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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Spoilt Milk: Chapter 4 - Go for It, Speed Star!

Three weeks before "Teisel's New Look"

Remember that I mentioned I learnt the hard way how deep Teisel and Glyde's rivalry was? Oh, and did I mention that I also discovered something else that shocked me? Well, it happened like this...

"What on Terra is this?!" I demanded Glyde as I pointed at the car( which was covered with a silk sheet) that somehow got into my garage. The tall man flicked the sheet off, which revealed an aquamarine race car.
"It's a race car." Glyde stated.
"How did it get here?"
"Well, employees of my Daddy's company used their cargo plane to drop it off while you were at work."
"Why do you need a race car?"
"Well, Teisel told me yesterday that there's a Grand Prix race today at the Gold City Annual Race. The winner will get 50 million zenny."
"So, you're racing for the money?"
"Not at all, my dear Denise. I'm racing because Teisel's participating."

"But, how would you want to drive in your state?" I demanded.
"Easy. You'll be my eyes. You'll tell me what to do, and I will drive. In this race, each car has two passengers. One's the driver and the other's his partner."
"But, won't you be recognized?" I stated as I stared at the race car. Although the car looked like any race car, something about it just screamed that it belonged to Glyde. Maybe it's that birdbot hood ornament?
"Of course not!" Glyde stated as he pointed at himself. He wore a green tracksuit that had blue vertical stripes on the sides. He wore green-and-blue sneakers as well. Tucked under his arm was a green-and-blue helmet. I finally noticed that Glyde's hair(even his fringe) was tied back into a small ponytail. He also wore his black sunglasses. I also noticed that a tracksuit, sneakers and helmet, which was the same colour as Glyde's, rested on the car's roof.

"I'm also wearing that?" I demanded as I shot a dirty look at the outfit.
"Yes, we are. Team Drake's Yuki Drake and Denise Drake must look exactly alike."
"Ugh. When's the race?"
"About an hour's time. Come, let's go!"

Much later

With my instructions, Glyde drove us both to the Gold City Racing Track. We parked right behind the starting line. When I turned my head around to see all the participants, I gasped in shock. On my left were the Bonnes in their red race car. Tron and Teisel both wore red tracksuits. They stared back at me and Glyde. They both hopped out of their car, and made their way towards us.
"Glyde?" Teisel squeaked in surprise when he saw his rival. My driving companion almost fell from his seat when he heard his rival's voice that came out of nowhere.
"Denise?" Tron gagged in shock.
"Hello, there. Guess you're also racing? Heh Heh." I chuckled in nervousness as I felt a trickle of sweat raced down my brow.

"By the way Glyde, I love that new hairdo. Now you can blind everyone with your large forehead!" Teisel teased as he pointed at the object of his teasing. The owner of the large forehead huffed in anger as his face became beet red.
"Shut up. At least it shows how much intellegence I have in my head!" Glyde scoffed as he subconsciously covered his forehead with the back of his hand. The Bonne leader chuckled to himself as he and his sister went back to their race car.

"Racers, are you ready?" the announcer's voice boomed over the racing track. Everyone fastened their helmets and jumped into their racing cars. Seatbelts all clicked in place.
"Ready!" a few drivers chorused as they started their engines.
"Remember Denise, you must just tell me what to do. You're my eyes." Glyde smiled softly at me, before he started the engine. I gulped in nervousness. What if we mess up?
"On your marks!" I swallowed the lump, that was in my throat, down.
"Get set!" I'm not ready! Give me more time...
"GO!" ARGH! I bit back a yell as Glyde tramped the petrol so hard, I almost had whiplash when we zipped passed the starting line.

"And they're off, with Team Drake in the lead, followed by Team Bonne! Who would win?" the announcer's voice boomed over the tracks as I held onto my seat tightly as Glyde changed into fourth gear in an oil-slick like motion. We were right in front, the other cars in our dust.

"Turn NNW and stay like that for about a few minutes!" I instructed the speed freak as we came towards a large obstacle, which was a large wall.
"Got it, Denise-dear!" Glyde grinned with childish giddishness as he did what he was told. Just as he did so, Team Bonne were right by our tail-end, followed by a purple-and-green race car. Hmm, the passengers reminded me of the two members of Nebula Grey...

"Now you must turn NNE the moment I say so." I instructed my friend as I tried my best to focus on the road.
"Got it."
"Now!" I shouted. Glyde turned the steering wheel a bit too sharp, which made the car spin for a moment. The Bonnes and the purple-and-green car sped right past us. I started to feel ill as our race car became an out-of-control merry-go-round. After a minute, it stopped.
"Oh no, we lost some speed! Argh!" Glyde snarled as he slammed his fist against the steering wheel.
"Don't worry about that, we can still catch up on them!" I encouraged the young pirate.
"You're right. Come, let's go!" Glyde cheered in giddiness as he revved the engine before we zipped back into the race again.

