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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter Chapter 10 - Reunions...

Ok, This is something I have had to improvise apawn so go easy on me, I really dont know what ever happened to the parents of Teisel, Tron, and Bon Bonne... If you know tell me and I may revise this part of the writing.

Scene 1 Act 10:Yuna is about to reveal to Roll that she is inhabiting her mothers body, and Tron is having an emotional moment with flashbackes. Arnt they fun?!

Yuna is standing across from Roll who is now questioning what Yuna has said a minute ago."Roll, It was so many years ago when your parents went to Forbidden Island that I had to take her body. But The result is the same, I now stand here with both our minds in her body."

Roll" What are you saying? That you took her body and havent given it back!? Is she still alive in their? Mom? Can you hear me?"

Yuna" Unfortunatly as long as I also am stuck in her body there's going to be some problems communicating and also theres a slight problem."

Roll looks again at Yuna."What? What problem?"

Tron is in the corner looking at Yuna with memories coming to her.

Yuna" I'm afraid that if I dont get my spare shell, body, I will soon die. And if I die or leave she will be free. But I can do something for the both of you. Roll, I can let your mother surface again and let her speak to you."

Roll, unsure," Yes, Yuna, I want to talk to her! I want to tell her, need to tell her all thats happened."

Yuna" I've already started that process, she has already seen through my experiences, memories that what I did was important and she is eager to see you.. well. to be with you again."

Roll" Yes, can you do that now?"

Yuna" Yes, but I must warn you, If we start this now, time will start to run out for me. If I let her consiousness surface it will start into motion a change I cannot stop."

Roll looks at Sera and then at Yuna."Do it now."

Yuna closes her eyes." Roll, In a minute you will be talking with her. I will nolonger be speaking through her. When i need to I'll tell her to prepare to say goodby but untill then you and her can be together. Ok?"


Tron looks as she sees a change in stance and a change in color. Matildas consiousness emerges and as she does she falls.

Roll, running to catch her," Mom! Mom its all right. I'm here!"

Matilda slowly opens her eyes as if from an endless sleep and looks to her daughter with a smiling face." Roll, When I last held you You were just a baby... It was our mistake, no, our Fault that you've had to live without us. We never should have gone there. I'm sorry."

Roll sobs and sits by her mother for the first time." Mom, I tryed to find you, you and Dad since I was old enough to be a spotter. I, I've missed you for so long."

Matilda sits up and looks into Rolls eyes." Can you forgive me and your father for our selfish ambitions? We shoud have stopped to think what would have happened to you, but we went anyway. I'm sorry we didn't return as we had planned. I'm sorry we left you alone in the world."

Roll" Mom, I forgive you, and Dad, But more importantly I love you! And you didn't leave me alone. I had Gramps, and Megaman, but I guess you dont know who Megaman is Huh?"

Matilda"Yuna mentioned him, why dont you tell me more..?"

Tron looks as Mother and daughter are reunited after so long and as tears come to her face and memories of her Mom come to bear its just too much. Tron gets up and walks out the door to be outside as Roll tells her Mom everything and as Matilda holds her daughter as Yuna promised.

Tron stands leaning against the wall of the masters house looking into the night sky not riminded by her inner mechanic that the sky is artificial, but reminded of her Mom and of her Dad as a star shoots through the sky."You left when I was so young, but unlike Rolls Mom, you cant come back can you? I miss you Mom. And I miss you Dad."

Tron continues to look at the stars and continues to cry as emotions are everywhere. Emotions of love, sadness, happynes, and even as Anger lies somewhere. In this moment the Emotion felt by the general population is Love...

[End Scene 1 Act 10]

Scene 2 Act 10: Megaman returns to find Tron outside and sad. He walks gently and comes to her as she stops crying.

Tron looks behind her as Megaman stops by her."Megaman, Dont sneak up on Me!"

Megaman" Sorry Tron, You were Crying?"

Tron" Of coarse not! Why would I be crying?! Theres no reason for me to cry!"

Megaman looks to her and sees more." Tron, what ever it is your hiding, it will only build untill you cant take it anymore so consider talking to someone. I know. I know."

Tron" Don't be silly, theres nothing wrong with me! come on lets see how Roll and her Mom are doing."

Megaman smiles," Well then I guess I cant solve everything, so much of a hero I am, lets go inside."

Tron lets him go ahead," Megaman..."


Tron" Thanks anyways."

Megaman" Thats what friends are for. So you said Roll talking to hewr mom?"

Tron" Yes, Yuna let her out, I suppose you knew?"

Megaman" Yeh, She told me all about it while we were waiting for a rescue ship to get here. And by the way..."

Tron" Huh? Yes Megaman?"

Megaman" What took you so long?"

Tron" Oh, is that it? I tell you, You ancient people sure arnt able to wait for things! I swear you expect everything to be instant!"

Megaman" Yeh, Sorry. I didn't mean it to sound like that..."

Tron follows him into the building." Well, its ok. But you should remember it took alot of work to get here. And Alot of Money!"

Megaman" Then I guess i'll have to pay you guys back. Isnt that a twist?"

Tron" What?"

Megaman" Me, needing to pay back pirates!" Megaman laughs and Tron also as they see Roll and Matilda finnishing up. Sera and Data also come to the center of the room.

Roll" I see everyone is here."

Matilda" So many faces..."

Sera" And more to come. But I think it's time we brough back Yuna, don't you?"

Matilda" I agree, Roll, I'm in here if you need me. I'm not going to leave you ever again. Ok?"

Roll looks to her mother who for a few minutes has shared more than the years have destroyed." Mom, it's ok. Go rest and when were ready we will be able to share all the time in the world."

Matilda steps back and closes her eyes." Till I wake up again." And after a few seconds Yuna is back in controll.

Yuna" Anybody miss me?"

Sera" I did, but I understand."

Tron looks at everyone and takes charge." Well, we need to plan our next move. Are we going to stay longer or are we going to head back to Terra?"

Everyone looks to Megaman.

Megaman" I think we need to take them to the library."

Yuna" Yes. To plan for the future we must learn from the past. Everyone get a good nights sleep and in the morning were going to go to the library."

Servebots arive and look to Yuna.

Servebot 10" Are their many books?"

Yuna" No, this library has no books. But a story to tell."

[End Scene 2 Act 10]

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