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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Not That Rotten to the Core: Chapter 2 - Protected

The hospital's waiting room

I sat quietly in the waiting room as I waited for the doctor to get out of surgery. He and a few surgeons had to surgically remove the embers from Glyde's eye. It was a delicate procedure, but Glyde might be able to see despite what've happened.

"..." I sighed to calm myself down. I felt quite guilty. If it weren't for him, I would've died. He actually risked his life to save mine! But, the infamous henchman of Lex Loathe would never have done that. He always had an air of arrogance about him; that he knew he was better than anyone else. Why would he save me?

The doctor came out of surgery. His surgeon team wheeled the unconscious Glyde out of the operating room. Bandages were wrapped around his eye. His unkempt fringe curtained his other eye. He had a grimace on his face. The doctor approached me. His expression was unreadable.

"Captain Marmalade?" the doctor spoke as he removed his surgical mask. He waited until Glyde was out of earshot.
"How is he?"
"We removed the embers from his eye."
"To be honest, I don't know."
"What do you mean?"
"Follow me, ma'am. I'll explain." the doctor offered.

We trotted to Glyde's room as the doctor explained to me that Glyde's eye had received severe injuries from the embers. That eye might be blinded for a few weeks, a few months or...forever. We stood in front of Glyde's room. I peaked inside. A nurse comforted the upset air pirate as his body shook from the sobs. My heart broke. This could've been prevented if I was more careful. I owe him one...

"Captain?" the doctor asked me as I barged into the hospital room. I stopped by Glyde's side. I clutched his hand into mine as I squeezed it for reassurance.
"What do you want?" the henchman's voice cracked. He wiped a few tears from his eye( which was curtained by his fringe) as he tried to glare at me.
"I just want to thank you for rescuing me. I don't even want to know what would've happened if you weren't there..."
"You're welcome." the teen sniffed. He looked so alone. Like a vulnerable boy.

"Do you have a place to stay? I've heard you can go home today."
"I don't have a place on Rhyship Island..."
"You can stay by my place for the meantime, until your eye's fully healed." I offered. He frowned at the idea. I should've known it was stupid.
"I could fly back home."
"Not in your condition!" the doctor protested.
"We could always fly you back home?" I suggested.
"Not in a million years!" Glyde snarled with pure venom.

"Captain, please give us a moment alone." the doctor asked. I did as he said. I stood outside as the doctor and the air pirate had a conversation. I wondered what they spoke about. Glyde's body actually shook as the doctor tried to comfort him. After awhile, the doctor allowed me in. Glyde seemed to have calmed down after what've happened. I approached him again. He smiled as I clutched his cold hand into my warm one.

"Glyde, don't you have something to say?" the doctor smiled.
"Before we leave, we must go to my hotel room to fetch my things." Glyde stated in a bossy tone.
"Well, since I have no other choice..." the henchman shrugged his shoulders.
"Well, I also owe you one."

Much later, we left the hospital and fetched his bags from his hotel room. Soon afterwards, we arrived at my home. Little did I know, it was a start of one of the biggest challenges I have yet to face...


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