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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
Rough Return: Chapter 3 - Interception

"Tron, is that really you?" asked Mega man. "Of course it's me!" yelled the pirate girl. "What are you doing working for Death Alliance?" asked Mega man. "What's it to you!" blurted Tron. "All I know is that I have to buy some time for Teasel to figure out how to get back into the main gate." "Wait a minute Mega man," said Data. "Maybe the Bonnes are in 'debt'." "Shut up you stupid little monkey!" snapped Tron. "We're not in 'debt', we…um…we…we are working with the Death Alliance for a while, that's all." Tron lets out a sigh. "But that doesn't matter," she says. "I'm going to take care of you once and for all!" She lifts her large robot fist in the air. "Cyber bots, attack!" orders Tron. A large swarm of flying robots fly above Mega man and Data. Mega man aims his buster and shoots them down one at a time. Tron thinks to herself, "(Oh, Mega man. Why must you be here at a time like this? I don't want to hurt you.)" After shooting the cyber bots, Mega man stares at Tron. "You're next!" he said, pointing at her. Tron quickly flies away. "Hey!" yelled out Mega man. "Get back here!" Tron looks back and says, "You don't know what you are getting into Mega man. Just stay out of his way." She disappears into the blue sky. Mega man just stands there. "Come on Mega man," says Data. "We've got to make sure that Roll and the others are ok." Mega man quickly gets a hold of himself and answers back, "Ok Data, lets go." Data jumps back on Mega man's back and he and Mega man run to the Cardon forest. Meanwhile, back on the Super Nova, Tron docks on and walks to the bridge. Commander Jake was waiting for her. "Did you get the island's attention?" asked Jake. "No, I didn't," answered Tron, depressingly. Jake turns around and glares at her. "And why not?" he asked. Tron looks down and answers, "Because Mega man stopped me." Jake lifts an eyebrow. "Mega who?" he asked. "Mega man!" blurted out Teasel from nowhere. Jake sits in his chair. "Who is this, 'Mega man'?" he asked. "He's a digger and a very powerful one too," answers Teasel. "He is a force to reckon with. He's a real champion. He's the cream of the crop. He is…" Jake motions Teasel to stop and says, "He is, not a problem." "But Commander Jake sir!" speaks up Tron. "He shot down all the cyber bots with out even breaking a sweat." Jake motions her to stop and says, "Those cyber bots aren't even a taste of what I can do and you know that. Is he really that strong?" Tron and Teasel both quickly nod 'yes'. Jake stands up and declares, "If he is that strong, I guess I might as well send out some more powerful machines." He looks at Tron. "I want you to go down there again and I will send you some more powerful cyber bots to control." Tron salutes and runs off. Meanwhile, Mega man and Data reach Roll and the others. "Mega man!" calls out Roll. She runs to him and hugs him. "Are you guys ok?" asked Mega man. "We're just fine," answered Banner. "Have you seen that weird ship in the sky?" asked Matilda. Mega man and Data look straight up and see the Super Nova flying overhead in the distance. "Wow," said Mega man. "That's bigger than the Gessleshaft." Roll grabs a hold of his arm. "Where's Gramps?" she asked. "He's back at city hall with the mayor," answered Data. Roll's face grew red with anger. "And you two left him there?!" she exclaimed. Mega man and Data were sweating and said, "He wanted to. Don't worry we'll go get him." "I'm coming with you two," said Banner. "Be careful honey," said Matilda. Banner gives her a thumbs up and says, "Don't worry baby, I'll be fine." Mega man, Data, and Banner run towards the town. "You better come back alive Mega man," said Roll to herself. Out of nowhere, a figure wearing red armor appears behind Roll and Matilda. The girls jump back in surprise. "Don't worry," said the man. "I won't hurt you." "Who are you?" asked Roll. The man takes off his yellow scarf and his visor helmet and answers, "My name is Proto man Eago."

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