because up till then it was in controll of every city and unit in existance except Elysium and it's units. We were created to first govern Elysium and later to Run Terra for it was known that the ancients couldn't all occupy the station. Thats why it was Called Elysiums Gate. Under one Hundred of the ancients were chosen to live in Elysium and the rest to live on terra."

Roll" But Eden did something unexpected?"

Yuna" Yes. With half the station filled and the rest in shuttles Eden took it apaun itself to start the war." Yuna and Sera share glances." Eden shot the shuttles down and then started an emergency lockdown of Terra's systems. It started seeking out elements of Elysium and destroying them, purging itself of the aberant creation when it itself became the greatest threat to the Ancients."

Sera" Eden Killed so many of the ancients and held hostage the others as it was acting to protect itself. We were sent by the Ancients to first weaken Eden and then shut it down."

Tron" So where do the Purifiers come in?"

Yuna" Purifiers like Megaman were with us in our fight as we took back Terra. They were created to hunt down Aberent units such as what was left of Edens forces. And they were with us as we shut down Edens core Computor processor."

Sera" After a long battle I personally ripped the main current cord from Edens central computor. Thus ending the war."

Roll" So that was the end of Eden..."

Yuna" Not quite, Eden was later adapted as the Carbon Human program was started."

Tron" Thats us right? Were what you call carbons?"

Sera" It was the Ancients wish to see Terra go on even when they already had happyness of their own. They created copys of their genetic code and created the first citys of your kind by giving the first ones everything they needed to survive. But Edens non command systems were adapted to serve the porpose of population controll. To prevent Terra's destruction."

Tron" Thats what Megaman Juno was up to. He was going to kill everyone on Kattalox and then re sead the Island! Thats not very civilized if you ask me!"

Roll" It pains me to say it but I agree with Tron, How could you kill all those people?"

Yuna" Thats what I realized. And after losing my original body I shut down all the systems by looping the sleeping chambers into diognostic. Thats why Sera I kept this body, to keep you from doing that to the Carbons, and The reinitialization of the Ancients."

Roll" That body? Then?"

Yuna looks to Roll and smiles feintly." Roll, This is Your Moms body."

[End Scene 1 Act 9] Getting good? You can tell whats coming next and I hope i dont mess up the moment between mother and Daughter. But Trons fealing a little different about Roll now. Just wait and see!
Scene 2 Act 9: Megaman is running after a reverbot thats going around a corner. As megaman turns he is surprised and knocked back by a bigger Four shield bot, the one in Elysium that you cant kill untill you blow up the things it throws at you... Megaman is stuck remembering something in a split second from his Pre Elysium days. Just before the final assult on Eden and hes remembering someone of great importance. His name was Omen.

Megaman hits the wall and Everything goes black. In a second he's veiwing a memory from a very long time ago. From Before Edens defeat, before The master, and Before he turned against the system to serve the masters wish.

A tall unit stands holding his hand to Megaman. The unit is bald but young and of very tall stature. Its limbs are connected by energy feilds and it resembles megaman as it pulls him up.

Omen" You first class's arn't that tough, even as a third class I can defeat you anytime. But dont feel bad, It's your first day operational. All units have to learn their own settings before their ready to start in service."

Megaman"Thank you, but Ive been operational for 23 hour now and I still require assistance by another unit."

Omen"Yeh, shake it off. I've been online for a year now and I still require some help taking an abberant unit down."

Megaman looks up to the older unit with a question." Why do your speach patterns Varry? You do not speak as the others."

Omen, shifting his position so he's relaxed." An ancient told me to be in service means to learn from your surroundings and better all in study of it. I processed it as him meaning that I should speak as the Ancients do. I developed a program that integrates older speach linguistics into my speach patterns. It has gotten me in trouble with Mother so I turn it off when She is Around, but It helps me to understand them. If you wish I can download it to you."

Megaman" If it will better me in the service of the ancients than I require this program, please do so now." Megaman opens up a drive in his mind and accepts the transfer as Omen sends it via radio wave.

Omen" Remember Purifier, We serve the system and the Ancients, not just the system though. Remember that and you'll be fine."

As the memory fades Megaman opens his eye to see the bot launching its assult. Megaman quickly raises his buster gun and launches a few shots into the reverbots shield weopon causing a backwash of power flow destroying the Reverbot from the inside out.

Megaman stands and looks at his hands." What was that? And who was that?" As megaman trys to reconsile his memorys and to remember who that was and when, He remembers more of his ancient life. As a purifier, First class. [End Scene 2 Act 9]

Sooo? Tell me what you think, and yes I'll probaply tell you to tell me in my guest book everytime you read a chapter so you can anticipate this maessage and skip to the action...

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