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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Teisel's New Look: Chapter 5 - It's not like it's life-threatening...

Teisel's P.O.V.

I woke up in shock when the phone(which was by my bedside) rang.
"Huh?" I mumbled. I felt quite grumpy, especially since I was rudely woken up. I felt quite tired and tried to take a nap. Guess that plan didn't work out as planned. I picked the receiver up to answer.
"Teisel? Thank Beat you've answered!" I heard my voice from the other side. Okay, I'm still not used to this.
"Yeah Glyde, it's me. Whaddya want?"
"It's very important you get to Rhyship Island right away!"
"What for? Didn't you do this? The body switching?"
"Of course not! That artifact you held did it. Listen, you have to come right away. Take the Glyde Swan and fly there."
"What about your parents?"
"Tell them that you're going to meet Denise. Oh, and take the Eagle Rapier with you. We'll need it. Trust me. Oh, and put my brown armour on as well."
"Yeah yeah. Sheesh, you'd swear our problem's a life-threatening one..." I joked. I found it quite odd it simply slammed the receiver down after that.

I pulled Glyde's black bodysuit on( which was skintight and hard to put on. Sheesh, why can't you make it a bit more comfortable, whoever made Bird Boy's bodysuit?), then the armour. I was quite impressed with the design. The armour's made with special metal that's flexible and durable. No wonder he survived all those accidents that could've killed him. Although, I would've made myself a helmet if I were him...

I didn't find the Eagle Rapier, but I did find the rapier Bird Boy had with him the previous day. Now that's a great toy. Beautifully crafted and easy to hold. It felt as light as a feather, despite the fact it looked heavy. I searched the drawers for Avian Avenger's keys. I found them. The keychain was shaped like a birdbot's head, but the colours were more dull.

I trotted downstairs, the rapier in one hand and the keys in the other. I almost bumped into Oddball Owl's father.
"Whoah, where're you goin' in such a hurry?" Glyde Snr. chuckled.
"Daddy, Denise and I..." I said as I tried to think of an excuse.
"Are you two going out on another date?" The Svelete Swan's mother asked from behind me. I jumped three feet in the air. Where did she come from?
"Well--" I stammered. Her question surprised me. Avian Avenger and Cop Lady's an item?
"Good for you, my boy. I'm glad you finally found a more suitable girlfriend. Not those snooty girls that Loathe threw at you. None of them had an inch of personality."
"Yukihiko Ayanokoji Jr., I'm very proud of you." Miyu admitted with a geniune smile. Oh, and that's Glyde's real name? More blackmail to use on Svelte Swan. Then again, how much would Lex Loathe pay me if I sold him all the information he never knew about his henchman?

After I said goodbye, I rushed outside to the garage. The garage door opened on its own. I rushed inside as I scanned the inside of the garage for Avian Avenger's Glyde Swan. I noticed the Glyder and another ship that looked just like the Glyder, but with a longer "neck". It was also white. Guess that's the Glyde Swan? I walked up to the aircraft, surprised that it started to glow. A red light scanned Bird Boy's entire being.
"ID confirmation: Glyde Ayanokoji. Good morning, sir. You may enter." Glyde Swan droned with a lady's voice. It opened its door for me to enter. I climbed into the pilot seat. The seatbelts automatically clicked themselves over me. The steering wheel automatically pulled itself closer toward me. I inserted the key to start the engine. I gently laid the rapier next to my chair.

All the sudden, I heard a telephone ring.
"Teisel Bonne on the line. Would you like me to answer it, sir?" Glyde Swan asked.
"You may, please." I replied. Why did Glyde phone here?
"Teisel, can you hear me?" I heard myself over the phone. Is that how I sound like when I'm anxious? Why would Oddball Owl be anxious, anyway?
"Loud and clear. Why're you phoning me again?" I demanded. I winced when I noticed how harsh I sounded.
"I'm phoning you to instruct you how to fly the Glyde Swan."
"I'm not saying you're stupid. My aircraft's specially designed to be very different from other aircrafts. It won't be like the Gustaff, Bruno or any other machine you've driven before."

