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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Of Roses & Marmalade: Chapter 3 - Revenge of the Rivals

*Later that night, Ayanokoji mansion*

Denise, the birdbots, the maids and butlers watched how Glyde paced back and forth across the living room's floor. The ruby-eyed man ranted and raved during each step. The police had left after they've asked the butlers, maids and birdbots what they've seen.

"I should've known that Teisel would've used his knowledge of who my parents are against me! What a coward!" the avian pirate seethed in anger, baring his sharp fangs.
"But, are you really certain it's him?" Denise asked.

"Well, out of all the enemies I had, he's the only one that I've told whom my parents were." Glyde stated as he punched his fist into the palm of his hand.
"If you are one hundred percent certain about this, maybe we should go to Ryship Island, and find out why Teisel would've kidnapped your parents?" the cop lady suggested. The blonde-brunette nodded his head in approval.

The next morning, using the Glyde Swan, Glyde flew himself and Denise towards Ryship Island. After an hour of flying, they've landed in Gold City.

*Meanwhile, outside of Gold City*

"I can't believe that worm would be such a coward; kidnapping Tron like that. I swear that when I get my hands on that boy, Glyde would wish he had never been born!" Teisel's loud voice boomed from inside the Ludwig. The Bonne pirate decided that he should find the Bird Boy, and find out why he'd kidnapped his little sister. He told the servbots and Bon Bonne that they should wait in the Gesellschaft (which was kilometres away from Gold City); as back-up.

"Huh, what's that?" Teisel pondered out loud as an avian-like aircraft landed a few feet away from him. As he squint his eyes, watched as the two passengers climbed out of their ride.
"It's Glyde! And Denise?!" The grey-haired pirate gasped in surprise when he noticed the cop lady with the enemy. He noticed that while Glyde wore his trade-mark armour; Denise wore Digger armour that was sapphire and royal-blue. He saw Glyde gesture to Denise that she should stand as far away from the men as possible. Denise nodded in approval, and hid behind a cliff. As soon as she was out of harm's way, the ruby-eyed pirate approached Teisel.

"Well, if it isn't the coward Teisel Bonne!" Glyde sneered as he stood akimbo, "Fancy meeting you here."
"Say what? Me, a coward? Are you sure you aren't talking about yourself, you pond scum?!" Teisel snarled as he secretly charged the Ludwig Laser Gun up.
"People don't like grudge-holders, Teisel." the ruby-eyed man wagged his finger at the man inside the Ludwig.

To Glyde's surprise, the grey-haired pirate shot a laser beam at him. Being swift-footed, Glyde leaped out of the way and landed on top of his Glyde Swan. He then leaped into the cockpit, and transformed his mecha into a more humanoid form.
"That does it, no more Mr. Nice Guy!" Glyde threatened in a low voice.

The mechas fought for an hour, dodging each attack the other threw at him. Neither could hit their target. Running at full speed, Glyde charged towards Teisel. When it was ready, the Glyde Swan shot blade-like feathers at the Ludwig. The Ludwig rolled out of the way in time. Grabbing a nearby boulder, the Ludwig threw it at the Glyde Swan, hitting its mark.

Inside the Glyde Swan, the pilot could feel the force of the boulder striking his mecha.
"Argh! How dare you?!" Glyde seethed. To his surprise, he noticed the Glyde Swan received 45 % damage.
"Okay, charge Ultimate Glyde Laser up to 150 %" the avian pirate thought out loud as he pulled the lever up. He was quite baffled about this battle; why didn't Teisel mention anything about his parents? Why didn't he use them as bait? All the pondering made him confused; and he doesn't like being confused.
"What are you up to, Teisel?"

Meanwhile, Teisel watched in interest as he noticed the Glyde Swan didn't even move an inch.
"What are you up to, Glyde?" the grey-haired pirate pondered to himself; the Ludwig grabbing a nearby boulder. He was quite confused that Glyde didn't mention anything about Tron during the fight. Knowing the young man, Glyde would've played his trump card from the moment the fight started. So, why didn't he?

