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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Enjibushi
Battling the Bonnes: Chapter 1

On a bright and sunny day (however snowy), megaman was in the town of yosyonke. He had been in a slump recently and had nothing to do while roll was fixing the flutter. The flutter had been in a terrible fight with non other than the Bonnes (who had lost due to megaman's "shining laser"). Anyway, megaman had been wandering the city looking for something to do, and finding nothing except kicking the cans around.

Just when he thought he was going to go insane, the mail-lady came strolling along and when she caught sight of him, she gave him a letter. Mega Man opened the letter in anticipation, he pulled out the paper, and read it carefully.

"Dear megaman, I have been observing you for quite sometime now and i'm fascinated with your skills and i think i'm going to help you but to do so, i want you to meet me in the field just outside of the entrance to the ruins."

The letter wasn't signed and as bored as Mega Man was he thought he might give it a try, so he headed on to the field. He was curious to see who it was who had written the letter. Mega Man scanned the field and saw no one. "Maybe they're further in?" he thought and walked on further.


Up in the air rested an airship none other than the Gesellshcaft, and in the meeting room sat the bonnes.
"What are we going to do?" asked teasel.
"Baboo baboo." was bon bonne's response (he said: we can't beat him)
"Maybe we should give up!" cried teasel.
"No! I'm not giving up just yet!" was the response that came from tron.
"How?" asked teasel.
"Like this," Tron pushed a button and a screen came up,
"This is my latest creation, it's the most flexible and agile robot to be made and is fast as well, now this is my plan, i've already sent megaman a letter asking him to come to the snowy field near yosyonke and when he gets there, we'll ambush him!"


Mega Man was walking through the field when a sudden whistle came from the sky. He looked up and saw a robot about to hit him so he dove to the side as fast as he could. He got up to look at the robot and studied it. The robot raised it's arm to fire it's cannon and then it fired. Megaman jumped and just enough to ride the explosive shockwave for a good thirty feet. He got to his feet again but just as the robot grabbed him with it's large mettalic claw. It raised him high in the air and then flung him against the rocky wall. Mega Man quickly jumped up and fired a special charged shot that roll had made just in case (a one time use item). Mega Man's super shot flew through the air and it pummeled the robot right in the chest but instead of the reavorbot taking damage, the shot deflected off the robots hull, then it raised it's arm and fired a fully charged shot. Mega Man was in such awe that he didn't get out of the way before the shot hit him, covering him the explosion and smoke.

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