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News Archives for 2011, 3rd Quarter
Chris Hoffman Shares his Experience with the Prototype 2011-09-08
Posted By Dashe

About a week ago, Nintendo Power's Chris Hoffman asked for questions about the Legends 3 Prototype's gameplay experience on GamesRadar. He is the only non-Capcom journalist in the west to get his hands on the prototype, and he's revealed quite a bit of information about the game that we didn't have access to earlier.

Among other things, he mentioned that the game was quite faithful to the originals if you could look past the change of protagonist, featured multiple control schemes to choose from, and that the ten-mission prologue would have definitely been worth the $2.00 price tag. Readers can also infer through the mission summary that Aero's last name is Goodwin. Unfortunately, no pictures of her famous father the police chief or additional images have surfaced. Hoffman answers three pages of questions total--go check it out here!

Incidentally, they happened to cancel the game on Hoffman's birthday. That must have sucked big-time.

Content's Content, Game Or No Game 2011-09-01
Posted By fAB

Although it appears Capcom has no intentions of reversing their decision regarding the fate of Mega Man Legends 3, the fact is that while it was being developed we, the fans, were given a lot of info and shown a lot of content from the project. Legends Station still intends to go forward with its coverage of the game, filling in the MML3 section as much as we possibly can. To that end, there are now a few additions to the Wallpapers page and the Development section has been added to as well. A number of places around the site that mentioned Legends 3's ongoing development have also been appropriately altered to reflect the game's cancellation.

Sayonara, Japanese Devroom 2011-08-18
Posted By Dashe

As of now, the Japanese Devroom is no more. If you'd like a copy of the archives, Eric Chiz and Servbot #20 from The Reploid Research Lavatory have archived the content for everyone!

Click here to access the backups for the blog posts, comments, community event threads, and fan submissions therein, as well as a backup of the English rocket pages.

Click here for everything else.

According to Greg, the English Devroom will remain open indefinitely.

Spirit of the Fans 2011-07-30
Posted By fAB

Unless/until Capcom resumes work on Mega Man Legends 3, it's up to the fans to keep the spirit of the series alive just as they did for an entire decade of waiting. Today we have some new fan art and fiction that does just that! Check out new artwork by Hecheff, a new fic by AimMan.EXE, and both art and fiction additions from Steffie and Dashe.

For those of you interested in having your own fan works up on Legends Station, submissions are still open. See here.

Programming Director Fujikawa Supports Revival Efforts 2011-07-27
Posted By Dashe

Although he (and most likely the rest of the Legends 3 Dev-Team over in Japan) is under some form of restriction from the higher-ups, Legends 3 Programming Director Yoshiyuki Fujikawa tweeted a message of encouragement to the parties hard at work reviving the project.

Fujikawa states, in a nutshell, that he's interested in seeing how things turn out for the campaign, and offers feelings of support. According to Andriasang, his outlook on the petition getting noticed by Capcom was positive.

Currently the number of Devroom Servbots is now approximately 9,450. The Facebook campaign is approaching 33,000. If we've got support from within Capcom of Japan itself, that sounds like a pretty good sign we're headed in the right direction.

If you haven't yet, sign the Dev-Room's Official Petition here and sound off to Capcom of America's Vice President here! Capcom Unity accounts are required. Be sure to keep it classy!

(Props to Protodude, GoNintendo, and Andriasang...not to mention Mr. Fujikawa himself!)

As of the 28th of July, Fujikawa's Twitter account has been terminated entirely. Huh.

CoA Vice President Christian Svensson is Listening! 2011-07-26
Posted By Dashe

If you're disappointed about Legends 3's cancellation (I'm sure you are if you're on this site to begin with), Capcom of America's Vice President, Christian Svensson (a.k.a. "Sven" of Capcom Unity) is currently reading through every single post made in this thread in the Ask Capcom forum. He is in constant communication with the higher-ups in Japan, so the fact that he's listening means a lot.

Please don't hesitate to drop in, even if it means setting up an account for Capcom Unity, and sound off in support of Legends 3. As always, be polite and do thank him for going to the trouble of reading everything and taking it into consideration. Capcom Unity has a no-swearing policy and yelling will get us nowhere. If you are in favor of CyberConnect2 taking over the project, it may not be a bad idea to mention it there, and Capcom has yet to acknowledge the 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Legends 3 page, which is steadily rising and currently at about 31,000.

