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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
This page is dedicated to all those who have helped make Mega Man Legends Station the wonderful site that it is!


Buzzsaw the Righteous
He deserves to be first on this page. The motivation I needed to get going on this site was found when I visited his site, Mega Man Paradise, and read through the extensive character bios he had written up for the Legends characters. It was an awesome sight to see on such a Legends-deprived web. He was also one of my first friends online, gave a lot of encouragement as I began the site, and was the first one to link to MMLS. Thanks for everything Buzzsaw!

SuperDanny and the MLU Gang
Being a member of the MegaMan Legends Universe message boards was a lot of fun and helped to keep me interested in working on the site even through its early slump periods. Thanks to all the great members who made the place what it was back in its golden era, Dia Aren Marie, Teisel, Tronrox, Servbot4677, Servbot42, to name just a few, and of course SuperDanny for being such a great friend and making his boards in the first place!

The MMLS Forum Members
My gratitude to all of the many wonderful people at our own forums, past and present, who have given of themselves and turned their personalities into a part of the atmosphere of our fantastic little community. The growth of the forums as an integral part of Legends Station is thanks to all of you much more than it is to me.

Estil of Mega Man Network
He allowed MMLS to use his walkthroughs and transcripts for all three Legends games. These are amazing resources to say the least. Thanks Estil!

Liz Sama
The famous creator of DASH! provided this site with some valuable resources, as well as the knowledge that there were memories of a great Legends-based site that Legends Station had to strive to meet the standards of (though sadly I came around too late to get to know DASH! before it disappeared).

I owe much thanks to Dashe of the Legends Station Forums for taking over and keeping the place in shape when I found myself no longer able to keep up with it.

As a fantastic forum-goer, Feldinaut's status earned her the position of the first chosen Moderator and later Super Moderator, and her help with keeping the forums running smoothly in their earlier years was immeasurable.

Web Sites

Mega Man Paradise
The site that inspired, Buzzsaw's place on the web (see above). Sadly, it has long since disappeared.

Mega Man Home Page
Second site to link to MMLS, bringing in our first real wave of regular visitors.

Ciel Network
No matter how many affiliates we've had or will have, Ciel Network was the first!

Planet Mega Man
Once the ultimate Mega Man site in nearly every aspect. The desire to be good enough to affiliate with them was wonderful motivation as a webmaster.

Mega Man Network
Another truly fantastic, first class Mega Man site, and fortunately they're still around! Mega Man Network was kind enough to request affiliation with us, and they have brought a tremendous load of visitors to the site.

All Other Sites
Thanks to all our other affiliates past and present, and every other site that ever linked to MMLS and helped spread the word about us!


Thanks to everyone who has ever contributed their work to the Fan Sections. Without all of you, that area of the site would not be the full, rich collection of Legends fandom that it is!

Thanks to everyone who ever wrote in with compliments, suggestions, error reports, and additional information for the site. It has all been appreciated.

Thanks to EVERYONE who ever visited and continues to visit Mega Man Legends Station. No matter how great a site is, it is nothing if there is no one visiting and enjoying it.