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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Cupid's Terrible Aim: Chapter 10 - The Big Kiss

Day 7

Normal P.O.V.
Rhyship Island

Tron's eyes shot open as she came to. She had the strangest feeling someone had watched her.
"Huh? What am I doing here?" she mumbled as she realized she was inside the Mutti( but she was on Glyde's throne chair) instead of outside. Before she could think any further, her "rescuer" stood in front of her face.
"Oh, you're awake." The Pretty Pirate stated without any feeling. He haven't seen, or didn't take note of, Tron's death-glare.
"What did you do to me?"
"Me? You passed out after I came to. I really don't get why."
"You didn't have a heartbeat or pulse.", Tron began as she ticked the list off her fingers," You didn't breathe. Your body was as cold as ice..."

"Like I said, I was in a coma." Glyde interrupted his date as he stepped away from his date. He excused himself as he went to pour a glass of water for the pirate princess.
'That's a weird coma you had...' Tron pondered quietly. She started to wonder whether or not Glyde was actually a human being. His unusual ability to survive the most-harsh accidents that couldn't killed any human( even those with armour on) was one reason. His unnatural svelte body and effeminite physique the other. In fact, the list could go on.
Much later

"What are we doing for this date?" Tron asked as she munched on a slice of toast. She and Glyde sat in a coffee shop to have breakfast.
"Nothing." Glyde snorted as he sipped some orange juice from his glass.
"Huh?" Tron narrowed her eyes at her captive.
"Well, there's one favour you must do for me. We should do it this afternoon. At 15:30, we'd be on this date for exactly a week. That's when we'll do it." The Avian King smirked behind his glass. Tron felt quite uncomfortable. What would he want to do to her? She turned her head around to see whether or not her big brother was nearby. Oh no. She was trapped. Glyde didn't even notice how upset his date was. She quietly prayed nothing bad would happen.

Hours went by as Glyde and Tron avoided each other. Little did they know, Teisel quietly watched them both. He hid behind a giant palm tree where Tron( and Glyde a few minutes later) strolled passed.
"What's their problem? They ignored each other the entire morning." Teisel stated to Servbot No. 41, which held a "Tron + MegaMan 4Eva" banner he had always carried with him. Being the Tron fanboy he was, he insisted he should accompany the Bonne leader. No. 40 had his chance on Wednesday, so what not him?

Glyde lead Tron towards the outside of the Mutti. Teisel and Servbot 41 stalked them the entire way. After a few minutes, Glyde stopped at the front of Mutti's "beak". Tron stared into Glyde's eyes.
"There's only one favour I want you to do for me."
"Which is?" Tron asked in a frosty tone.
"Kiss me."
"Er, what?!"
"We've never kissed during this entire week. How can we finish our date if we haven't even kissed yet?"
"Okay, we can kiss. Only on one condition."
"Name it."
"You shall never pester the Bonnes ever again, understand? As long as you shall live."
"Fair enough." Glyde mused as his fingers tapped his chin.

"What are they talking about?" Teisel growled as he watched his sister and his rival talk to one another. Little did Teisel know, the servbots quietly flew the Gesellschaft close to where the Mutti was.
"I don't know."
"Hey, why did Bird Boy cup Tron's chin? And why did he tilt her chin up like that?"
"I really don't know."
"Ack?! Why did they kiss each other like that?!!?! Of all the boys Tron could choose from, why him? Our dearly departed mother would've had a fit. Next she'll tell me she's in love with that Blue Boy." Teisel pulled his hair out as his face became even more red as his eyes.

I'm gonna kill that Bird Boy!!" Teisel snarled as he started to march up to his sister and his victim. The Bonne leader decided Glyde should kiss his fist next. To his surprise, Tron and Glyde got inside the Mutti and walked out with her parcels in their hands.
"Our date's finally over, Teisel." Tron smiled in relief as she saw the welcomed sight of her brother. She didn't care what she said sounded corny, she was just relieved to see a familiar face.
Much later in Gesellschaft's bathroom

"Ugh, I must get that awful taste of Glyde out of my mouth! He tasted like oil and steel mixed! Yuck!" Tron gurgled as she brushed her teeth with vigorousness. After she was done, she stepped out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. She collapsed sideways onto her bed in exhaustion. Her eldest brother sat at the foot of her bed. He crossed his arms in front of his chest.
"You've endured the most horrible date you've ever had in your life just to prove to me you're capable of defending yourself?" Teisel grinned in amusement. Tron moaned in embarrasment as she buried her face into her duvet. Teisel chuckled in amusement and relief.

"I'm glad Glyde never hurt you, or did anything else to you." Teisel admitted as Tron rolled onto her side to have a better view of her brother.
"But, he was the most boring guy to be with. I couldn't even have a good conversation with him. Not to mention the fact we were forced into dating one another. He also didn't have a romantic bone in his body."
"So, you never found any secrets about him?"
"He lost his family that used to live on Calbania Island from a natural disaster. Lex Loathe found him and took Glyde under his wing."
"He said he built his fortress over the house he used to live in."
"I'm afraid he just lied to make you feel sorry for him, Tron. Glyde built his fortress over some ruins. There were never any houses built there."
Inside the office of Mr. Loathe's ship

"Good work, Glyde. You managed to accomplish the simple task I've given you. You even kept the same girl the entire week. Although, I'm still worried that you've only spent one-twentieth of your cash you had in your bank account."
"Thank you, sir." Glyde bowed. The henchman suddenly clutched his forehead in pain. He groaned as the pain worsened.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm okay, sir. Just a mild headache." Glyde sighed as the pain left as soon as it came.
"Good. You're dismissed, Glyde."
"Excellent, sir." Mr. Loathe's most loyal henchman bowed again before he left the office.

As Glyde closed the door, the pain came back again. The henchman clutched his head again. He panicked as he rushed into the nearest bathroom. He locked the door as soon as he entered the room. He stood in front of the mirror. He lifted his fringe out of his fringe. What saw him was what he least expected.

All three of his eyes glowed red.
"The Elder System's back?"

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