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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Vicki Morales
Of Echo and Anthro: Chapter 2 - New Friends

Jak stopped short and felt as though someone was calling out to him and it was accompanied by a sense of urgency and dread. Jak headed to the Naughty Ottsel, owned by Daxter, a person who was turned into an Ottsel himself. “Hay Jak, how’s it going buddy!” Daxter said “Jak…what’s wrong?” Kiera asked, “I feel like something bad is abought to happen somewhere…I can’t place it though.” “And you think Gol and Maia are still alive.” Samos said rudely “We need to go.” Jak said, knowing what he needed to reach were he needed to be, “Samos, can your powers open a extra-dimensional portal?” “Of course.” “Hooo! This’ll be good, moss face opening a portal to another dimension, and what good timing, I needed a laugh.” Daxter said. Samos opened the portal “You were saying?” he growled. Jak jumped in immediately, fallowed by Daxter, Kiera and Samos.

The four of them came out in some underground ruins. The place was a mess, machine parts littered the floor, a fist-sized dent was in one of the walls and in another, a blasted section “Man, I’d hate having to clean this up.” Daxter said. Jak headed through the blast hole with Kiera behind him. It went on for a while until they saw something lying on the floor at the end. Jak and Kiera gasped as they realized it was a kid. Jak rushed over and put one of the kids arm around his shoulder. The kid was really banged up; he was bleeding and had a large number of bruises, his breathing came out in shallow, labored wheezes and his blue armor was banged up and the chest had a large scorch mark. “Samos, we need to get this kid out of here!” Jak shouted as Kiera slung the boy’s other arm across her shoulders. Together they half-carried half-dragged the young boy back to the others “GREATE TREELIMBS! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!?” Samos bellowed “Ask him later, right now we’ve got to get him out of here.” Jak said. The boy stirred “Easy kid, easy.” Jak said “Have to…stop them…need to warn…Jak.” the kid panted. The four of them stared at the kid. “Now we need to get him out, if he knows who did this, he could have some vital information.” Samos said. “Right now, I just worried abought him living long enough to get him out.” Jak responded. “Who’s that?” a young girl’s voice said over a radio earpiece “Look.” Kiera said into the radio “There’s a kid her and he’s hurt really bad.” “Alright. I’ll navigate you out.” The girl said. With the help of the unknown girl, the group soon reached the suffice. A yellow sky ship was waiting outside the entrance to the ruins. A girl with a red button-down shirt, short-shorts of the same color, and spiky blond hair ran at them and she started pounding on Jak’s chest “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BROTHER?!!!” she screamed. “We found him like this, now can we get him some medical attention?” Jak said. The girl took them into the ship. The boy was placed in sickbay, much to the relief of everyone he had a 96% of completely healing. The girl paced in the living room. ‘Best give her something to take her mind off her brother.’ Kiera thought “So…do you like inventing?” she asked lamely. The girl looked at her “Yeah. I’ve even got my own R&D room.” “Lets see if we can put something together to pass the time.” Jak’s crush said. “I know what you’re doing, thanks for it, my name’s Roll.” “I’m Kiera.” The two girls went to the R&D room comparing the machines they had both made. In another part of the ship, Samos was arguing with the two teen’s grandfather “…Your head looks like it met with a tin can factory!” Samos yelled “Well at least I’m not a walking termite buffet!” the old man countered “I’ve studied long lost civilizations that were younger than you!” Samos said “So have I!” the old man said. The two stopped short and laughed “Well at least we’ve found some common ground. Friends?” Samos chuckled “Yes, and my name is Barrel.” , during all these new friendships, Jak stayed in the sickbay. ‘Who did this to you?’ he thought looking at the injured body, he had the horribly sick feeling he already knew who it was but needed the kid so they could find out. Four weeks past and the boy was good as new “Hey thanks everyone.” He said to both his family and Jak’s group. “My name’s MegaMan.” He said politely to Jak and his friends. “Thanks, I’m Jak.” He said shaking MegaMan’s hand. MegaMan gave Jak a stunned look “Hold on…so you’re the guy who Maia and Gol want dead!?” MegaMan asked. Jak, Samos, Daxter, and Kiera gave him looks of stunned terror. “WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?”. MegaMan sat on the couch and told them of his encounter with the dark eco sages right down to his fight with Maia. “Aaaagggghhhhh! I knew it! I knew the dark eco couldn’t kill those two!” Jak shouted in fury. “This is very bad, if they have gotten stronger, we may all be doomed.” Samos said “I can’t believe you tried fighting those two to keep my alive! You have my thanks and all, BUT WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING!?” Jak shouted “How do you know them anyway?” Roll asked. Jak sighed and told his new friends everything: Daxter being turned into an Ottsel, Samos advising them to find Gol, Maia and Gol tring to open the silos, everything. “Ho crud, I just had a very bad though: Sky pirates.” MegaMan said. “So?” Daxter said “If Gol and Maia draft the best, who knows what they’ll be capable of.” Jak said, as if reading MegaMan’s mind “Yeah…but who’d be good enough to attract the attention of Maia and Gol?” Roll asked.

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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