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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by FaithFreedom
Flight of Flutter: Chapter 4 - Flight of Flutter, Elysium's Attack!

As the resistance falls back, the Reaverbots continues rampaging the buildings. Trigger and the Hunters kept on firing as they retreat, destroying several advancing Reaverbots. Just then, the Reaverbots open fire upwards to the Flutter, Roll was shocked by the beams firing all around her ship. A shot managed to hit the Flutter’s right wing, the ship began to lose altitude as the right wing explodes. Roll was thrown to the back of the bridge, Trigger watches as the Flutter falls. Roll called out to Trigger “Megaman, the Flutter can’t hold on any longer, I’m going to jump off the ship!”, Trigger was surprised by Roll’s words “ Roll wait! That’s suicide!” Zero and X then dashed past Trigger, X open fires at the Reaverbots while Zero heads for the all-shot-up Flutter. Roll was making her way to the ship’s exit and was shocked when she sees Zero’s red arms grabbing her waist and pulling her out of the Flutter, Roll screams as she and Zero heads for the ground.

Upon Zero’s landing, Roll ran off to Trigger along with Zero and X. “Megaman! We have to get out of here quickly!” Roll shrieked. Just then, Trigger, Roll and the Hunters looks up to the sky and watches in horror as the Flutter explodes into half, one of it went into the sea while the other explodes into a giant fireball, which then crashes onto the Reaverbots. Roll cries as she runs away along with Trigger with X and Zero following up behind them. The Bonnes came with their airship and all of the resistance forces went on board, the ship then flew off into the sky. Roll, Trigger, the Hunters and Sera, seeks refuge in the Calinca Ruins. While in Elysium, Yuna launched the Positron beam down onto Terra.

The beam shot straight into Calinca City, the beam was huge that the whole city explodes, the Reaverbots looks up to the sky as the beam falls onto them, shredding off every piece of their metallic bodies. The beam stopped, leaving chaos and destruction at their ends. Trigger, Roll and the others exits the ruins only to find that a city that was once covered with snow in now covered with dusts and wreckages. Trigger ran to the shore which overlooks Forbidden Island. The Reaverbots retreats back to the island. Just then, when all the Reaverbots has gone, another Positron beam was launched from Elysium. This time, it went straight into Forbidden Island, the beam hits the island, the snows vaporizes, the entrance to The Gate explodes. The whole island was blown out to sea, along with the Reaverbots that was unlucky enough for not making it into the ruins on time. In just minutes, Forbidden Island was no more. Trigger looks at the destruction as Roll clenches tightly to him, crying on his shoulder. “Our mission is complete, our last orders has been carried out... What are we going to do now?” Zero asked X. “Why not come to Elysium with me? We could use new recruits, or in your case, legendary...” Trigger answered. Sera was relieved the battle was over and comforted Roll. The Bonnes arrived, with the wreckage of the Flutter and placed it on the shore.

The whole battle was over. Trigger and Sera decided to return to Elysium with Zero and X for recruitment. Trigger assured Roll that he will return. “Trigger, it’s time...” Sera interrupts, “Alright kid... before we move on, I need to know just one thing, how did you know my name?” Zero asked. “First of all just call me Trigger, and I knew you once from and old legend of the Zetsabre” Trigger answered, X and Zero were surprised, and even Roll was surprised as well. “No wonder, I was reaching for my saber but it was missing... where is it?” Zero retorted, “It’s at Elysium, I’ll show you when we get there” Trigger replies. “Megaman? Why did you just call yourself ‘Trigger’?” Roll asked. “I’ll tell you about it when I return...” Trigger replied. Roll and the Bonnes waved goodbye as Trigger, Sera and the Hunters board the shuttle head for Elysium.

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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