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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
The Aftermath: Chapter 2

"Hurry up Data! We're going to be late," says Teasel while running. Data scurries behind him. "I'm-I'm coming," he says. The time is 9:00 p.m. Everyone is ready to get on the Death Bringer. Tron paces around in circles. "Where could those two be!" she says, worriedly. Soon, Teasel and Data arrive. They both stopped for a while to catch their breath. Tron looks at them with her usual mean look. "It's about time!" she yelled. "Give us a break will ya?" said Teasel, tiredly. "My favorite early night TV show was on." "No excuses!" blurted Tron. Roll giggles. "It's ok Tron, they're here now," she says. Tron sighs and tries to relax. "Alright everyone," yells out Barrel. "Lets get on board." Barrel, Data, Griswald, Roll, Tron, Bon, Teasel, and a few servebots, get on board the Death Bringer. Tron and Roll get in the cockpit. Everyone else finds a spot to sit in. Tron and Roll press a mass of buttons and are ready to launch. Tron speaks through the overhead. "Is everyone ready?" she asks. "Ready as we'll ever be," says Teasel. "Babu!" says Bon excitingly. Tron looks at Roll. "It's your ship, you do the honors," she says. "Don't mind if I do," replies Roll. "Here we go guys. 5….4…..3…..2…..1….Blastoff!!" The Death Bringer shoots up into space at an alarming rate. Everyone is thrown back in their seats. The destination: Elysium.

On Elysium, Yuna is walking through the master's house. Sera comes in and finds her. "Whatcha doin?" asked Sera. Yuna turns around in surprise. She smiles, takes a deep breath, and answers, "Just remembering old times." Sera walks up to Yuna. "Do you think when Griswald gets here he'll help Trigger?" asked Sera. Yuna smiles and says, "I'm sure he will. He's been around longer then both of us." They look at each other and start laughing. "What's so funny you guys?" asks Mega man, walking in. Yuna looks at him and says, "It's nothing. Just remembering old times." "Really?" asked Mega man. "I wish I could remember old times like you guys. You two hadn't lost your memory." Sera puts a hand on Mega man's shoulder. "Don't worry Trigger," she says, sweetly. "You will soon enough." Mega man smiles back in response. Suddenly, they all hear a crash. Mega man jumps in surprise. "What was that!" he exclaimed. "Sounded like a ship crash landed somewhere," answered Yuna. "Lets go find it!"

The Death Bringer was nose first into the deserted planet. Everyone was outside of it looking at the damage. Barrel lets out a chuckle. "Kind of reminds me of how the Flutter crash landed on Kattlelox," he says. Roll looks around her at the vast barren planet. "It's so…empty," she says. "Are you sure this is the right place?" asks Tron. Griswald smiles and says, "Believe me, this is the right place." He looks down in despair. "It…wasn't empty before the war," he said. "What war?" asks Roll. "Roll!!" yells out a voice. Roll quickly turns around and sees Mega man running to her. Rolls eyes widen. "Mega man!" she exclaims. They both run to each other and embrace on another. "Oh Mega man, I missed you so much," said Roll, about to cry. Mega man smiles and continues to hug her. Out of nowhere, Tron tackles Mega man and squeezes him. "Mega man you fool!" she said sternly. She starts to cry and says, "you…you could have gotten killed." Griswald walks by and helps Mega man up. "Well, Trigger. It's been a long time. I wonder if you remember me at all," he says. Mega man looks up at him, wonderingly. "Trigger why do you run so fast?" yells out Sera out of nowhere. Sera and Yuna run towards Mega man and catch their breath. Griswald chuckles and says, "You should know Purifiers were built for speed. I made them that way." Mega man's eyes widen. Yuna looks up at Griswald, smiles, and says, "Yeah, and hello to you too Griswald." Griswald chuckles again." Mega man steps in front of him and asks, "What do you mean, you made the Purifiers?" "Well Trigger," Griswald starts, "Let me tell you the whole story." He sits down and everyone sits around him.

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