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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter Chapter 11 - A Library With No Books

Scene 1 Act 11: Yuna and Sera lead everyone to the library. Megaman is talking to Yuna about his flashback.

Megaman" It was odd, All of a sudden the memory came back to me. I saw another Purifier. But the strange thing is it was like I was a totally different person back then."

Yuna looks ahead and sighs."It was probably a redundant memory file from before the end of Eden."

Megaman" But I feal that person was important. Important enough for me to save memories of him and times before Edens fall. I still cant remember much of back then. Why is that?"

Yuna" Back after Eden fell we needed you Purifiers more than ever. Because some units decided to follow Edens last order. Some thought maybe a command was implanted into ouur systems that stoped our aliance with Elysium so it was decided to purge memory data from before Edens last words and the moment Eden was silenced."

Megaman" But how do I remember these times in the past and that person. If I was subject to the same memory wipe then I should have been unable to keep them."

Yuna" And Data hadent been constructed yet so it seems you kept something safe..."

Megaman" If so then why didn't you stop me from keeping it? This makes no sense..."

Sera" It makes little sense but whats clear is that we may be able to find out once were in the library. After my old shell failed the library stopped the reinitialization countdown and went to standby mode. As did all of Elysium. Elysium is now asleep. But We may be able to find files in the library pertaining to why you kept memories and how."

Yuna" But still, not everything was recorded in the library. But we can at least give the Carbons the technology to build Refractors as you Promised Sera. Remember? On the sulpher bottom you and Geets promised them the technology of the ancients."

Sera" I remember. But at the time we had planned to reinitialize humanity so it didn't matter that we had to fufill our promise. I guess its Ironic that what we ment to do we couldn't and our promise that we intended not to fufill is destened to become true."

Roll" Are you forgetting that were following close behind you? Were hearing you talk about us and were not even being payed attention to..."

Tron" Yeh, Aside from the fact that your giving us all this technology your not being very courtious."

Yuna turns and blushes." Sorry, Were used to talking to each other and not having to pay attention to anyone but ourselves."

Megaman" What she's saying Roll is that They have to get used to not being Mother units anymore. I think they are starting off well though."

Roll" Yes, but its just rude to talk about others when they are right behind you."

Tron" Lets just be gratefull that they listen at all. How long untill we get there?"

Yuna" Not long... In fact..." just then they see a door.

Megaman" Finnally. shall we go in?"

Sera opens the door and as they all walk in Roll and Tron are amazed at the design and the keys as they have fallen unto the floor.

Roll" Is this the library? I dont see any controll consoles."

Yuna" No, this is just the entrance. The systems here are the locks to the reinitialization protocals and systems."

Sera, pointing to the door that is partially closed." Through there."

Megaman leads the way as they all enter the library. The door was the only thing powered down as they reach the console and Sera activates its functions." We should download as much as we can. We dont have the assurance of coming back."

Tron" Megaman is right. We can decifer anything later but the important thing is to download the data."

Data, off of megamans back hops onto the counter." Thats where I come in, along with several Disks that I have in my paw."

Roll" We should get as much technical information as possible but I also think we should get Historical data for historys sake. We have to know as much about our past as possible. We cant forget it on a whim."

Yuna" Your very wise Roll. So it will be. Data, you start downloading history into your memory banks and well focas on technology."

Megaman" Is there a way I can look up something while your busy?"

Sera" The library has a wireless network you can plug into trigger. Yuna can teach you if you dont remember while I start the downloads."

Yuna steps aside with megaman and sits him down as Data Tron Roll and Sera get busy." Megaman, clear your mind and focas on one thing. The library will plug into your mind if it senses your searching so it wont be too hard. I'll come to to help decipher information and to help you find what your looking for ok?"

Megaman" Here we go then... I'm ready."

[End Scene 1 Act 11]

Scene 2 Act 11: Megaman and Yuna are in Megaman's mind as they connect to the librarys network.

Yuna" Remember this? I first entered your mind just a while ago to reset your body and to help heal you. But its also a way for you to see and remember thoughts and memories stored away. Sort of a sub menu if you like those games carbons play for entertainment."

Megaman" Uh huh. It seems about right. So how do we connect? The library I mean, how do we get its attenton?"

Yuna" Just focas on opening a diologue with the computor system and focas on Library Database. It will hear you and make the connection. Its all made easy for you you just have to do it."

Megaman focases and as he does a holo board appears in front of them. One for Yuna and one for Megaman to use. A voice, a woman, is heard saying" Welcome to the library Trigger and user 1046801. Please enjoy your data transfer and begin when ready."

Yuna" See not very difficult. Now, Lets look up those memory files shall we? What time period... Oh yes, Elysium library secure files from dates predating Edens fall."

Os voice" Warning, any downloading this data is prohibited, only veiwing is allowed per ordinance 102\5 from Mothers direct command. Do you still wish to search and veiw this data?"

Megaman" Yes, Search topic will be, Megaman Omen."

Yuna" Good choice, if he was recorded we should be able to find any data on your mystery friend. Lets just hope theres more than file on him."

Os voice" Three models pertaining to search, define search to a specified unit."

Megaman" Anything to do with me."

Os voice" Invalid command, repeat."

Yuna" You have to speak like the system so it can understand what you mean Megaman."

Megaman" Ok Yuna... What was it he said... Oh, I remember. Library, search criteria defined to 3rd class Purifier and Data pertaining to interaction between First class Trigger and that unit. That should get us somewhere."

Os voice" Search results found. Search results pertain to design, function, units memories, and times of importance."

Yuna" Show me design on my console and function."

Megaman" Show me times of importance and any memorys pertaining to First class Trigger"

Os voice" Pertaining to design records are as such, mission holds 1 file and other data unuseable due to viral infectant."

Yuna" Viral infectant? Elysium, trace and define viral infectant."

Megaman looks to a worryed Yuna." What is it Yuna?"

Yuna" A virus in Elysiums systems, we have to trace its sorce and lock it down. Its probably done a lot of dammage but we have no choice if we want to reclaim data from the system without getting it too. Elysium? Serach out infected files and lable due to lockdown notice 102/6!"

Os voice" Recognised command but require security clearance."

Yuna" Megaman Repeat what I just said! Now."

Megaman" Ok, Elysium? Serach out infected files. And lable them due to lockdown notice 102/6. Was that right?"

Yuna" Right, now lets just wait and see."

Os voice" Infected files found, all of search query but 1 file was infected and is now under deletion except one sample of the virus for study in seperate console from system, downloading now. Per ordinance 102/7 all querys of deletion must be researched and source must be found to prevent further infection of Elysium."

Yuna" Ok, were safe. Lets see that file that wasn't infected."

Os voice" Video file playback in 100 seconds."

After the short wait Omens face appears on the screen for both Megaman and Yuna to see.

Omen" This message is for First class Trigger. It was good to be friends with you but the system is now currupted. Next time we meet. I will have no other action except to reinitialize Elysium into Eden." The message end as Megaman and Yuna stare at the sign of Eden and as Megaman wonders what this means.

Yuna looking to Megaman," This is bad. Very bad."

[End Scene 2 Act 11]

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