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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by XBlade
Assistance: Chapter 1 - Begin the Assistance

Asher Westwood, an intermediately skilled digger, was suiting up and getting ready to move out on a dig. Once he placed his helmet on he received a call through the comm.-link. "Asher, the system is picking up your vital signs. I assume your ready move out?" said a familiar voice to him. "That I am, Zephyr" Asher replied, heading over to the hatch to move out. His thick green armor made the usual noises as it treaded to his ships hatch; his armor wasn't really that much. It was average set of armor with matching helmet, and a jet pack for assist with high jumps and hard landings. The helmet stood out most of all with its military look to it and that one spike that rested on the forehead.

When he reached the hatch he said through the comm.-link, "Asher here ready for drop." Another voice came in over the comm.-link, "Your vital signs are all green, air supply are green, suits condition are green, everything is ready and steady!" Asher replied "Thanks Zadok, Zephyr! Is the drop zone clear?" Zephyr spoke up, "Yes, but I'm detecting ship in the area, be careful, there could be someone already in those ruins." Zadok added, "Last time you met someone in some ruins you got shot up pretty bad because they mistaken you for a Reaverbot!" he couldn't help start laughing near the end. Zadok was an okay guy, and one of the most important guys on the crew of the ship. Zadok Azeren was the mechanic and corpsman of the ship (corpsman is a navy term for medic, but Zadok prefers because it sounds sophisticated). "Alright, I'm ready to jump!" Asher said over the comm.-link. "Opening the hatch" said Zephyr, looking on the radar he saw his friend jump out of the ship and into the air. "Do you think he can make such a small target" Zadok spoke, ", it's a small ruins tower in the middle of the ocean!"

Earlier on the other ship, previously detected.

Megaman Volnutt a boy at the age of 14 is also getting ready to enter the ruin. "Another day, another ruin" Megaman said as he checked his equipment. Data was doing his little jig on Megaman's bed, "C'mon Megaman! Hurry up! We're not getting any younger!" Megaman smiled and replied, "I'm almost done." The little Monkey jumped up and down with excitement and danced as he walked. "I'm going to go tell Roll to get the ship close to Ruin tower." Megaman said grabbing his rucksack for things he may find, and the refractor. As he enters the bridge Roll greets him, "Hey Megaman, ya ready to go?" Megaman replies with simple "Yeah" and the flutter begins to hover over slowly to edge of the Ruin Tower. Megaman opens the hatch and walks out onto the tower, he walks over to the Ruin door and it opens. "Here we go!" says our Blue Hero as he enters the Ruin.

Only shortly thereafter Asher lands down on the tower, using his jetpack to soften the landing, he speaks into the comm.-link "I hit the drop zone". The reply he gets is a little distorted thanks to the distance between him and his ship, "Good, you didn't break your leg this time" Zadok replied. "Shut up…" Asher said walking into the ruin, ", it looks like there is a digger here, and he left a door open for us" Zephyr spoke up, "Well that was nice of him, and anyway, I'm detecting him ahead of you. The little sucker is moving pretty fast." Asher replies, "He must want to make this a quick operation. To bad I'm going to grab that Refractor first" Zadok spoke, "For him that is…"

"Megaman!" Roll yelled over the radio. "What is it Roll?" Megaman asked. "Another Digger just entered the Ruin!" Roll replied. "Huh? I thought we were the only ones who knew about this spot!" Megaman sent back. "They must've followed us, or passed it by. Anyway you need to speed it up if you get it and get out first, and be careful. This guy could be a pirate." Roll said, "Don't worry, I'll be fine!" Megaman said confidently. "I hope so…" Roll said worried.

There was one thing that Megaman was wrong about, it's not going to fine, because Asher Westwood isn't going to let this treasure slip through his fingers.

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