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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Interactive Story
Part 08 - Battle With the Black Knight Contributed by Joseph McKee

"Hello? Police? HELLO!!!" "Give it up Roll, I think that black ship has a jamming device on it." "I'll go get gramps." "No. Just tell him to brace himself, while I climb on top." "But Megaman?" Roll pleaded with those doughy eyes girls get when they want something. "Hurry!" he said, climbing the ladder and forcing the not so tightly attached hatch up. They would have done better to glue it on but there were bigger things to worry about now. First and foremost not getting blasted off the ship before Roll got back to steer.

"Purifier First Class Megaman Trigger," came a loud voice from the dark ship, "That was a low blow back there!" "I thought I hit you in the head!" he shouted back. The dark ship was closing fast. Without a pilot on hand they'd soon be overtaken. "You did!" the outraged voice retorted, as swirls of green energy began to form just at the helm. Knowing what he knew about solidifying energ y and green lasers, from fighting the Bonnes back on Kattalox, he had to blast them before they blasted him. At the same time the two opened fire, the green ball of energy slowly, but surly encroaching on the ship, and Megaman firing like a mad man at everything that flashed red or white when a shot hit it.

Unable to stop the first blast the Flutter shuddered under the force of the energy. "Megaman!" came Roll's voice over the radio. "Sorry Roll," Megaman said shifting his focus from shooting the ship to stopping the energy balls. "No, its all right Megaman, Its just that I'm back at the wheel, is there anything I can do?" Megaman had a second to reflect while the dark ship started to ascend before it outright collided with them. "Roll in a few seconds they'll be right on top of us, can you go any faster?" "Sure thing, Megaman." "Thanks Roll," he said getting a sure footing knowing there was someone driving this Popsicle stand. Unfortunately two minutes later it was looking like a stalemate. Megaman was shooting down the energy balls before they reached the ship, and likewise he was so busy shooting them down that he couldn't lodge any time effective offensive shots.

But seconds later and even less fortunately, the dark ship kicked into over gear and flew twenty feet over them, matching speeds directly on top. Then everybody's favorite color and time of day flew down to join the party. That is to say the Black Knight leapt down, zetsabre glowing red and evil even in broad daylight, and took a classic fighting stance. Megaman, having the missile and buster attachments on, took a more modern stance, in an attempt to be ready for anything rather than trying to look cool.

"Purifier First Class, Megaman Trigger, not altogether unimpressive. Bureaucratic Model Third Class Juno was not wise to underestimate the resourcefulness and ultimately the powers you hold in potential recess. However we have supposed that since he did not have the records of your fight with mother on file it was entirely within the conception of his logical circulatory boundaries that he could overcome you."

Megaman liked hearing all that like people with fillings like chewing on tinfoil, the look on his face was in transition, trying to decide whether to smile weakly or frown with gusto. But at the same time he had a personal battle, knowing roll could probably hear everything either on the radio or through the incredibly hazardous open hatch, should he push the black knight for information, or cut to the chase. Walking the middle path he asked, "Does that mean we can all just get along?"

The dark knight smiled as all his artificial muscles prepared for the doozey. "It means Megaman Juno's Kattalox archive is incomplete and wasn't going to be upgraded for another thirty revolutions, whereas the Telmar databank is as current as your... haircut. Fear me Megaman Trigger I cannot underestimate you..."


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