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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
Rough Return: Chapter 2 - The Coming Storm

"Miss Amelia? You have three visitors." Amelia turns around in her chair and says, "Thank you Miss Emily. Send them in." The young secretary walks out and Mega man, Data, and Barrel walk in. "It's you. I'm so glad to see you!" Barrel smiles. "Well, it's good to see you too," said Barrel. Amelia walks past the old man and gives Mega man a hug. "It's good to see you again Mega man. It's been awhile," said Amelia, with enthusiasm. "It's good to see you too Amelia," said Mega man. "Eee! What about me?!" said Data, frantically. Amelia laughs and says, "It's good to see you too Data." "Hey!" exclaimed Barrel. "What about me?! I'm the one who came here dressed up! If I had known that I would have been ignored by my former student, I would have dressed up like a bum!" Amelia laughs. "Please forgive me Professor Barrel for saving the best for last," she cheerfully said. Barrel turned his face away in embarrassment. "What brings you here Mega man?" asked Amelia. "We're replacing the refracter in the Flutter and we needed to land somewhere. So, I suggested that we come here," answered Mega man. Amelia smiles and says, "Well, you picked the right place to do it. Everyone is still talking about you and what you have done for our island. Your presence here has brought joy and happiness to the residents." Mega man laughs and says, "I guess so. Everyone in downtown has come to us and followed us all the way here." Amelia giggles. "So, how's things around here?" asked Barrel. "Any pirates come along lately?" asked Data. "Things have been pretty steady around here," answered Amelia. "With the K-P Force patrolling the area, pirates really haven't been a threat lately." "Um, K-P Forces?" asked Mega man. "The K-P Forces are a large team of police officers equipped with weapons and armor capable to fight off any pirate threat," answered Amelia. "So far they have protected the island well." Amelia lets out a sigh and says, "But lately I've been having a feeling that something terrible is going to happen. Tell me Mega man, have you ever heard of the Death Alliance?" Mega man thinks and answers, "Can't say I do. Who are they?" Amelia looks outside her office window and begins to explain. "The Death Alliance is a large team of pirates and bounty hunters. They travel around in a ship called 'Super Nova'. They have terrorized many islands and have even destroyed a few of them. They've also have been known to have wars with other pirate groups. If they win, they take control of the whole pirate gang and force them to work under them. That is what they call a 'debt'. There have been many gangs that have been in 'debt'. Their leader is an evil man known as Commander Jake. They say that he has no emotions for people's pain what so ever." Amelia sighs and says, "I've done some research on them and I've looked out for them ever since I've first heard of the Death Alliance. I don't think that the K-P Forces could take them on." Mega man walks to her side. "If we meet up with anyone like that, we'll take them on," he said. Amelia smiles and says, "Thank you Mega man. You've done so much for this Island." Suddenly, a huge explosion was heard. "What was that?" exclaimed Barrel. "Sounded like it came from the downtown area." Said Amelia Mega man arms his buster cannon. "Come on Data. Let's check it out," says Mega man. "You guys go ahead, I'll stay here to protect Amelia," says Barrel. "Please be careful," says Amelia, worryingly. Mega man gives her a thumbs up and runs off with Data on his back. "What could have caused that explosion Data?" asked Mega man while running. Data thinks and replies, "It could have been a reaverbot that has found it's way to the surface, or it could have been a pirate attack, or" "Or the Bonnes!" exclaimed Mega man at the thought. He ran as fast as he could to the downtown area. Mega man comes to a screeching halt at the sight of a huge humanoid robot with a logo saying Death Alliance. "They're here," says Data. "We'll take this one on!" said Mega man. "I'd love to see you try blue boy," says a familiar voice. It was Tron. "Oh noit'sit's the Bonnes," says Mega man ready to fight.

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