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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Family Secrets: Chapter 4 - To a Brighter Future!

*A few days later* I had received a strange message from Mr. Loath. He said that I must visit him at 15:00 in his office.

Straight after work, I flew towards Mr. Loath's airship; and landed in his garage. After a long walk, I finally arrived in Mr. Loath's office.

Sitting behind his desk was Lex Loath. My boss; my...grandfather. It's still so strange to think of him as family.
"Well, hello Glyde. How are you?"
"I'm fine, Mr. Loath."
"Please, call me 'Grandfather'. Or whatever you call your parents' father."
"Thank you. I will...Grampa." After five years of calling him "Sir" and "Mr. Loath", "Grampa" was weird on the tongue.

"I bet you're wondering why I called you here." Mr. Lo--Grampa asked smugly.
"..." After you have told me to never step foot here again, of course I'm wondering why.
"I'd like you to sign your new contract."
"New contract? What do you mean?"
"Why, you have to sign a new contract if you're going to work for me again."

"...Mr. Loath, I can't work for you anymore."
"What do you mean?"
"I'm being trained to become the new CEO of Daddy's company. I'm his only heir, so I have to."
"Nonsense. You can work for me and be a CEO of your dad's company."
"Mr. Loath, I'm resigning! I don't want to work for you anymore! You didn't even pay me during the time when I teamed up with the other pirates to look for the Mother Lode..."
"I was in debt then. But, not anymore. Your entire annual salary was paid into your account, as well as a little bonus.
"I'm still resigning, besides that!"

"You can't resign; because the contract still exists!"
"But, how?"
"I never died, remember?"
"But, how did Dark Miyabi get away with not working for you anymore?"
"After a horrific accident, he was declared brain-dead by the hospital staff, but somehow was brought back to life. Since he was already dead, the contract fell away."

"Okay, I believe you. But, why must I sign a new contract?" I demanded as Grampa had given me a giant bundle of documents for me to sign.
"There are new terms and conditions that we must live up to."
"Okay, they are?"
"One: Your entire family and spouse will be protected from the moment you signed this contract."
"That's like the last one..."
"But, there's one condition! When you marry after you have signed this contract, that spouse will not be protected."

"But, Denise can protect herself." I stated.
"You really are willing to risk that? What if she's attacked by one of our enemies that's even stronger than her?"
"Are you saying I must marry her in order to protect her?"
"But, then she'll have to change her job."
"Nonsense. Berelf Island's only an hour away from Ryship Island. She can still keep her old job."
"But, she will also have to move into the mansion..."
"You make it sound like it's a bad thing! She'll be living in luxury!"

"I must marry her in order to protect her...I'm too young." I stated.
"Well, how old are you now?"
"Just turned eighteen." I admitted.
"Old enough. Before you sign anything, you must go and marry her!"
"Ack?! But, we just got engaged last month!" I protested.
"So? Go and marry her."
"I have no choice, right?" I sighed in defeat.
"Either way, you will work for me!"

*Hours later*

Later that night, I phoned Denise and asked her if it's okay if we get married tomorrow. She first thought I was joking, but soon realized that I was serious. She and I arranged everything with the maids and butlers for tomorrow. I was also relieved Mommy seemed to be over her sadness as well. She was helping us choose the best for our big day.

I invited Teisel Bonne and his family, MegaMan, Roll Caskett and her grandfather, Bola and Klaymoor. My family, the staff and Daddy's adopted parents were also invited. Denise invited her mother and a few friends as well. Mr. Loath turned my invitation down, since he said he doesn't want anyone to know that he's still alive. Aunt Maddie said that she couldn't come because it's during her shift.

The next day, we had our wedding. It was perfect. Denise looked beautiful. She wore a beautiful white wedding dress made from silk; and the bottom part was covered with pearls. She wore a pair of pearl earrings. She wore contacts instead of her glasses. A slight hint of make-up made her look more beautiful. Her hairstyle was made wavier. Her veil covered her face. How she can see through that; I don't know. I was only wearing my usual tuxedo. The bowtie was red. I also wore gloves. My hairstyle was styled a bit differently. Compared to the rest of the wedding planning, our outfits were rushed.

After the wedding, we had the reception. I'm surprised that Teisel seemed a bit glum. Why is he like that? Anyways, we danced and partied until late into the night. We had a great time with our family and friends. I wished Daddy was here to see this. I'm sure I would have make him really proud. But, at least Mommy is proud of me. She even seems to be cured of her depression.

But, did I really make the right choice? Don't get me wrong; I've never loved a woman like how I love Denise, but I'm worried. I've just turned eighteen; she's twenty-two. Am I mature enough to handle married life, like her?

Oops, I forgot to arrange where we should go for our honeymoon...

*The next day*

"There, all signed." I sighed in relief as I finally signed the final page of the contract. I flexed my aching writing hand as I watched my grandfather page through the thick bundle of papers, checking that I have agreed to all the terms and conditions. I've already started to regret signing those documents, but either way I will still be working for Mr. Loath.

"Very good. You've signed everything.", Mr. Loath smirked in amusement, "So, what are your plans for the honeymoon?"
"Since we were in such a rush to arrange the wedding, I totally forgot about the honeymoon. But luckily enough, I found a place where we could go for two weeks. We'll be leaving tonight for our honeymoon."

"You two better have fun." My grandfather smiled in amusement.
"Yes, we shall." I sighed in defeat. I got up from my seat. I was about to leave, when Mr. Loath cleared his throat to get my attention. I cocked my eyebrow for a moment, but I then realized what he wanted.

"Goodbye, Mr. Loath. I shall see you in a month's time." I bowed. My senior nodded his head in approval as I turned my heel to leave. I exited the office as fast as I can. As soon as I slammed the door behind me, Mr. Loath uttered the words that remind me that I shall be an underling for the rest of my life.

"Welcome back to the Loath family, grandson."


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