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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter Chapter 16 - Trouble on the horizon

Scene 1 Act 16: Megaman wakes to Data telling him to come outside and as Megaman does he sees a fammiliar site. The Sulpher bottum is flying tarwards them and even though its still far off He waves as Roll and everyone else does. But as the shape gets bigger something is wrong, horribly wrong.
______As her hull is on fire the sulpher bottom is surrounded by explosions big and small and when Megaman sees small shapes leaving the Island to intercept The grand ship, he looks in horrer unable to do anything for them.

______Teisel and Bon Bonne along with Von Bultcher and Barrell stand on the bridge of the sulpher bottem watching the battle rage. Servebots are on deck with guards as dredge and a few obsolete draches fly shooting down Reaverbots. It seems like the reaverbots are held back with minor damage to the ship before larger bots arrive fighting faster and stronger as the battle rages on.
______Bultcher" Were taking alot of dammage, we cant do this forever! Pilot increase speed and get us to the Island! Maybe we can lose some of these bots on the way!"
______Teisel agrees nodding and looking at the Island chain." What ever is happening is coming from that Island so if we can get there we may be able to land, Megaman should be there also, he's also our best chance of stopping this battle from continuing."
______Bon Bonn" Babuu! Babuu babu babu!"
______Teisel turns to Bon Bonne and noddes." Right, lets get out there and help! Tron left a few supplies just in case so I know she's got a gustaff in the boxes we braught. Were going to join the fight up there! Barrell, Bultcher, Good luck!"
______Barrell steps to Teisel and then stoppes." I cant believe I'm saying this but Good luck! You'll need it! Oh and Teisel!"
______Teisel catches a grenade Barrol tosses to him." Huh? Whats this?"
______Barrell explains," Its my lucky grenade! Nomatter what it takes its never exploded and I call it lucky because theres nothing wrong with its mechanics. I figure you'll need all the luck you can get!"
______Teisel" Thanks old man! I'll bring it back safe. Now Bon Bonne lets get up there! We have to do our part!" As teisel and Bon bonne head out of the room Bultcher looks to Barrell, " I never knew you had a lucky grenade..."
______Barrell" Thats because its not! But it is however busted. Nomatter what I did to it It wouldn't blow up. Think of all the times I needed it to go off but it didn't."
______Bultcher," So I guess its an unlucky bomb eh?"
______Barrell," Well if you want to get technical about it I guess so... but then again Why should I feal bad about it? If he thinks its lucky he's going to have more courage in battle. Its all fair in war."
______Bultcher," Yes but they also say that about love, so maybe its not all its cracked up to be. Anyways lets get back to buisiness. Full spped tarwards the Islands! Try to evade the reaverbots coming at us!"
______Pilot 1 responds as he turns the ship and heads at full speed. The ship lurches forward and starts to gain speed.
______Barrell turns to Bultcher and grins," I guess you spent your money wiser than I thought, this ship is really moving at quite a fast pace. We may yet survive this attack."
______Bultcher looks out the veiw screen," I wouldn't count on that! Look!"
______As more Reaverbots, a flock of insect types, fly tarwards the sulpher bottom Teisel and Bon Bonne bothe enter onto the upper deck. Teisel is in the classic Gustaff with the gatling arm attached as he starts picking his targets. Bon Bonne starts tossing reaverbots against reaverbots as the onslaught continues. But Megaman back on the first Island looks as Roll, Tron, Yuna, Data, and Sera all look in horrer.
______Tron," We have to do something! Look another group is attacking!" As Tron stares the sulpher bottom is getting closer and closer.
______Megaman turns to Tron," Tron, Roll! See if theres a ship we can use! We need to help them!"
______Roll looks at Tron with hatred." I'm sorry Megaman, but I'm nolonger going to have anything to do with Her!"
______Tron," Besides the mayor already told me they've all been sent away or destroyed during attacks. Even with Her help its useless!"
______Megaman looks back at the Sulpher bottom," Roll, con you get on a radio to Gramps?! We can have him come for us in the Flutter!"
______Roll looks at the battle," Possibly, But what if the Flutter doesn't make it here?! We could lose it and Gramps too!"
______Yuna looks at the battle," Its not hopeless yet. See, there fighting from the upper deck. And it seems that theres fewer and fewer explosions! They might make it!" As Yuna stops the sulpher bottom is just a mile away and slowing considerably.
______As Megaman and the others stare at the battle its getting closer, soon they will be able to aid their freinds and soon the battle will involve the whole city! Can they stop this battle before it consumes the entire Island? Or worse, Becomes deadly?

[End Scene 1 Act 16]

