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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Of Roses & Marmalade: Chapter 5 - The Rescue

*Much later that day, Nebula Grey's HQ*

"I don't believe it! You two failed the simplest task I had given you both!" Mr. Dark shouted on top of his lungs at his henchmen: Dark Scythe and Tsukasa Futaba. The twosomes were in his office; which was just a room away from where Tron Bonne, Mrs. Ayanokoji and Mr. Ayanokoji's prison cell was. The trio could hear how Miyabi Dark ranted and raved at his men; they sometimes winced when the man's voice became harsher as he scolded the men.

"But sir, it was an honest mistake. The note somehow fell out of one of our pockets before we arrived at Mr. Loath's airship..." Tsukasa protested.
"But, why didn't you just make another note, and go back to Mr. Loath's ship?" Miyabi Dark pointed out.
"Well, er..."
"Dark Scythe, do you have anything to say?"
"I have the exact same story as Tsukasa, sir."
"Well then, you two must just be punished accordingly..."

The young men shivered in fear as they watched their superior drew a weapon from his pocket. He approached them with as much innocent intent as a wolf that sat next to a helpless lamb...

*Meanwhile, the prison cell*

"What's going on there?" Miyu Ayanokoji cocked an eyebrow at her husband.
"I really don't know..." Yuikohiko Ayanokoji admitted.
"I have a hunch that that man's shouting at them, because they messed the most important part of the plan up!" Tron pointed out.

To their utter horror, twin blood-curdling screams erupted from the closed office. Their eyes widened as the screams ended even sooner than they came.
"I really don't like this--" Mr. Ayanokoji gagged in fright as he gripped onto the cell's bars in dear life. Miyuki eyed the office door suspiciously, while Tron hugged her arms around herself. There are times when she was glad Teisel had shunned her away from the dark world of real-life, but this wasn't one of them. She had the sneaky suspicion that the two boys' lives were cut short.

After awhile, the office door slid open, revealing Mr. Dark. He wore a deadly facial expression as he approached the prison cell of his prisoners. He stood right in front of the bars just where Yukihiko had stood.
"If I may ask, why did we hear people scream?" the multi-billionaire questioned the younger man.
"My best henchmen spoilt the most-important part of the plan. For that, they were justly punished."

All colour drained from Mr. Ayanokoji's face as he stared at the leader of Nebula Grey. Miyu shook her head in disgust as she tried her best to get rid of the horrible images that entered her mind. Tron shivered in shock; how could anyone be so sick?

"Oh, and another thing, Yukihiko!" Mr. Dark sneered as he leaned closer at the moustached man; "I'm still waiting for you to tell me any juicy secrets you have on Mr. Loath or his henchman Glyde."
"There's nothing to tell, you creep! So, stop pestering me!"
"Oh really? But, why are you defensive, hm?"
"What do you mean?"
"I've noticed you seem so defensive everytime I spoke about Mr. Loath's henchman. Why? Why are you protective of that boy?"
"That's none of your business!"
"There you go again; all defensive whenever I mentioned that boy. I wonder...are you two perhaps family? I see a sort of resemblance between you, him and your wife. I get it; he's your son, ain't he?"
"I'm right, ain't I? What a juicy piece of information to blackmail him with. Maybe I could force him to work for us?"

"The blackmail won't work on him, idiot!" Glyde's father growled.
"Yuki, please stay calm." Miyu requested as she rested a comforting hand on her husband's shoulder.
"It will work; I know it would." Mr. Dark grinned as he turned his attention to the quiet Tron Bonne.
"Miss Tron Bonne, are you willing to tell me anything? Did Glyde by any chance let slip any secrets about Mr. Loath?"
"No, I don't know any of Mr. Loath's secrets!" Tron Bonne huffed in annoyance.

"You really don't have any? Maybe this would change your mind!" the leader of Nebula grinned evilly as he took a pocket knife out of his pocket. Before he could do anything further, the intruder alarms went off.
"Intruders?" Mr. Dark frowned as he placed the pocket knife back into his pocket, "Stay here while I go and sort them out!" the dark-haired man warned as he ran off to where his mecha was located. Tron and the Ayanokojis looked at one another as they wondered who the intruders could be.


The Ludwig Mark II, the Glyde Swan and the PROT2 Robo-Suit (also Mark II) barged through the corridors of Nebula Grey. They shot down any robots that tried to stop them. Denise, Glyde and Teisel knew they were getting closer to where the Ayanokojis and Tron were held hostage; judging how the defenses increased as they got further into the HQ.

After twelve minutes had passed, the trio stopped dead in their tracks when they saw a prison cell.
"Tron! Mr. and Mrs. Ayanokoji! You're okay!" Teisel shouted in joy as he leaped out of his mecha, Glyde did likewise.
"Okay everyone, stand back!" Denise ordered as she used her mecha to bend the prison bars wide enough for all three prisoners to go through. The prisoners couldn't get out fast enough, feeling quite claustrophobic.

"Okay, now for the next part of the plan. Mr. Ayanokoji, you must get into the Ludwig with Teisel. Mrs. Ayanokoji, you must get into the Glyde Swan with your son. Tron, you must get into the PROT2 Robo-Suit with me." Denise ordered everyone.
"But, why?" Mr. Ayanokoji wondered out loud, before he got into the Ludwig.
"Nebula Grey might use their best robots or members to stop us; and might use force. Since none of you have any weapons to protect you, it's for your own best interest for us to protect you." Denise explained as Tron squeezed herself next to the cop. The PROT2 Robo-Suit wasn't meant to have passengers.
"Okay, ready? Let's get out of here! Hopefully the Gold City police are standing outside the HQ by now..."

