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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Cupid's Terrible Aim: Chapter 3 - How (Un)romantic

Glyde's P.O.V.

After an uncomfortable night of rest inside my Mutti airship( I landed the Mutti on Berelf Island before we slept for the night. I slept in my throne chair, Tron slept in her Gustaff. The birdbots slept in the Glyde Drache. ) we left for Kattelox Island. It was a long ride; mainly because of the tension between Miss Tron and I. Ever now and then, we would take a quick glance at the other to make sure the other one won't do anything funny. Thank goodness the Mutti went at the speed of Mach 5...

I sat in my throne chair, while she sat on the armrest. Now and then, she poked me in the belly (and then the sides) for some strange reason or other. She seemed upset when I didn't react.
"I can't believe you only had enough food for breakfast!" Tron nagged as she bit into the giant red apple. Her second one. I would never understand why Carbons needed so much food.
"We'll get more supplies when we arrive in Kattelox Island." I shrugged my shoulders as she threw the apple into the dustbin nearby. Her emerald-green eyes scanned me all over. They absorbed every detail of my body. Okay, why did she stare at me like that?

"Aren't you having breakfast?" Teisel's little sister asked in a worried tone. Huh? Why would she be worried about me?
"No. Not hungry." I admitted as I bopped a birdbot when he tried to mess with the controls. He made a low-hiss sound at me in anger. I always loved it when they did that.
"Not hungry? But, you didn't even have dinner last night..." she asked in a motherly tone. Uh oh, she must've suspected something's peculiar about me. Think quick, what should I do?
"Oh, you'll love what we'll do on our first date!" I squealed as I held her hand into mine. Hmm, her cheeks became a bit pink when I did that...
"What are we doing on our first date?" Tron asked.

Inside Dressmaker HipBone, Kattelox Island

"Voila, we're going to shop for clothes on our first date!" I cheered before I noticed Tron's jaw dropped to the floor. Her eyes sort-of bulged when she shot me a death-glare.
"This is your idea of being romantic?!" she snarled as her hands balled into fists.
"Well, girls liked it when boys buy them stuff. So, I thought it's a good idea that you get to buy all the outfits you might want here." I grinned. Her face became an interesting shade of purple. After she took deep breaths, her face became normal again.
"Fine. We're buying clothes because we don't have any with us. Understand? After I buy what I want, I get to choose what you should buy!" she stated in a tone that reminded me of a strict mother.
"Understand, Mommy." I teased as she grabbed my hand to lead the way to a beautiful nightgown I liked. It was a black one with something studded on it to make it glitter like stars in the night sky.

To my disappointment, she chose the tacky grey one next to it. It was more dull than charcoal choked with dust.
"Stay here. I want you to tell me what you think of it after I get changed into it." Tron bossed me around as she made a bee-line towards the changing rooms. After a few minutes, I had a strange feeling someone( besides the other customers and store employees) kept an eye on me. I turned my head around and noticed a tall, macho man that wore an olive-green business suit, white collar and a red tie. He wore charcoal-black shoes that clashed with the outfit. The man pretended to be busy with a brochure he had in his hands. Hmm, a grey ponytail...

Indentification scan would like to start. Proceed? (Yes)/ No I waited as the program scanned the man I spotted.
Scanning complete. Indentification confirmed: Teisel Bonne. So, Teisel decided to spy on me? Before I could confront him, Tron came out from the changing room.
"Well,you like?" she asked in an tone I don't recognize.
"No. Not really." I admitted as I rested my knuckles on my hips as I turned to face the Bonne leader again, before I faced the second-in-command.
"Why not?"
"The black one with the studs would look so much better."
"But, it's expensive..."
"So? I got enough money. You can get whatever you want."

Ever since I said that, she bought every single outfit worthy enough of being bought( along with shoes, handbags and earrings to match each outfit). I noticed Teisel's grin became more and more wide as his little sister bought more and more outfits. I also noticed a lone birdbot that I knew I haven't brought with me on the Mutti. That must be Mr. Loathe's spy.
"Is that all?" I asked with sarcasm when I noticed Tron wanted to buy nearly half of the store.
"That's everything." Tron grinned with happiness as I gave the cashier my debit card. She then gave me the receipt. Tron took what she could carry, while I carried the rest. The pirate princess seemed quite surprised how strong I was. Well, I'm surprised Teisel still followed us while we walked to the Mutti.

After we packed the bags into the Mutti, Tron lead me to where I could get clothes. We stood in front of Tailor Chinos. Oh no. Tailor Chinos' outfits were terrible compared to other tailors. Their outfits were awful and none suited me. They were all casual wear, or unglamorous business suits.
"Oh Glyde, ready for me to pick the outfits for you? I'll bet you'll look great in casuals!" Tron giggled with a demonic tone as she dragged me into the tailor shop.

How did I get myself into this mess?

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