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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Vicki Morales
Of Echo and Anthro: Chapter 1 - New Foes On Terra

Maia and Gol floated in the dark eco Silose “If only we were free by now we could exact our revenge, with all this dark eco increasing our powers and we’re trapped here!” Gol snapped, “Calm down brother, we WILL get out and when we do, not even Jak and his rodent will be able to stop us.” Gol found some comfort in that “Gol, I’ve been thinking, we could open a portal to another dimension and use it’s recourses to help with our vengeance.” “Yes!” her brother shouted. The two held up they’re hands and bolts of dark eco shot towords each other. As soon as the bolts hit, a portal formed. Grinning with evil triumph, the brother and sister jumped through.

“MegaMan! I’m picking up powerful energy readings! Its like nothing I’ve ever seen before! GET OUT OF THERE!” “Roll…I would but you sent me into a Hanmuru Doll reaverbot nest!” A very battle-worn MegaMan panted. Just then a dark purple vortex appeared and two of the strangest people MegaMan had ever seen leapt out and blasted the reaverbots apart “Interesting…we appear to have landed in a world similar to our own.” The woman slapped the back of her companion’s head “Gol, while this world may have SOMETHINGS in common with ours, the people here have or don’t have things ours dose.” The woman looked around “We’re being watched.” Gol rubbed the back of his head “Don’t be absurd Maia, we’re the only ones here.” He said. ‘Good thing I got a chameleon net at the junk store.’ MegaMan thought “Maia, can we focus on planning our revenge against Jak.” Gol said. Maia remained unconvinced but listened to Gol. “MegaMan? Are you there? I would have called earlier but that wired power shorted out my equipment. Why am I reading human life signs? And how could all 257 reaverbots be destroyed? Huh? Are you even listening to a word I’m saying?” Roll’s voice said over the spotter/digger radio. “Hm? What was that?” Gol snarled as his and Maia’s attention snapped in MegaMan’s direction. ‘Bad timing Roll.’ MegaMan thought as he dodged a ball of dark energy. It stuck the wall and the resulting explosion knocked out the clocking effects of his chameleon net. “Well, well, well. I knew we were being watched.” Maia said “From the looks of it, he was in this room before we were.” Gol said as the two eyed his injuries and his damaged armor. “I heard what your planning, I don’t know who Jak is, but I woun’t let you hurt anyone.” MegaMan said instinctively tensing. “Maia, I’ll gather information on this world, you handle our new friend here.” Gol said and teleported. Maia took in every detail of her opponent, telling he could hold his own in combat. Maia launched herself at MegaMan. Much to her surprise, he dodged expertly and grabbed her wrist. “I see, your no amateur at hand-to-hand combat.” She said then aimed a punch at him. MegaMan grabbed her fist and grappled with her for an hour or so. “I don’t want to fight you.” MegaMan said “Awww, how sweet. Too bad I have to fight such a gentleman, shame.” Maia said as she separated the two when the sole of he shoe connected with MegaMan’s stomach. MegaMan staggered back. MegaMan looked up in time to see Maia aim another punch at him and he sidestepped it and her fist made a dent in the wall. MegaMan grabbed Maia from behind. Pinning her arms to her sides, Maia’s long platinum hair in his face. POW! Maia had smashed the back of her head into MegaMan’s face. Maia Tripped MegaMan while he was off-guard and grabbed him by the neck and pinned him against the wall. “You did good considering you were already worn out.” She said. MegaMan struggled and one of his knees bashed into Maia’s elbow and nearly dislocated it. Maia screamed in pain and removed her hold on the blue armored digger. “Persistent aren’t you?” she said with a grin on her face. She liked MegaMan already. “It’ll take more than what you’ve done so far to stop me.” MegaMan said “Well than…” Maia said, bolts of dark eco crackling around her fist and playing across her fingers “…lets see how you handle the power of dark eco!” and she blasted him with the energy. MegaMan was blasted through eighteen walls. Maia walked up to him. MegaMan was panting heavily and was bleeding. MegaMan vainly tried to rise but he couldn’t move, he’d NEVER felt anything more POWERFUL in his life, not as the purifier unit MegaMan Trigger or as MegaMan Voulnutt the digger. Wiping away sweat and blood he looked up at Maia, he could have been imagining things, but instead of triumph, she looked scared out of her mind “I’m sorry.” She whispered and teleported off and MegaMan knew it was a long-dormant good that had been buried by the powers she and Gol had. “Roll…we’ve got trouble…and I’m going to need some help this time…” he whispered. Before fainting ‘But I woun’t give up, this is only the beginning…and Jak, whoever you are, be careful.’ And blackness engulfed his entire world.

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