As expected, the journey back was quite tiring. Robots and the members of Nebula Grey tried to stop the intruders, but the trio's teamwork prevented the mafia from stopping them. After what felt like hours, the six almost reached the entrance when a giant arachnid-like mecha leaped right in front of them. The Poisonous Venom mecha blocked their only escape route.

"So, you thought you could escape, hmm? Well, not if I can help it! Plus, you must be punished for not keeping your part of the bargain." Mr. Dark's voice boomed from within the arachnid-like mecha. Without warning, he slammed his mecha's gorilla-like fists into the ground in front of him. His targets leaped out of the way in time.
"So, he's looking for a fight? I'm game!" Glyde smirked, even though his mother gave him a worried glance.
"Yuki, I don't think you should think of this as a game! He's--"
"Mommy, I fought against him five years ago; when he robbed Mr. Loath's livestock. I defeated him in our rematch!" Glyde grinned as he slashed his wing-sabres at his enemy, damaging the armour. He leaped out of the way in time as Teisel slammed the body of his Ludwig into Mr. Dark's Poisonous Venom. As the enemy was down, Denise and Tron threw bombs at him, causing incredible damage.

"Yuki, he's not fooling around! He's dead serious about killing us!" Miyu warned.
"Look Mommy, we defeated him!" the ruby-eyed man grinned in victory. The leader of Nebula Grey was defeated, alright. Smoke rose from the mecha as sparks flew from the damage it had received. Assuming it was safe, the sixsome leaped out of the mechas. They surrounded the arachnid-like mecha, amazed that they had defeated the leader of Nebula Grey.

"So, what are we going to do with him?" Teisel finally spoke, breaking the silence.
"Taking him to prison, of course!" Denise answered as she poked the mecha with her toe. To everyone's horror, machines started to hum as the Poisonous Venom got back to its feet.
"Not in this lifetime!" the leader of Nebula Grey snarled, firing a fully-charged laser shot at Denise.
"Dee, look out!" Glyde screamed as he shoved Denise out of the blast's way. The blast barely missed them as the ruby-eyed pirate landed hard on the ground, Denise underneath him.

The arachnid-like mecha shot more lasers as the others dodged with all their might. Teisel already got into his mecha, deciding that he must stop this raging lunatic. But, he must first power the Ludwig's gun to full-power first...

Glyde and Denise ran towards their mechas, but the lasers had destroyed the Glyde Swan and PrOT2 Robot-suit into tiny pieces before they could even get in.
"Oh no, what can we do now?" Denise panicked. Neither she, nor Glyde, noticed the laser beam that was approaching them...

Before the beam could hit them, Mr. Ayanokoji shoved both of them out of the way. The captain of the Gold City police and her boyfriend landed hard on the floor; not injured at all. The two got to their feet the moment they heard someone scream in pain. They looked on horror when Mr. Ayanokoji collapsed onto the floor; lifeless.

"Daddy?" Glyde choked as he ran towards his fallen father, his mother in tow. When he had approached him, Glyde turned his father onto his back. The young man's eyes widened in horror as he noticed the fatal chest wound. Hoping it'll stop the bleeding, Glyde pressed his hands hard against his father's heart, where the wound was. He didn't notice what's going on around him, more concerned about stopping his father's wound from bleeding too much. The same wound that actually stole his father's life the moment the laser struck him. The ruby-eyed pirate didn't notice the tears that ran down his mother's cheeks as she watched her son kneeling over his father, not realizing his father is in fact dead...

Meanwhile, Mr. Dark's mecha went on a rampage as it shot lasers wildly at the defenceless Tron and Denise. They were tiring quite quickly as the lasers were shot when one least expected it, which made it very hard to predict. Without warning, Mr. Dark's Poisonous Venom mecha slammed both its fists hard against the floor, knocking both girls off their feet. The two girls were dazed and confused when they tried to get back to their feet.

"Time for you to die!" Mr. Dark snarled from inside the Poisonous Venom, ready to fire a laser beam at the girls. Without warning, a powerful laser blast ruptured through the midsection of the mecha, just where the pilot seat was positioned. The Poisonous Venom fell hard onto its stomach. The Ludwig stood right behind it; its laser gun smoking from recent use.

"I--I--didn't mean to! I--I!" Teisel stuttered as he climbed out of the Ludwig, shaking like a leaf as he ran towards his little sister and the woman he loved. Miyuki approached the three, her son in tow. The poor boy was grief-stricken; tears running down his face.

"You did what you had to do, Brother. You were defending us..." Tron whispered as she hugged her horrified brother.
"But, I--" Teisel's sentence was cut off as the Gold City police and some paramedics charged into the building.
"Captain Marmalade, we arrested all members of Nebula Grey!" Deputy Captain Eugene Chaud saluted at his superior. Denise nodded in approval.

"Good work, Chaud." Denise congratulated the young man as soon as she found her voice.
"Unfortunately, we couldn't find their leader, though--" Eugene Chaud began, but Denise pointed at the destroyed mecha that lay on the ground.
"He's in that mecha, Chaud. Unfortunately, he won't be able to pay for his crimes..." the captain sighed sadly as she turned around to where her boyfriend stood.

Glyde tried to lift his late father up, but wasn't strong enough to do so on his own, which is why Teisel was helping him. The young man refused to allow the paramedics to take his father away on the stretcher. Miyuki tried her best to wear her stoic expression, but it simply crumbled as the tears flowed down her cheeks. Tron looked as if she didn't know what to.

"We have finally defeated the greatest mafia on Ryship Island, yet it feels as if we've lost the war..." Denise whispered under her breath.


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