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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Teisel's New Look: Chapter 6 - Epilogue

Glyde's P.O.V.

We are now deep inside the Shala-Kun Ruins. Teisel and I somehow fit ourselves into the Gustaff. A tight squeeze, but we managed to fit in. I told Green Guy everything, and he seemed to grasp it. I hope.

We met quite a few people along our journey. A gentleman and his girlfriend were amongst them. The gentleman wasn't the sharpest needle of a doctor's medical cabinent, but he was more helpful than his lady friend. A gentleman that wore a purple suit( and top hat) showed us how not to disable the traps. There was also this man that just stood there and did nothing. Same with that...I think that was a woman. I do wonder why the twin children were all alone, though. It's a good thing that Uncle Digg person left helpful tips for us. Along our journey, Teisel used the Eagle Rapier to defeat the reaverbots. Hmm, we got more and more close.

After an hour or two, we finally stopped at the big gate.
"This is it."
"Really? You're sure it's not that forbidden door no one should open?"
"Relax Glyde, there's no 'Z' on the door. That's the door my siblings and I entered."
"...Yes." I admitted.
"For what?"
"What if this doesn't work? What if we're stuck in each other's body?"
"It'll work. If not, my sister and even that Roll would help us out."
"Umm... I'm not so sure."
"It's not like you to be nervous. Geez, I never knew you were such a wimp."
"No, I'm not! Let's go and get that spawn of Sigma artifact!"

We got out of the Gustaff. Teisel still held that Eagle Rapier of mine. We slowly tip-toed until we noticed a lantern-shaped artifact. It glowed with green and red lights. It seemed to even sparkle. The more close we got to the artifact, the more bright the lights shone.
"Ready?" I asked the grey-haired Bonne when we both stood over the artifact.
"I was born ready."
"Okay. Now!" Teisel and I touched the artifact at the same time.
"I wish I was in my original body!" we said as one being. The artifact glowed a light almost as bright as the sun. Our bodies glowed as I felt my entire body tingle.

It just stopped. Nothing happened. My heart raced. I felt warm liquid rush down my cheeks. My fingers wiped my fringe out of my face. I didn't care if the Bonne leader saw me cry; I had every reason to be upset. My eyesight blurred as I wept.
"What?" I asked. Suddenly, the artifact buzzed loudly. As soon as it stopped, it exploded. To make sure my body was out of harm's way, I shoved Teisel out of the direction of the blast.

The blast took me instead. I felt myself thrown into the air from the force of the blast. A loud, wet crack echoed through the cave as I felt myself slam against the wall. I fell just as hard onto the hard floor, my chest first.
" ....ou....kay?" I heard someone mumble. Was that Teisel's body that hovered over me? Before I could think any further, I lost consciousness.

"...ake up, Glyde." Huh? Was that Mommy and Daddy? I forced my heavy eyelids to open up. The heart monitor beeped softly in the background. Hmm, this looked like a hospital room. Daddy and Mommy were by my side. Mommy held my hand, while Daddy had his hand on Mommy's shoulder. When I turned my head around, I noticed Denise as well.
"Glyde, you're finally awake." Denise smiled softly, relief evident in her voice. When did I change back into my original body?
"What happened?"
"You were in a Dig, and had a terrible concussion. You were out for four days, dear."
"Yes. A good samaritan brought you to hospital, after he contacted Denise."
"Well, I simply dialled the number you used often when you stayed by me." Denise shrugged, a blush appeared on her cheeks.
"Do you know who brought me here?"
"A man that wore green armour. He also had grey hair."

Teisel saved me? I can't believe it. Why would he save me? He would've left me for dead if he had a choice...
"I'm glad that we've finally met your girlfriend too. We got to know her very well for the past four days. She's every bit as great as you said she was." Daddy interrupted my thoughts. I felt my cheeks burn. Denise's cheeks looked as if they were on fire.

Teisel's P.O.V.

Tron and I stood outside of Glyde's hospital room window as we played Peeping Tom. I sighed in relief. Bird Boy will be fine.
"He actually saved you from that blast?" Tron asked, still a bit skeptical. I couldn't blame her. Heck, even I didn't believe Avian Avenger saved me.
"Yes, he did. Even if he didn't, I couldn't let him die..."
"I know, Teisel. No matter what they've done, we should never allow our enemy to die like that. Besides, remember what Mom taught us?"
"Yes, I do. We might be pirates, but we're not barberians." I wrapped my arm around my sister's shoulder as we walked home with happiness in our hearts.

Much later, normal P.O.V.

"Ready?" Roll asked brightly.
"Ready!" Tron gave a thumbs up. Data, who was inside the rocket, waved to show he was also ready.
"Countdown start!" The female mechanics ordered the servbots.
"Will this really work, Miss Tron?" Servbot No. 13 asked.
"It's bound to work now. Thanks to a mysterious person that donated a few million zenny for this rocket." Tron replied with a smug tone.
"Hmm, I never knew Mr. Ayanokoji had a son. I wonder how Jr. looked like..." Barrell Caskett mumbled to himself. Verner and Teisel said nothing, more interested in their coffee.
"We have lift-off!" the girls gave a victory sign. A loud chorus of happy whoo-hoos filled the air.

The rocket even went through the atmosphere! The rocket begun its journey towards Elysium. Meanwhile on Elysium, three figures watched the rocket that approached them. The male human's eyes shone with hope. His female companions looked just as hopeful as he was. The three cheered as the rocket came more and more close.

Suddenly, the rocket decided that it should fly over the threesome. It orbited the small planet, until its nose faced Terra below. It then decided to fall, gravity took its course and pulled in back to Terra. This would've made any grown man cry; so we can excuse MegaMan for his reaction when he realized his friends' rescue plan didn't work.

The rocket crash landed into the very spot it was launched from minutes earlier. The audience screamed in frustration when they saw another failed plan. The two mechanics argued with one another again. After he emerged from the scrap heap, the mechanical dancing monkey decided to sit with the human men.

"I admire their devotion. Even though their plans didn't work, those two would keep at it. They might even succeed soon."
"I agree, Verner. But, I find it interesting that they're so determined to save MegaMan."
"Those two are so much alike, even though they won't admit it." Teisel grinned as he watched his sister and the blonde argue about what went wrong.


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