"Okay, shoot."
"The A button's for Air. B for Battle. L for Landing. R's for..." Bird Boy stopped in mid-sentence when I pressed the R button. Familiar music burst through the speakers behind me.
"...the Radio." Oddball Owl sounded embarrassed. Hey, that's the song that was played when Svelete Swan and I met at the Nakkai Ruins Entrance.
"Teisel, you must press the clutch down with my foot."
"Huh? Okay, that sounded odd. Best to say,'with your foot', Bird Boy."
" 'Bird Boy'? How dare--Ugh. Okay. Press the clutch down with you foot."
"Got it."
"Now, see those gears? Change to first."
"Got it."
"Tramp the accelerator slowly while you slowly release the clutch. While you do that, hold the A button down."
"Got it. Now what?"
"Destination?" the aircraft asked.
"Uh...Rhyship Island?"
"Destination: Rhyship Island. We have lift-off." Glyde Swan replied.
"Whoa! Too fast!" I shouted, as the aircraft bust through the garage, before it lifted itself up into the air. It flew itself towards Rhyship Island.

"Impressed?" My smug voice asked from nowhere. It really crept me out.
"Who designed this neat toy?"
"I'm a mechanic, believe it or not. Remember all those equipment you saw Mr. Loathe use? Those were made by me. The machines that protect all the farms and land Mr. Loathe owns? Me."
"Those birdbots of yours sure look more like rip-offs of servbots..."
"Hey, they're not."
"True. Their personalities and voices were really different to servbots'. Plus, they're mass-produced. Bet they don't even have names, or numbers." I teased. I'm surprised when I heard Oddball Owl slam the phone down. What was his problem, anyway?

After two hours, the Flutter and Gesellschaft were finally in sight. When the Glyde Swan came a bit closer to the bottom of the Gesellschaft, I noticed someone allowed me to get inside. It could only have been Bird Boy. I would've seen a missile or two from Tron...

After I landed safely, I got out of the Glyde Swan. I paused for a moment. What if this was a trap? I took the rapier in my hands as I eyed my surroundings. Nothing. Before I even took another step, a stampede of servbots came to greet me. Their smiles were upside-down. Bon Bonne, Tron, Barrell, Roll and Mr. Bluecher wore the same expression.
"Glyde?! What are you doing here?" Tron demanded. She really looked ticked, but she became nervous when she saw the rapier.
"Babu!?!?!!" Bon demanded. He looked ready to pounce me.

"Break it up!" I heard myself shout from behind the mob. I couldn't believe how relieved I was that Oddball Owl came to my rescue.
"Huh, Teisel?" Tron and Bon looked like deer caught in the headlights.
"I called him here. We're at a truce."
"A truce? What type?"
"We'll go into the Shala-Kun Ruins to find an artifact. We both bet that we can explore the caves safely without a Spotter or without the servbots or birdbots."
"I'll be fine, Tron. Don't worry about me. You, Roll and the servbots must just get the Gustaff ready for me."
"..." Tron and my body had a staring contest.
"..." The staring contest became even more intense. Would Tron agree, or not?
"Sigh. Just be careful, Big Brother. That rapier he has with him looks powerful."

I felt my heart sank when my family and the Casketts left us. As soon as everyone was gone, Bird Boy approached me. I couldn't believe how intiminating I looked from close-up. No wonder many people feared me. I looked quite powerful in my body; my face serious and scary as well. Plus, I noticed that I was a head taller than Avian Avenger.
"..." Okay, what were you up to, Glyde?
"Glyde?" I squeaked. He really started to creep me out. Suddenly, I felt air forced out my lungs.
"My beautiful body! How I missed you so!" Oddball Owl gurgled happily as he gave me a powerful bearhug. Thank goodness this armour's strong.
"Glyde, care to tell me what's going on?"
"I explain everything to you. But first, let's go somewhere private. I don't want anyone to know what's going on."
"The meeting room's a good place to be. Let's go."

Tron's P.O.V.

I don't understand it. Why did Teisel change so much? Also, why did he hug Glyde like that? I have a bad feeling about this truce he had with that pretty boy. I know I shouldn't have spied on him, but I was worried. Did Roll and I work on that rocket ship so long that I didn't notice him change?

Teisel, please be careful...


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