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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Teisel's New Look: Chapter 1 - What's Going On?

Teisel's POV

I was rudely woken up when I felt a sudden bolt of shock filled my entire being. My eyes bulged open. I shot up from my bed. My hand pressed my heart down, to calm it down. I panted, before I sighed in relief. As soon as I calmed down, I laid my head down on the soft pillow. Feeling a lot more relaxed, I turned onto my side, ready to snuggle deeper into my fluffy pillow when I noticed something from the left side of my bed.

On top of a white drawer( when did we get that?) stood a Storm Eagle figurine. I swear, those eyes bored into my very soul. Overdrive Ostrich stood proudly next to the maverick figurine. Cyber Peacock and Storm Owl were behind them. Those two looked as if they felt ignored.

After realizing something was not right, I sat up from my bed to observe this bedroom. This can't be mine. I never had any avian maverick figurines. The bedroom walls were dove blue. The ceiling a bone white. The curtains were a strange shade of grey. Hmm, Royal Rooster would love this bedroom. I turned my neck around to observe the wall behind me.

Figurines of Burn Rooster, Beat, Reggae, Popla Cocapetri, Pengi and Phoenix Magnion were neatly lined up on the large book shelf. Above the book shelf, a giant framed poster of Cyber Peacock. A collector's item, or so I've heard.

That was strange. This bedroom's not mine. How did I get here? Last thing I remembered Tron, Bon and I found a strange relic that must've belonged to the Ancients. I blew the dust off the strange relic, trying to make out what it was. I wiped the rest of the dust off, grumbled that I wished that Avian Avenger knew how it felt to be me. The Bird Boy insulted me earlier that day, told me that my younger siblings did all the hard work while I sat on my backside and did nothing. What about him? I bet the poor birdbots did all the work for him. No wonder they're always so grumpy. I'd also be grumpy if someone used me like his slave!

I climbed out of this bed cautiously. Hmm, what a strange colour for a duvet. I looked down at my feet. Huh? My feet looked different. They're smaller as well. Feminine-looking too. My legs looked feminine as well. My pulled my top up. I expected a broad chest, firm pectoral muscles, and a six-pack. No, I saw an effeminate torso instead. Small waist, but not as small as most women's. Hips wider than most men's, but smaller than most women's. No six-pack. Pectoral muscles were also small.

Hmm, my shoulders followed the same pattern. My arms looked lady-like as well. What happened to my large biceps and triceps? I stared at my hands. My hands were feminine. Fingers long and thin. I used my other hand to feel the palm of my hand. Smooth and not rough at all.As if I've worn gloves most of the time.

My fingers touched my ears. Instead of cartilage, my ears were round and hard as metal. Reploid ears? I don't sleep with my helmet on. To check, I ran my fingers through my hair. My hand paused when it touched my neck. Why's my hair so short? I wiped my fringe out of my face. Stubborn as a mule, it slid over my face again. Hmm, why did Pretty Peacock cover half his face with his fringe all the time? Disfigurement? Bionics? Flair?

And why am I wearing baby-blue pyjamas? I don't have baby-blue pyjamas!

Okay, this is just a nightmare. An odd nightmare, but a nightmare nontheless. But, what if I was kidnapped by Glyde again? Then again, why am I in his bedroom? Proud Peacock would never allow anyone into his private headquarters. Besides his mother, I presume . I tiptoed slowly out of this bedroom to make sure I won't alert anybody. Hmm, the door's not locked? After I got out into the dark passageway, I slowly clicked the door closed. I observed my surroundings.

Odd. No birdbots or anything else that should've been guarding me. All I saw were bedroom doors. I mumbled some unintellgentable words in frustration. Huh? Instead of my voice, I heard Glyde's! I spun myself around, ready to attack. No one was there. Must be my imagination.

After five minutes of walking, I finally found the bathroom. I locked the door behind me. Hmm, what a fancy bathroom. The walls, bathtub, toilet seat, hand basin and floor were tiled with marble. But, the bathroom looked bare otherwise. Only a small bar of purple soap, scented shampoo, three towels and three toothbrushes( in a clear cup by the hand basin) occupied the titanic bathroom. It made the bathroom's atmosphere colder than what the tiles felt like under my bare feet.

I slowly dragged myself to the hand basin. Not bothering to look at myself in the mirror in front of me, I opened the tap and splashed the icy water onto my face. Even this didn't wake me up from the nightmare. Grabbing the face towel nearest to me, I wiped the water droplets off my face. I took a quick glance at the mirror.

Instead of my reflection, I saw the reflection of the Avian Avenger. He looked every bit as shocked as I felt. I pinched my face. He did the same. I winced in pain, he did the same. Only one way to find out whether or not he's pulling a stupid prank on me as well...

"Mr. Loathe is the biggest scumbug on Terra! Loan from him and find out the hard way!" I purred in my best Glyde impersonation. Chillingly enough, I sounded just like him. Plus, he said those words without barking back at me for insulting his boss. I swear, Avian Avenger's idol's Mr. Loathe. The truth punched me hard in the gut.

I'm in Glyde's body. He's in mine. What would he do to Bon? The servbots? Tron...? I don't even want to know. The Silver-tongued Swan might be able to trick them to believe it's me. How can I pretend to be Glyde? What would happen if someone finds out? What if I will never get my body back? I don't want to be in his body at all. He's good-looking yes, but I don't want to stare at Glyde's mug whenever I'm supposed to see myself instead. I want my voice back. Glyde's sounded more like a teenager. Maybe he is. I don't want to be a teen. Plus, how can he ever stand having all this fringe over his face?

I sighed as I sat on the cold tile surface.

"Glyde, it's time for breakfast!" a masculine voice called from outside the bathroom door.
"..." who could that be? Is that Glyde's father? Uncle? Grandfather? Stepfather? Brother? Plus, how does he act in front of his family? I'm doomed.

Be careful what you wish for.


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