After a mere two minutes, we finally caught up to the Bonnes. We were neck-to-neck.
"About time you two caught up!" Tron sneered from the race car.
"What took you so long? Were you two smooching while there's a race going on? Shame on you, Glyde! I thought you were a gentleman!" Teisel made a snide remark. Glyde's cheeks became just as red as the Bonne's car. My cheeks wasn't as red as Glyde's; it was several shades darker. That made the grey-haired man blink in surprise when he noticed our expressions. His sister didn't seem to care.

"Shut up, Teisel! We're only friends." Glyde stated in a sheepish tone. Teisel grinned in amusement at the mere idea that he finally found something that made his rival flustered.
"Right, you're only friends. My mistake." Teisel chuckled in amusement as he picked up speed. We did likewise.

Half-an-hour later

Despite the instructions I've given Glyde now-and-then, silence hung over us like lethal toxic fumes. What that Bonne leader said really made me start to ponder my own feelings. Do I like Glyde? Does he like me? Could our relationship work? What would my family and colleagues say? What would Mr. Loathe say? My thoughts were suddenly cut off when something rammed into us from the back.
"What was that?!" Glyde shrieked in fright. I whipped my head around. I was shocked to see a purple-and-green race car right behind us. It rammed into us again.
"It's a purple-and-green race car. A blue-haired man and his green-haired companion are the passengers."

"Dark Scythe and Tsukasa Futaba?! But, how did they know that it's me?" my brunette companion growled in frustation as he tried to speed away from the rammers. He gritted his teeth in frustration as he felt the Nebula Grey twosome rammed into us again.
"Well, maybe that birdbot hood ornament gave us away?!" I spat in anger. I turned my head to face the source of my frustration. I didn't care that I had to watch the road. There were other things that needed more attention.

"Who says it was that hood ornament? Maybe you told the entire island that you're looking after me, and that I'm blind?" Glyde spat with poisonous venom. Something within me snapped at that comment.
"I never had done such a thing!"
"Oh, really?"
"Well, maybe I should have! You're such an ungrateful snob! No matter how hard I tried, it was never good enough! There were times when I wondered why I didn't throw you out!"
"I can't believe you never did! Why not? Everyone else would have done so, but why not you?"
"That's because I lo-oof!"

The car rammed into us so hard, that we were forced off the tracks. The sudden movement made the car roll. I screamed in horror as I felt the car roll down a hill. I clenched my eyelids shut. I felt my seatbelt unfasten, then someone wrapped their arms around my waist. I then felt myself cradled against someone's body, like a helpless newborn, before that person kicked the driver's seat open and leaped out, with me tight in their arms. I felt that person hover in the air for a moment, then glided down towards the ground in gracefulness. I even felt the person land on one foot in a swan-like grace.

I opened my eyes slowly. I blinked in confusion when I noticed that Glyde held me in his arms. I blinked in confusion. Did he save me again? I then realized an audience that surrounded us. Two paramedics ran towards us, to check whether or not we're okay, Teisel and Tron in tow. I also noticed that two policemen escorted the handcuffed Dark Scythe and Tsukasa Futaba off to the police van. Well, those two were wanted criminals, ao it serves them right.
"Th-thank you." I blushed when I noticed how close my face was to Glyde's.
"You're welcome." Glyde smiled back. A blush appeared on his cheeks. Guess he sensed how I felt. We leaned more-and-more closely towards each other. Our lips were so close. Any moment now...

"I can't believe those two crooks rammed you two off the tracks. Thank goodness you're both alright." Teisel sighed in relief as he stopped in front of us, the paramedics and his sister right behind him. I was quite surprised at the admission.
"Thanks, Teisel." Glyde whispered softly to himself as the paramedics checked for any injuries.

After we were checked for any injuries, the cash prize was given to the first-place winners, the Bonnes. To my amazement, Glyde didn't mind at all. Maybe it's because he was too grateful to be alive to care. I asked Glyde how he knew the two members of Nebula Grey, but he was very hush-hush about it. After a bit of nagging, I dropped it. The Bonnes gave us a lift home, since our transport was damaged beyond repair. I'm surprised that Glyde didn't care that his expensive car was now charred scrap.

An entire week flew by with furious speed. I was surprised to hear the news that one of Mr. Loathe's factories were blown up, which happened about three months ago. I also heard the rumour that all of Glyde's birdbots were destroyed in that same factory. But, why would anyone want that factory and those birdbots to get destroyed? Then again, it must be a rumour, since I could've sworn that during this week, I saw ten birdbots that roamed around Gold City as if they had searched for something.

What were those birdbots looking for?


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