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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by XBlade
Assistance: Chapter 4 - We All Need A Little Help

Asher coughed as he got up from the ship crashing, "Man…That hurt…" He looked up to see that Zephyr had not even been hurt, the cockpit took most of the shook, and Zephyr took off his helmet to show his spiked white hair. Getting out of the cockpit he helped Asher up who was in a little daze. He put Asher down laying him next to a wall, then going to the Intercom and speaking, "Is anybody hurt?" He heard an angry grunt from Sophia and Zadok replied, "Just my pride…What about you guys?" Zephyr replied, "I'm fine, Asher seems to be in a small daze. He'll be fine, everyone is to meet outside." With that Zephyr helped Asher up, who didn't grab on to anything before the crash.


"Our poor ship" Roll sighed, "We've pushed her to far." Megaman spoke up, "I guess were going to have to fix it up somehow…" They all agreed on it, but before converse anymore Megaman heard a familiar voice. "YOU…" Asher angrily said, pointing an armored finger at what he would call a blue menace. "Uh-oh" Megaman said, "This is all your fault!" Asher said stomping over to Megaman. "How is it our fault?" Megaman questioned the green guy. "If you hadn't left me for hammer bait, our ship wouldn't have been hit!" Asher argued with the blue boy. Sophia walked up and put a hand on his shoulder, "Asher stop it!" she turned her attention to Megaman and the others, "I'm sorry, Asher has a nasty temper sometimes." Megaman smiled saying, "Its alright, we really have to fix our ship." Sophia replied, "Hey! How about we help each other out!" Megaman looked back at Roll, Gramps, and Data. They all approved, and Megaman said, "Alright lets help each other out!" All of a sudden they heard sirens, and a saw a cop car coming up to them. "Aw man… I hope we're not in trouble…"

A police officer and an Inspector walked out and looked at the group. Then the inspector walked over to them saying, "Hello and welcome to Kattelox Island", the inspector continued, "I hope no one was hurt." Sophia spoke up, "We're all fine." Megaman spoke as well, "So are we." The Inspector looked at them and then said, "Good then, we'll have to take one of you down to City Hall." The officer spoke up, "We need you to fill out some I.D. papers so you can receive your I.D. cards, and you can't enter the city without them." Gramps walked up and said, "I'll go." Zadok was just getting out of the ship when he fell, hurting himself. Zadok was an average guy; he was the youngest, around the age of 16. He wore a helmet than had a red cross on a white circle on it, a gray t-shirt, with blue jeans and a pair a boots. Asher looked at Zadok as was everyone, he made an unusual entrance, "You'll go, won't ya Zadok?" Zadok spoke, "Go where?" Asher said, "To get our I.D. cards" Zadok spoke unsurely, "Sure…I guess…" He followed Gramps into the police car and then they took off.

Sophia noticed something, "Hey, we never really introduced ourselves! My name is Sophia Nuku, the guy in the green armor is Asher Westwood, and the guy in all the black over there is Zephyr Makai. Oh and the guy the took with them was Zadok Azeren" Megaman looked at them and decided to introduce everyone with him, "I'm Megaman Volnutt, the one in the red is Roll Caskett, and the one they took off with is Barrel Caskett." Data jumped up and down, "Hey! What about me!" Megaman chuckled, "Oh and that's Data." Sophia's eyes lit up, "Oh!!! She's so cute!" Megaman laughed, Sophia looked at him, "What?" Megaman replied, "Data's a 'he'."

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