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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
Rough Return: Chapter 6 - Assault

Way up in the sky in the Super Nova, Commander Jake sits back in his chair. With his eyes closed he starts to take a nap. About a half hour later, he soon awakens when one of his attendants shakes his arm. "Sir," said the attendant. Commander Jake rubs his eyes and said, "What's so important that you would wake me up?" The quivering attendant gulps and answers, "The assault is under way sir." Commander Jake stretches and replies, "Alright, looks like this island is about to be mine." "Sir, we have incoming transmission coming in from Teasel Bonne's ship," said an attendant at a control council. "Ok let's hear it," said Commander Jake. "Come in Jake, Come in Jake, this is Tron." Tron's voice boomed through the intercom. "Tron?" said Commander Jake with surprise. "Are you in Teasel's ship?" he asked. "Yes," answered the frightened pirate girl. "Teasel is hurt and we are losing most of our men." Commander Jake yells out loud, "Are you suggesting to me that the assault is failing?" "No sir," said Tron, bluntly. She added, "I'm telling you the assault is failing." A sweat drop rolls off of Commander Jake's forehead. "How, may I ask, is this assault failing?" he asked. Tron takes a deep breath and said, "Mega man, the K-P forces, and this guy with red armor, I think his name is Proto man or something like that, they are countering the assault easily. They fight like there's a million of them and ten of us. I'm afraid that there is no chance of us beating them." Commander Jake cringes. "Alright, tell the troops to withdraw," he said. On the battlefield, Mega man, Proto man, and the K-P forces shoot down one ship after another. "This is too easy," said Proto man. Mega man jumps onto a ship and shoots in the cockpit and blows it up. He lands on the ground and said, "This is way too easy." Tron gets in her robot and aims a cannon towards Mega man. It catches his eye when it charges up for the blast. "So long blue boy," said Tron. A blast hits her and she gets knocked down. Mega man looks where the blast came from. It was Banner. They both nod at each other. Tron gets up and flies away. "All units fall back. Repeat fall back," she said. All of the ships flew away. "Well, that takes care of them," said Proto man. Suddenly, a distorted hologram appears before them. "Is thatůMega man Juno?!" said Mega man with surprise. The strange figure lets out an evil laugh and fades away. Suddenly, Banner falls on his back and cringes in pain. "Aaarrgh!" he wailed. "What's happening?" asked Mega man in a panic. Proto man pressed a button on his helmet and answered, "He's been poisoned." Mega man was in shock. "Poisoned?!" he exclaimed. "How?" Proto man shrugs his shoulders and answered, "I can't tell you. There's no injection mark." Banner struggles to speak. "T-take me to my w-wife," he lets out. Mega man picks him up and he and Proto man run towards the Flutter. Meanwhile, back on the Super Nova, Commander Jake and Teasel were in an argument about the assault. Teasel was in a bed with his right arm and left leg in a cast. Commander Jake yelled, "And whose fault is it? Yours Teasel, yours!" Teasel snarled back, "If you would have taken the situation more carefully, the assault wouldn't have failed and we wouldn't be in this mess!" Commander Jake turns around. "I'm so disappointed with you Teasel Bonne. To think that I trusted a man of your low stature with the task to find the refractor recharger," he said. Teasel snaps out, "For your information, I have found the refractor recharger!" Commander Jake turns around. "Are you sure?" he asked. Teasel lifts his cast-covered arm. "As sure as this arm is broken!" he blurted. Commander Jake walked towards the door and stops. He looked at Teasel and said, "I'll see you and your sister on the bridge. We are heading for the Main Gate." Commander Jake walked out. Tron came in and gave Teasel a hug. "Your not really going to tell him how to get the refractor recharger, are you Teasel?" she asked. Teasel gave a crafty smile. "Don't worry Tron. Soon, we will become the most wealthy pirates in the world!" he said, followed by a maniacal laugh.

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