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The Main Gate

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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
Rough Return: Chapter 1 - The Beginning

It's been one year after Mega man returned from Elysium. Both the Casket and Bonne families went their separate ways. Roll manages to find her parents, Banner and Matilda, and they both accompany Mega man and the crew on digs. Now, the Flutter hovers above sea. Mega man and Banner are underwater in the mysterious underwater ruins. "Mega man……can yo…" Rolls voice was breaking up underwater. "Loud and clear," answers back Mega man through his diver mask. Soon the connection was coming in clearer. "Ok, can you hear me now?" asks Roll. "Perfect," answers Mega man. "Ok, have you found any thing yet?" Roll asks again. "Not yet," answers Mega man. Banner signals Mega man to come to him. Mega man swims over to him and asks, "What's up?" Banner points to a rock that is slightly tinted blue. "I'll bet that's it," says Banner through his mask. Mega man smiles and quickly uploads his drill arm. He drills into the rock and reveals a blue refracter with a smaller green one inside. Banner picks it up and he and Mega man swim to the surface. They both pop their heads above the water and they see the Flutter coming down to them. Once they are on board, the Flutter zooms off. Mega man and Banner dry themselves off. "Did you two had fun?" asks Matilda. Banner chuckles and says, "We always have fun babe." Mega man walks over to Roll on the bridge. "So Roll, what do you think?" asks Mega man as he shows Roll the refracter. Roll looks at it and smiles. "It's perfect for the Flutter," she answers. "We'll have to stop somewhere to change it." Mega man looks at her, smiles, and says, "I know the perfect place too." "Where?" asked Roll. "Kattlelox," Mega man said with a grin. Barrel booms out of nowhere and exclaims, "Kattlelox?!" Everyone was in shock at Barrel popping out of nowhere. Mega man answers, "Um…yeah." Barrel turns into a panic. "Oh dear," he says. "Amelia's going to see me and I'm not even ready yet. I got to comb my hair, brush my teeth, polish my shoes, put on fresh deodorant…" The old man races to his room in panic. Everyone was quiet. Data breaks the silence. "I think someone has a crush on someone," he said. Everyone bursts out laughing. Soon the flutter was coming towards Kattlelox. The Flutter lands on the same area where they crash-landed in the Cardon Forest. "Mega man could you go to the mayor and tell her we're hear?" asks Roll. "No problem," answers Mega man with a wink. "Come on Data, let's go." He was on his way when Barrel yells out, "Wait for meeee!" Barrel runs up to Mega man and Data. He was dressed in a suit and looked like he was going to a wedding. "Um, are you really going like that Professor?" asked Data. "What?!" exclaimed Barrel. "Of course I'm going like this! Don't you two know then went you are going to talk to a lady that you dress up properly?!" Mega man and Data look at each other and continue on their way. Meanwhile in the sky, a massive ship called Super Nova flies above the island. On the bridge, a man with spiked blonde hair and black trench coat is in command. An overhead voice speaks to him, "Commander, we are above the target now." An evil smile appears across his face. "Excellent," he says with an evil chuckle. He looks over at Teasel Bonne next to him. He looked depressed. "What ever is the matter Teasel?" asked the man. Teasel didn't look at him. The man chuckles and says, "Don't worry about it Teasel. As soon as I get the refracter recharger from the Main Gate, I'll forgive you of your debts you owe to the Death Alliance, but only if you get it." Teasel glares at him and says, "What if I refuse to help you on your mission." The man gives him an evil grin and says, "Well, the way I see it, if you don't then I'll be your new in-law." Teasel grabs him by the color and yells, "If your thinking about marrying my little sister, you got another thing coming!" The man just smiles and calmly takes Teasels hands off of him and answered, "If you feel that strongly about it, then get me the refracter recharger." Teasel looks down and says, "Ok, you win. Just don't touch Tron you creep." The man smiles and chuckles and tells one of his assistants, "Launch a squad of cyber bots. Get this island's attention." The assistant salutes and answers, "Roger, Commander Jake, sir!"

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