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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Not That Rotten to the Core: Chapter 1 - Protector

Denise's P.O.V.

How long has it been? Was it one year? Or maybe was it two? Hmm, I think I've been the captain of the police force for two years. Ever since I "caught" the Loathes, and gave the former captain my report Glyde helped me to write, I was promoted to captain( and the previous captain decided to retire). Despite being the captain, they still called me, "Officer Denise Marmalade".

But, no one told me how much paperwork the captain does. I have, and always shall, hate paperwork. I missed being on the front line to help stop crime. Just this very moment, I sat in my office to do, you've guessed it, paperwork. It was nine o' clock at night.
"Maybe I should quit?" I sighed in defeat as I shuffled the papers into one folder. I got up to stretch my legs.

Ever since the Loathes were bailed out, we've never heard from them ever again. Well, only Mr. Loathe we've never of again. Ever since he became an air pirate, Glyde was on the news. A lot. I collected all the articles he was mentioned in; and even taped the news whenever he appeared. No one asked me why I did it. Guess they thought I did it for research? Well, they're partly right...

Oops. Heh, there I go again. Anyways, Loathe Inc. went downhill as well. The casino they owned shut down. The Sart Farm was sold to someone else. Heck, everything that had belonged to "Loathe Inc." became obsolete. Nebula Grey owned the roost as their rival disappeared. Thanks to them, crime went up by twenty percent.

"RING!!" the telephone pierced the silence. I grabbed the receiver, then shoved it into my ear.
"Captain Denise Marmalade. What's your position?"
"Captain, we need back-up. Nebula Grey's going all-out."
"Where are you positioned?"
"We're SSW from the petrol station."
"I'm coming right now." I shouted before I slammed the receiver down.

Half an hour later, SSW from the petrol station.

My car's wheels screeched in protest as I slammed the brake down with full force. I climbed out of my car with caution. Nebula Grey really did go all-out. Three giant mechas that belonged to Nebula Grey based on their tarantula designs, attacked everything that was in their path. Their mechas spat fire out from their mouths whenever any police officers tried to get more close to them. I rushed towards them to aide my fellow officers.

I don't know how long we fought, but it felt like forever. I tried my best to lead one mecha away from the citizens. Big mistake. It was very fast. Before I even realized it, I was almost in front of the petrol station. Uh-oh. I ran the opposite direction to lead the mecha away from the petrol station. I don't need a big explosion... "Get out of the way!" I screamed at a man that stood in my way. He wore a black trenchcoat and black boots. His light-brunette hair hung over his one eye. Huh, could it be?

To my utter surprise, the mecha spewed fire from its mouth. The fire was aimed at me! My feet were glued to the ground. I couldn't move. I screamed as the fire leaped at me. I closed my eyes shut as I prepared myself for the worse. "Get out of the way!" a voice screamed as I felt myself shoved out of the fire's path. As soon as I fell hard onto the concrete floor, I heard a scream that chilled me to the bone. Then silence.

I heard an explosion as a police officer shot the mecha down. The others did likewise to the others. They captured the pilots as soon as they tried to make their escape.
"Are you okay, Captain?" one officer asked me.
"I'm fine. Where's the man that saved me?"
"Right here, ma'am. But, he's hurt." another officer shouted as she leaned down to the fallen man. I rushed up to him when I noticed he clutched his visible eye. His facial expression was that of severe pain. It was him!

I leaned down to his level as I felt myself shook from worry.
"What happened?" I asked the officer. I knew it was a stupid question, but I couldn't think straight.
"After he pushed you out of the way, he leaped out of the fire's path in time. Unfortunetly for him, a few embers flew into his eye as he leaped."

"I'm taking him to the hospital right away. Go back to the police station without me!" I ordered as I helped him to his feet. I wrapped his one arm around my shoulder. He limped as I helped him to my car. I also helped him into the passenger seat. I also helped him to buckle up. I leaped into my car seat and buckled up as well. I switched the engine on with force. I even revved it with force as I rushed to the nearest hospital.

"Hang on Glyde, we'll be at the hospital soon." I tried to reassure him as I drove to the hospital like a bat out of hell. My voice cracked with worry as I noticed he gritted his teeth in pain. If it weren't for me, he wouldn't have been in this mess...


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