Speaking of which, if you haven't joined the 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Legends 3 Facebook group yet, what are you waiting for? Every ounce of support helps prove that there is an audience for the game out there.

And if you haven't got a Servbot number yet, now's the time to sign up and join the rankings! A step-by-step set of instructions can be found here. The number of Servbots in the Devroom has nearly doubled since the project's cancellation, and again, every little bit helps. Nab one while you still can!

Thanks for the tips, Protodude!

Legends 3 Cancellation Backlash Extends to Other Game Companies 2011-07-22
Posted By Dashe

So far, the 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 Facebook Fan Page has gathered 15,000 fans in three days. The numbers are steadily climbing, and if you haven't joined it, be sure and give it a Like!

However, in addition to the tremendous amount of support fans and gamers have drummed up for the continuation of the series (perhaps truly uniting the Mega Man fanbase as one for the first time in who knows how long), two developers have taken note of the cancellation as well. Reverge Labs, the studio behind the Skullgirls fighter, has taken a day to draw whiteboard pictures and made a blog post to express their disappointment

Perhaps even more interesting, the CEO of CyberConnect2, Hiroshi Matsuyama, when asked which Capcom title he'd be most interested in developing, expressed interest in taking on Mega Man Legends 3.

I wonder if Capcom was expecting this kind of reaction when they cut the project...?

They Axed It. All of It. 2011-07-20
Posted By Dashe

Yes, you read right (if you didn't know already, though, you've probably lived under a rock for the last two days).

No game. No prototype determining whether we get a game or not. No official reason from Capcom that seems to make any sense.

Not cool, Capcom. Not cool at all.

I encourage everyone who thinks the same to join this Facebook page and jump in on our Legends Never Die mail-in campaign to show Capcom that the Legends series DOES have an audience that loves it like crazy, and that it DOES have enough appeal to hold its own on the market.

I mean, come on, when was the last time you played a game with this much heart?

[Official Capcom Statment][Apology from Greg Moore][Keiji Inafune's Response]

Image created by Axlryder, HF, Avegodro and myself, with additional assistance from In-Clover and Mikey Article on Mega Man Legends 2011-07-18
Posted By Blues

Jeremy Parish, well-known Mega Man fan and editor-in-chief of, has written an article about the first Mega Man Legends game entitled 'Halcyon Days: Mega Man Legends and the Lost Art of Sincerity'. In it, Parish discusses the ways in which the game was ahead of its time, the way in which this actually worked against its favor and, despite those flaws, the qualities that really give Legends its ability to make a heartfelt impression on players- whether back in 1998 or in today's modern gaming world. It's clear from this article that Parish is a masterful writer, here taking a nostalgically wistful view of the game while also managing to be realistic and grounded in his opinions. This article serves as a reminder of why many of us as Legends fans first fell in love with the series, and for that alone the article is worth a thorough read.

Into the Woods 2011-07-15
Posted By Dashe

This past week, Devroom Web Planner Kinako Ikawa interviewed Shin Kurosawa, the event planner behind many of the quirky town scenarios from the original Rockman DASH/Mega Man Legends, as part of her Daily Reports. Aside from being the namesake of the Clozer Woods, Kurosawa was also responsible for the inclusion of...

- The option to introduce yourself to the Junk Store couple as Hippopotamus
- The used car salesman in downtown
- The Hanmuru Doll

Be sure to check out the six-part interview--you might learn some really interesting trivia about the original Mega Man Legends!

And The New Bright Bats Mascot Is... 2011-07-05
Posted By Dashe

Tinker the ferret, creation of Western Devroom Member Espiownage!

Tinker comes with his own complimentary Reaverbot Eye belt that reacts when it gets near robots (just keep your hands off of it), and enjoys watching Grill tinker with his machines. Hence the name. He gets along with all of the other gang members except Max, thanks to an incident with an action figure.

The runner up was Japanese entry Anko, the Reaverbot with the drawn-on face, submitted by Kobun #294.

Honorable mentions went to Kobun #1010's Aibo, Kobun #3782's Mare, Ben-Hur Pilotti's Chip (along with collaborators Tanguy Wandewalle and Zynk), and Jeremey's Hovind.

The following designs were given the Eguchi Award, which basically went to entries Director Eguchi liked: Kobun #1336's Ponkotsu Maru, Kobun #717's Ceja, Arsyahlamuness's Cola, and Niklas's Darchron.

Major congrats to all the winners (and participants) and check out the full story in the Dev-Blog!

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