"Ultimate Glyde Laser!" Glyde's voice boomed from inside his mecha. A powerful laser beam erupted from the mouth of the Glyde Swan. Teisel tried to get out of the way, but to no avail; the laser beam pierced through the sturdy armour of the Ludwig. To Teisel's shock, his mecha received 45 % damage.

"Give it up, Teisel; you won't win. Especially since the Glyde Swan was upgraded to be even stronger than the Glyder. So, it's best to tell me now where they are! Or else, you're history!" Glyde warned as he aimed his laser gun where he believed Teisel's head was. Teisel aimed his laser gun where he believed Glyde's head would be as well.
"Stop talking in riddles, and tell me where she is! Or else, you'll have a new hairdo."

"Who are you talking about, Teisel?" Glyde sounded confused, but didn't move his laser gun. He secretly charged his laser gun up. "Don't play games with me; you rich brat! You know who I'm talking about!" Teisel seethed. He secretly charged the Ludwig's laser gun up.

"For goodness sakes, Teisel! Stop acting dumber than usual, and tell me where they are!" Glyde screamed, ready to fire the laser at any moment.
"Oh for goodness sakes, Yuki! Stop being such a spoilt brat, and tell me where she is!" Teisel roared back, ready to fire the laser.

"STOP THIS RIGHT NOW, YOU TWO!!!" Denise's voice screeched as she ran towards the men with all the speed she could muster.
"Dee-dear?" Glyde gasped in shock, turning around to face his girlfriend. He couldn't believe that he had actually forgotten about her. He and Teisel uncharged their laser guns as Denise ran towards them. When she had finally stopped behind them, the two men leaped out of their mechas to approach her.

"Denise, what's wrong?" Teisel asked the cop. Glyde seemed to be just as confused. They waited for her to catch her breath.
"Glyde, Teisel, you are both wrong!"
"Say what, Denise?! What do you mean we're wrong?" the male pirates gaped in surprise at the news.
"You both believed that the other kidnapped your loved one, when it wasn't the other person all along!"

"What do you mean, Dee-dear? I don't get what you're saying..." Glyde cocked an eyebrow in confusion as he folded his arms in front of his chest. Teisel did likewise.
"Yeah, I'm lost." Teisel admitted.
"Last night, while we were on our date, Glyde's parents were kidnapped. For some reason or other, Glyde believes that you've kidnapped them, Teisel!"
"Me kidnap his parents? I don't have any reason for doing that!"

"Then explain to me why the floors of the Ayanokoji mansion just happened to have bullet-holes that looked like it came from the Gustaff, hm?" Glyde glared at the taller pirate.
"After you explain to me why the Gustaff's limbs were sliced off so tidily, as if by the Eagle Rapier?"
"What are you talking about? I wasn't anywhere near the Gustaff. In fact, I was with Denise the entire night!"
"Oh, doing what?"
"Nothing like that, you pervert! Our date was cut off; and we had discovered that my parents were kidnapped. So, I asked her to sleep over at my place. In different rooms, mind you!"

"So, you didn't kidnap Tron?" Teisel asked, still suspicious.
"No, I never did. Why would I want to do that?" Glyde demanded as he rested his fists on his hips. Denise prepared herself to be ready if the two men wanted to attack one another.
"If you didn't kidnap Tron, and I didn't kidnap your parents; who did?"

"There's only one person I know that would have a grudge on Mr. Ayanokoji and the Bonnes: Mr. Lex Loath! C'mon boys, let's go and visit him at his ship!" Denise ordered the men.
"But Denise, Mr. Loath is..." Glyde began, before Teisel and Denise grabbed him by arms and dragged him with them.
"No buts, Glyde! We must confront your old boss, whether he likes it or not!"

The three left in a hurry; determined to find out what happened to their kidnapped loved ones. Would they find what they're looking for at Mr. Loath's ship, or something much more sinister?


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