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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
Rough Return: Chapter 5 - The Messenger Arrives

"So, the Death Alliance has arrived?" asked Amelia. "Yes mayor, they have," answered Mega man. "And the Bonnes are in 'debt' too," added Data. Amelia looks outside the office window. "This is serious," she said. "This is nothing like the Bonnes. Commander Jake could kill everyone on this island and think nothing of it." "We could be in serious trouble here ma'am," said the inspector. "I wouldn't say that," said Barrel. "What do you mean professor?" asked the inspector. Barrel walks over to Mega man and Banner. He puts a hand on their shoulders and says, "You got two of the most bravest men in the digging field here before you." The inspector looks at them both and smiles. "You better be right professor," he said. "I'm always right," said Barrel, proudly. "Mayor, we'll help protect this island, no matter what," said Mega man. Amelia turns to him and smiles. "Thank you so much," she replied. "All we need to do now is wait for something to happen," said the inspector. "So we can fire this baby." He pulls out a blue print of a gigantic cannon. Everyone looks at it. "What is that?" asked Amelia. The inspector smiles and replied, "This is the K-P force's greatest weapon yet. I call it, the Ultimatum." Banner's eyes light up with excitement. "It's a masterpiece," he said. "Well, it isn't completely finished," added the inspector. "But when it is, we'll give that Super Nova a fight for its life." Mega man gets his buster gun ready and runs out the door. "Mega man where are you going?" asked Banner. Banner runs after him and said, "We'll cover all of the ground attacks. See ya guys later." Way up in the sky, in the Super Nova, Commander Jake looks over his inventory reports. One of his assistants walks to him from behind. He salutes and says, "Sir, we are ready to commence major assault 1." Commander Jake turns around and smiles. "Perfect," he replies. "Tell the Bonnes to get ready for the assault. " The assistant salutes and says, "Yes sir!" Commander Jake smiles and says out loud, "Let's see you get past this one Mega man." As Mega man and Banner make their way to the downtown they stop in their tracks at the sight of a man wearing red armor. Mega man yells, "Who are you? Are you in league with the Death Alliance?" The man just stood there with his yellow scarf flowing with the breeze. Mega man growls and fires a barrage of buster shots at him. The man pulls out a shield and deflects the shots. He pulls out his own buster gun out and fires two shots that hit Mega man and Banner in the stomach. They both fall to their knees in pain. Mega man looks up at him and says, "Who do you think you are?" The man takes off the visor on his helmet. "My name is Proto man Eago," he said. "Proto man?" asked Mega man. Banner looks at his bloody wound and says, "This, Proto man, is strong Mega man." Mega man glares at him. "Mega man, I have a message for you from Master Garison," said Proto man. "(Master Garison?)," thought Mega man. "(Why would he have a message for me?)" Mega man stands up and asked, "What is this message?" Proto man opened his mouth to answer, but a blast blew them both in opposite directions. Mega man looks up and sees a swarm of flying robots. A lot of them were carrying ground robots. "It's a major assault!" exclaimed Banner. Mega man looks at him. "Are you ok?" he asked. "I'm wounded badly," answered Banner. "You and Proto man should go with out me." Mega man and Proto man look at each other. They both nod. Proto man puts on his visor, Mega man slips on his helmet, and they both were ready to defend the island. Mega man looks up at the robots and sees Tron, Teasel, and Bon among them. "Oh geez, we got to deal with them too?" exclaimed Mega man.

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