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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Your Daddy's Lies: Chapter 2 - Your Daddy's biggest mistake

Ever since Mr. Loath and I were partners, my business had flourished even more. I became a multi-billionaire within a year. Everything went great, and I had wondered why I didn't ask him for assistance sooner. A few months later, after your mother and I tried so hard to have a child, your mother told me that she's pregnant. I was over the moon. She was too. Mr. Loath, although he masked it well, wasn't.

Eight months later, I decided to give Mr. Loath a surprise visit at his place. Why did I do that, you ask? Well, it's because he always came to my place for our meetings; and I've decided that maybe I should save him some trouble. He was really surprised to see me, but for all the wrong reasons...


"Lex?" I gasped in shock the moment I barged into his office. Mr. Loath was having a meeting with the most dangerous mafia family on Ryship Island! Lex was so shocked to see me, like a kid being caught with his hand in a cookie jar by a parent.
"Boys, please leave!" Mr. Loath ordered his men. They reluctantly obeyed his order. One of the men, a man with a dark complexion and black hair, shot me a sly grin as he brushed past me. It sent shivers down my spine.

"Yukihiko, what brought you here uninvited?" Lex demanded as his gaze bore into my soul. Despite being three heads taller than him, I always felt uneasy when he did that.
"Lex, who the heck are those people?!" I demanded, although I knew who they were. I've seen them several times on the news before.
"They're my business partners." Mr. Loath lied without even a slight hint of a blush.

"I know who they are, Lex! They're members of the mafia!"
"They are?" my business partner asked mockingly. I saw red when he said that. What I had done next, I have regretted to this day...

"I can't believe it, Lex! You're their mafia boss, aren't you? That does it; I'm through being your business partner! In fact, I'm going to report this to the police! Then you shall rot in jail with the other scumbags!" I screamed in anger. I turned my heel to leave.
"You'll be very sorry, Yuki. I swear you will." Mr. Loath shouted after me.

*End flashback*

I shouldn't have told him that I was going to the police. But, my anger blocked my logic. I went to the Gold City police station and told the police the story. They were very glad I had told them, even though I don't have any solid evidence. After that, I decided to return home...


"Miyu, I'm home!" I sung happily when I entered the mansion. Silence filled the air.
"Miyu, where are you?" I called again. No response. I didn't take much notice. I thought that she was outside, doing some gardening. No, my dear boy, we didn't have servants back then. In fact, we didn't even have a bodyguard. I wish I had...

I decided to go to the kitchen to get something from the fridge. What I saw in the kitchen shocked me to the core. There stood the same dark man I saw at Mr. Loath's meeting. He was holding your mother in a headlock( with only one arm). His other hand held a pocket knife to your mother's neck. Your mother didn't struggle, since she feared that he will hurt her if she did.

"About time you got here.", the man sneered, "Mr. Loath wanted me to give you a message, and I'm only allowed to show it once!"
"What do you mean?" I demanded, scared for your mother and for you.
"Don't mess with the mafia!" the man spat. What happened next made my blood cold. The man took the pocket knife and stabbed your mother into the left-side of her belly.

I rushed to your mother's side the moment the man let go of her. I took my jacket off and pressed it against her stomach, to stop the bleeding. When I turned around, I noticed the man was gone. That didn't matter; I had to rush Miyu to the hospital.

*End flashback*

Your mother was worried about you the entire time, scared she might lose you. She was losing a lot of blood; too much blood. After the longest five minutes of my entire life, I've finally arrived at the hospital. Your mother was wheeled into the emergency ward.

An hour later, the surgeons suddenly rushed your mother to the maternity ward. One of the nurses explained to me that you've decided that now's the time to come into this world. That could either be good news, or bad news...


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