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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
The New Team: Chapter 1

"Mommy! Mommy!" A little girl races past the frightened swarm of people running desperately for their lives. The little girl was covered with dust and held on to her little toy doll with all of her remaining strength. "Mommy! Mommy! I'm scared!" Her helpless cries were left unanswered. All she could see was a large mass of screaming, crying people. One man unknowably knocks her over. She lands with a thud. Soon, the vast numbers of people had dissipated. The little girl slowly rises to her feet. "Mommy, where are you?" the little girl says quietly. Slowly, she begins to walk down the destroyed street. The sky was dusk red with multiple plumes of smoke from burning buildings rising into the air. The little girl wipes a trickling tear off her cheek as she continues to walk. Dead corpses lay everywhere around her in a massive pool of blood. The little girl finally lets out one last scream, "Mommy!!!" Suddenly, she heard a woman's cough from under a nearby car. A battered and bloody woman slips out with her arms, her legs were broken. The little girl knew who she was. "Mommy!" she shrieked and ran to her with anticipation. Knowing that her daughter is all right, the woman smiles. "A-Andrea," said the woman. The little girl hugs her mom tightly. The mom cringes in pain but holds her daughter close. "Mommy," Andrea says with tears, "I'm scared." The mom kisses her forehead. "Run Andrea," she says, "Run away." Andrea couldn't hold the tears, but she didn't cry loudly. The tears just flowed down her face. She didn't want to run, she had been looking for her mother and finally found her, but for some strange reason, she obeyed. Andrea saw in her mother's eyes that she didn't want Andrea to run too. Andrea ran as fast as her little legs could take her. When she was about 10 feet away she looked back at her mom one last time. Andrea's mom smiled and waved. Andrea stopped running and slowly waved back. Suddenly, a giant robot foot smashes Andrea's mother. Andrea's eyes widened. "Mommy!!" she desperately screamed. She looked up at the giant black humanoid robot. Two red eyes glowed from the head. "Andrea," the robot mustered. Andrea falls to her knees and holds her head in pain. The robot just stood there and repeated itself. "Andrea, Andrea, Andrea." Andrea opened her eyes and saw Irneh, her partner. He was about 5'10 and had jet-black hair. "Andrea, get up already," he said. Andrea wipes her eyes and lets out a yawn. "You must have had those dreams again Andrea," said Eiji in the distance, sitting on a rock. He was about 6'5, very masculine and always wore his red helmet. Irneh helps Andrea up from her rock-infested bed. Andrea stretches and scratches her long blue hair. "Same nightmare?" he asked. Andrea nodded and hung her head in shame. "It's been 5 months with you having the same dream over and over again Andrea," said Eiji getting up from his rock. "You gotta let go of the past," he added. Andrea sighs and says, "It's hard to let go, when you saw your own mother getting squashed like a bug by a massive pirate robot." Andrea looks up and smiles. "But it's not going to stop us from our mission to take those pirates down!" she commands. "That's the spirit!" exclaimed Irneh. Andrea ties her hair into a ponytail and points forward. "Let's go guys!" she commands. "Yeah!" answered Irneh and Eiji. The three of them run up a hill towards the pirate base on the other side. It belonged to the Bonnes.

"Roll! Is dinner ready yet?" Mega man was taping on the table anxiously. "Almost Mega man," answered Roll from the kitchen. Data was across from Mega man at the table, also anxious. "I can wait to eat some of Roll's spaghetti!!" said the little robot monkey. "Yeah," agreed Mega man, "Roll can make a mean bowl of spaghetti. I especially like the sauce." The kitchen door opens and out comes Roll with a giant bowl of steaming spaghetti. Mega man and Data's mouths were literally drooling as they eyed the bowl as it came to the table. Roll sets it down, sits down in her chair calmly, and smiles at Mega man. Mega man was too anxious to smile back; his eyes were still fixed on the bowl of spaghetti. Roll giggles and says, "Dig in!" Mega man and Data rush the bowl of spaghetti and stuff their mouths till they were all the way full. They ate and ate and ate. In a matter of seconds, they finished the whole bowl. They both lay back and rub their bellies. "That was magnificent Roll. I could eat that all the time," said Mega man, very happily. Roll smiles and answers, "I'm glad you liked it. I've been working hard to get the recipe right." Data lets out a burp. "Excuse me," he said, bashfully. The three of them laugh. "Say Roll, do you know when Yuna's coming back?" asked Mega man, getting up from the table. Roll rubs her chin and thinks. "I believe she said she was getting supplies for our next dig out," answered Roll. "She should be back in soon." Suddenly the front door opens. "I could use a little help here!" requested a woman. Mega man smiles and says, "There she is now." Mega man and Roll walk to Yuna. She was carrying a huge generator. Mega man and Roll help Yuna put it on the ground. "What is this?" asked Mega man. "The man at the junk store told me that you could attach this generator to our main engine and it will give us a huge boost in power," answered Yuna, proudly. Roll examined the generator very closely, like she always does when she sees a new part in front of her. Roll looks at Yuna, shakes her head and says, "I'm sorry Yuna, but there's no way I can attach this thing to our main engine. It's out dated and unstable." Yuna was appalled. "What?" she exclaimed. "I hate to tell you this Yuna, but you just got scammed," said Mega man. Yuna's face turned red with anger. "It's ok Yuna," said Roll, trying to comfort her, "Things like this happens all the time. I'm sure we can use this generator for something." Yuna lets out a sigh. "If only the people on this world were as truthful as the ones once on Elysium were," she said. Mega man puts his hand on her shoulder and smiles. Yuna faintly smiles back. Suddenly, an alarm goes off. "So, there was a refractor nearby," said Roll. "Well, time to do what we do best," said Mega man. Roll and Yuna both nod in agreement. "All right everyone, to your stations!" commanded Roll. The Flutter soon gains power and rises slowly off the dock. It turns around and jets off into the sky. A new story and a new journey have begun. Two groups will soon join together in a test of courage and friendship. The stage is set; it's time to begin.

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