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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Of Roses & Marmalade: Chapter 6 - Grave Goodbyes, A Welcomed Reunion

*Two weeks after the Nebula Grey incident*

"Ready?" Roll asked brightly, even though Data's dancing was driving her wild.
"Ready!" Tron gave a thumbs up.
"Countdown start!" The female mechanics ordered the servbots.
"I don't think the rocket will work..." Glyde told Denise quite loudly.
"I heard that!" Tron shot the ruby-eyed man a death-glare.
"You were supposed to!"
"WE HAVE LIFT OFF!" Tron and Roll gave each other a high-five as the rocket flew into the air.

Minutes had passed, and the rocket didn't crash into the ground yet.
"You think they actually did it?" Verner asked his coffee-drinking companions. Teisel shrugged his shoulders in reply.

As if to prove a point, the rocket crash landed into the very spot it was launched from minutes earlier. The audience screamed in frustration when they saw another failed plan.
"I can't believe the plan failed again!" Roll and Tron screamed in frustration. They didn't notice the rubble move slightly.
"I told you your plan won't work!" Tron scolded the blonde mechanic as she crossed her arms against her chest.
"Excuse me? I thought you said it was your plan?!" Roll pointed an accusing finger at the Bonne sister. Surprised gasps came from the audience; but the girls paid no mind.

"Looks like we'll never get MegaMan back, at this rate..." Roll sighed in defeat. Tron sighed in agreement.
"Tron? Roll? Your plan--" Teisel tried to explain, but the mechanics didn't hear him.
"Yes, our plan failed. Maybe we should just give up, considering how we'll never get MegaMan off that little planet..."

"What do you mean you'll never get MegaMan off the little planet? I'm right here!" a deep voice piped up. Roll and Tron whipped their heads around to face the owner of the voice. The girls were both shocked and happy to see who it was.
"MegaMan?!" both girls squealed happily, tackling him to the ground as they both tried to hug him at the same time. The entire Bonne family, Verner von Bluecher and Barrell Caskett approached MegaMan to welcome him home.

They haven't noticed that Glyde and Denise had already left...

*Much later, Berelf Island's cemetry*

"I still can't believe he's dead..." Glyde sighed sadly as he placed a bouquet of roses on his father's grave. His mother, Maddie Loath and Denise stood by his side. In his mother's hand was a small package. The gravestones of Dark Scythe, Tsukasa Futaba and Miyabi Dark were a few feet away from his father's grave
"I can't believe it either, my son."
"So, what now?" Denise dared to ask.
"I'll have to become the CEO of my father's company."
"But, aren't they asking too much from you?"
"Well, my father's business partner will run the company for me while he teaches me everything I should know about being the CEO of the company. It would take several years, but I will become the CEO as soon as I know all the ropes."

"Yuki, there's something your father wanted me to give you." Miyu stated as she placed a small parcel into her son's hands. Opening the parcel up, Glyde noticed a black book.
"A black book?" Glyde casted a confused look at his mother.
"Your father told me to give you this after he had passed away. I'm not one-hundred percent certain what's inside; and I personally believe that it's for you to find out."
"Thanks, Mommy." Glyde smiled as he took the book out of the parcel, eager to read what's inside. Maddie Loath escused herself from the group, since her night-shift at the hospital would start soon.

*Hours later*

Glyde and Denise watched as the sun slowly descended into the horizon; hand-in-hand.
"Glyde, what will happen to us? Y'know, as a couple?" Denise whispered as she turned her head to face Glyde. The ruby-eyed man cocked an eyebrow in response. The Flutter and Gesellschaft Mark II flew over them as Glyde tried to think of an answer.
"So many things have changed, Denise. I don't think we should date casually anymore..."
"Huh? Oh--"
"In fact, maybe we should become a steady couple, and see what will happen from there?" Glyde offered. Denise smiled in approval. As soon as the sun disappeared, the couple strolled back to the limo; where James was waiting for them. The young couple climbed into the limo.

As James drove the young couple back to their homes, a thought popped into Denise's head.
'Well, Denise Ayanokoji does have a nice ring to it...'


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