Scene 2 Act 16: As they look at the ship flying almoast over the city Megaman and the others get their gear for a difficult struggle from the skys.
______Megaman runs into the house and picks up his buster. After equiping it he heads out as the reaverbots divide their attention making it easier for the defense crews on both battle fronts.
______Roll and everyone other megaman run for cover as the servebots start helping out by maning gunnery stations and Sera starts fighting her way to a tower.
______Megaman looks up and as he sees the sulpher bottom stop to rest over half the city he gets an Idea." Roll! Get on the radio and get gramps to land the flutter, we have to take this to the air!"
______Roll heads to the main building of the city, City Hall. As she does some reaverbots swoop down at her." Megaman! help!"
______After shooting down the three after Roll he turns and stops a few more but then starts after roll to help cover her." Hang on Roll! Be there in a second!" Megaman continues to fire missing most but striking the few that fall into reach of his buster gun.
______Roll continues to run as the city hall is closer and closer within reach. After a few more close calls Megaman sees her enter the door and he takes up position in front to defend City Hall.
______Roll gets inside and sees no one but a guard at the radio talking to the sulpher bottom. Roll hears familiar voices and gets the guard to let her talk to the ship." Gramps! Its good to hear your voice!"
______Barrell," Roll! Were not in very good shape up here! Mind explaining why thes infernal Reaverbots are acting crazy like this?"
______Roll" Its a long story gramps but right now we need you to get the Flutter down here on the double! You know how to fly it right?!"
______Barrell sighs," Yes, but its been a while, why do you need the Flutter?"
______Roll," Because were taking the fight to the skys and we need to give us all the advantage we need if were going to stop this battle!"
______Barrell looks at Bultcher," Can you handle things here, Roll needs me down there.."
______Bultcher takes the microphone," Roll, I'm sending Barrell, But can you tell me what exactly your planning?"
______Barrell gets his coat from a chair but hesitates going to the door just yet.
______Roll," Were going to fly megaman and a few others into the swarms and cause some caos to help us take these Bots down."
______Barrell takes the mic again," Roll, I'm on my way where should I land?"
______Roll," City Hall, I'm here now and Megaman's coming. Oh and gramps!"
______Barrell," Yes Roll?"
______Roll," Activate the emergency booster prep system, so it will be ready when you land the Flutter."
______Barrell," Ok, but hold on down there this could get rough!" Barrell hands the mic back to Bultcher and runs, yes I said runs!, out the door. Bultcher talks to Roll once more and then focases on the battle.
______Megaman runs to the door as some more reaverbots apear out from the city streats flying low. Roll runs out to meet Megaman but before he can stop them they swoop at Roll.
______A shot comes out of nowhere and takes the bots down. As Roll stands to see Tron Tron looks at her." My way of saying sorry... Forgive me for all that crap I said?"
______Roll doesn't react much but does feintly smile and gets up to see Megaman stop at Rolls and Trons position.
______Megaman turns to the battle as they all fid cover near the door way as it blocks them from veiw." Is he coming?"
______Roll tuns to Megaman and noddes," Uh huh! Look!" As the Flutter rapidly decends the though goes through Rolls head that Gramps might be out of controll. But faithfully the Flutter slows and slides to a stop in its hover at the gate. Gramps opens the window and peers out." All aboard! cause I'm getten off! I'm going to help these people! I'vee been to this Island once before!"
______Roll pops open the hatch as everyone climbs in and Gramps hopps out. " Good luck Gramps!" Roll calls from the window.
______Barrell tuns only a second before running into the Chief of police and the guild master who saw the Flutter land." Good luck to you also Roll!"
______Megaman looks at the battle and points at the ship." Roll, lets pick up some servebots to help! I bet there fighting as it is and will be able to lend a hand!"
______Roll looks to the butten on the cosole at her right." Allright Megaman, Tron, Hold on massive acceleration boost in five, four, three, two, One, Ignite!" The flutter flys out from the ground like a bat out of hell and as a bird of prey after its target. But the boost also tosses everyone back against the wall! Roll manages to get back to the wheel in time to fly the flutter up at the sulpher bottom and over the top. " Megaman! Tell them we need all the help we can get!"
______Tron goes to the door as Megaman does and as Roll looks to her she replys," I've got buisness on this ship! Dont worry!"
______Both Megaman and Tron jump out but as Roll flys away she shouts out she'll make a pass over the ship. Teisel looks at Tron and Megaman with hope as the few get together at the center.
______Teisel," Where were you? I was getting worried!"
______Tron replys but as Megaman focases on getting a few of the servebots fighting together to help no one hears the conversation between Tron and Teisel. Teisel stops to to look at her." Dont you think its about time we call in Ragnorok, Tron?"
______Tron shakes her head." No not yet, We can handle this fight alone, besides Theyre here! There laying low but I almoast was seen by one of them."
______Teisel gets serious." Which one was it? Terresa or Carrisa? I never thought they would bve here this would spoil everything!"
______Tron" Hold it Big brother! They didn't see me and that meens they dont suspect a thing! Those two were a thorn in our side for the longest time after Kattalox but We cant jump the gun yet, remember how we lost last time?"
______Teisel noddes and turns to the battle." I guess your right. Ok, new plan! Well beat these reaverbots and somehow pit Megaman against those two untill were ready to take them down ourselves... Lets just hope were luckier than last time we ran into them. Ok, I'm going to continue in the gustaff, I suggest you unpack your other surprise Tron, If we play this right we'll surprise everyone!"
______Tron" Right Teisel! Ok, I'm going into Gelenka 1 Tell Bon bonne to follow me out!"
______Teisel" Good luck sis! Hey Bon Bonne! Execute plan Alpha!"
______Bon Bonne turns to Teisel and nodds." Babu!" As Megaman and four servebots hop into the flutter as Roll slows it down they all see the next wave aproaching. Megaman and the servebots hurry to the upper deck of the flutter as Roll lowers the tail into place. It seems the fight is getting rougher as Everyone has their own fighting to do! Even Gramps, Sera, And Yuna are stuck in town fighting back the swarms of flying reaverbots. Can they win over such odds? What could the conversation Teon and teisel mean? And one thing is for sure. The two individuals named are going to have significant meaning as they go back with the bonnes from just after Kattalox! Its getting exiting as the Eden Crisis is ushering in a new era!

[End Scene 2 Act 16]

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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